When a profound thinking pattern in human being is activated, they immerse in the phenomenal world. Unlike other people who merely passed by the sand, an intellectual thinks over the shiny grains. It activates the brain cells which unveil the archetypal world and beyond. Each sand grain appears alive and charming as intends to convey something. They want to tell humans about their realm a story in its own.

They narrate about an age when they stood tall like giants-like mountains ranging over tons of volume. Then a grain weighing thousands of tons was slipped away because of water currents from his tribe, his neighborhood, his birthplace. The water currents transformed the isolated mountain into rocks and sandy grains; eventually this mountain became the sand of oceanic bed.

Matter shapes up into mountains, flowers and trees or appears as colorful fruits like mangoes, apples, pomegranates, grapes, or multifaceted colorful oranges. Idols are also made of matter and so is their edifice. When these structures are ruined, they disperse into sand, whether the idols or their edifice.

اولی الابصار-an enlightened man observes the array of colors among the creation of Allah and himself. Apparently, we see objects, but in fact our observations are void of reality. One observes a rose, its exquisiteness, petals and fragrance; but what is fragrance? A breeze of air affects our olfaction by bringing good and sometimes bad smell, but smell either good or bad, cannot be seen.

Though the fragrance, hue and soft petals impress seven billion human population, but not even a single individual considers Earth as "color printing press machine"-imprinting more than sixty colors?

What is a color-? For Sufism it is a 'span', stretched over the appearance of an object or after its disappearance from Earth. Rose exists because of its own distinct being, as flower since the beginning. Similarly, either at the Earth surface or underneath, the creation is colorful.

Quran Kareem mentioned that:

"There are signs of wisdom for the aspirants, who explorevariety of colors among beings created on Earth" (Al-Nahl: 13)

Either a gigantic or the tinniest in structure, any creation is a realm in itself, where it grows and diminishes. The realm disguises an agency. If the agency is unveiled-it is a universe in its own, otherwise merely vanishes in the sand.

The spring water, fountains discharging, water falls, large variety of water inhabitants, colorful fishes, stones and trees exist. Pearl is a creature of water. Also called oyster, this sea insect like a turtle is covered by hard-shell, which shield him from other inhabitants. It grows up in five years. During the rain, it floats on the sea surface and forms a spider like web around himself for protection.

Microscope observes Pearl in three layers.

1. The first layer that is blackish in texture is flexibly hard.

2. The second layer has various shelves of lime to hold various color pigments.

3. The third layer is multi-layered-where eventually Pearl is formed.

There are various opinions on the formation of Pearl. On the 21st day of Nouroz, the month of Nissan begins. During the rain on this day, clouds of Nissan (Abr-e-Nissan) precipitate, and rainy water droplets also called A'b-e- Nissan gather in the mouth of floating oysters. Larger the droplet amount gathered, the greater will be the size of Pearl formed. Rivers and Seas are the most popular places for the birth of Pearls. Pearls are also called 'Lulu ' in Arabic, 'Mokankum' in Sanskrit, 'Moukta' in Hindi and 'Marvareed' in Persian. They are formed in different sizes varying from a grain to a pigeon egg. Unlike other gems, Pearl is not carved but shines with its natural brightness. It is available in many shapes.

Pearls are very popular for their color and brightness, women use them mostly-a precious and oldest gem.

Initially they were popular in India, old Hindu scriptures describe they were either worn in dressing or to ornate idols, to earn their blessings. More or less similar rituals were witnessed among the Egyptians. Whereas Iranians upper clique were well known to use them in ear-rings. They were also rewarded to appraise one's achievement about 2,500 years BC. Pearls were also part of the Roman custom; it is told that the Roman kings had a collection of large variety of Pearls. At the ceremonial progression 'Marvareed' was considered as an integral part of women's veneration, even they got it on rent if did not have capacity to buy.

You have read the implicit mechanism behind the creation of Nature. One may inquire what are the colorful flowers spreading over the mountains, their fragrance, peace and serenity, peaceful sleep and in it worlds without any bondage of time and space-a state where we interact with seen and unseen beings, their life and death, their appearance and disappearance. As Allah mentioned, everything is a transformation of water-an outcome of water.

"He is the One who made the earth a bed for you, and the sky a roof, and sent down water from the sky, then brought forth with it fruits, as a provision for you." (Al-Baqara: 22)

Dear readers, you have read the 'Message of the Day'-struck to your ears, it may be concluded into an equation, as follows:

Water + Soil + the Interior and Exterior Colorful Gases of Earth = Rose, pomegranate etc.

Readers are encouraged to contemplate profoundly and discuss among their friends that what is it to be a being? Even if your opinion differs, do write to us.

Allah Hafiz





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