Life is the unification of moments. When millions or trillions of moments are aggregated into an active, their record is maintained on a book similar to a pre-recorded book. The imprint of these moments is either mirrored on finest and superior canvass or stained and tarnished screen. A corroded screen will always reflect a series of unhappy stance of dreadful faces.

Hues of elegance are reflected at bright and clear canvass. The atmosphere becomes heaven, when appearance is charismatic, and scintillating to eyes.

Dear esteemed friends, brothers and sisters!

When I appear before you, you appraised me like a bride. As you count the attributes of a bride in various ways, as if she is charming, well-versed, graceful, skilful, to name a few.

Readers! We are travelers. Regardless to our acclaimed aims and goals, we are merely unaware of highway to peaceful destination. Which is nothing but a deception.

My accompanied fellows, and children!

It is my earnest desire for our offspring to be distinguished from animals, birds and other insect beings at the Earth.

A 'dmi (man) and Ins 'an (human) are usually considered as synonyms. On the contrary, practically the dignity is marked as the superiority of an individual in his family, race, tribe or nation. In reality it is attributed to contemplation-a thought pattern behind every circumspect.

An A 'dmi never considers the factors glorifying the Insa 'n. Perhaps the true meaning of being glorified are not revealed upon him. Neither the elements of dignifying him (as Insa 'n) over other beings, nor the rewards are familiar to him.

The states of birth and death, rejoice and remorse, serenity and distress are found in all inhabitants of our Universe. Trees, shrubs, plants, and all other beings, which outnumber homo sapiens bear the similar states of life; either living inside or on the surface of Earth.

Children of today, youngsters of tomorrow and wrinkle skinned elegant elders of days after! 'What is this World?'

What we are considering real, observing and hearing is merely an illusion! What is the conclusion? Despite the acclaimed awareness! I, you and everyone is exhibiting unawareness.

We don't know what is meant by talking and listening, observing and sensing, starving and getting thirsty, or feeling warm or cold. Even how these sensations are imprinted and diminished. We know, our body is enclosed in a bone skeleton, plastered by nerves, flesh, and skin respectively.

A brief overview or analysis of life tells us, life is nothing more than breathing-inhale and exhale! But what is breathing?

Intellectual people consider it a piston machine, running the process of inhaling and exhaling Oxygen and other gases. But who is running this piston machine. The stoichiometry of Oxygen and other gases cannot be declared as a motive force. For intellectuals, it is not a satisfactory conclusion.

Water is told as being composed of Oxygen and Hydrogen, then question is aroused on the scarcity of water? If it is assumed, the preparation of water with the help of these two elements is expensive, so does the preparation or extraction of Gold and Uranium or the analysis of atom.

Superior than A'dmi, an Insa 'n is blessed with introspected viewpoint, unveil a creation network laying in the Earth. E.g., four trees growing in same soil exhibit diversity of hues, fragrance, smell, veil, and utile.

A short description of the World is, 'what we know is nothing'. Though hard to understand, yet can be described as ears are listening, brain is thinking, legs and hands are moving. But when the outward phenomenon is manifest at the inner screen, we perceive nothing but darkness.

Allah forbid, E.g., during paralysis despite the presence of healthy hands and feet, we don't observe any movement, why?

One can easily infer, the communication connection between the hub (that is brain) and hands or feet is disconnected.

While awakening, A'dmi performs all activities in the phenomenal world, but during sleep, physically he neither moves or walks, nor eats or drinks, and there are no signs of rejoice or remorse. Regardless to his physical state during sleep another 'individual' emerges out of his physical body and manifests all emotional expressions-eat, drink, get scare, or for instance travel in space.

An asleep body signifies life-heart pumps, blood circulates, warmness energizes.

That is manifest activities without activity of physical body!

Dear readers! Your school teacher has written all concerns, mentioned above at your inner Black Board. Contemplate on their answers and write to the 'Monthly Qalandar Shaoor' to assist your ignorant brothers and sisters in understanding them.

Allah Hafiz

SEP 2015-QSM 




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