JAN 2014-Adam-Father of humanity


There is no historical evidence to determine the origin of our world. The age of this world is hypothetically set at 1.2 billion years. But the world existed in the past and continues to exist now.

All the human beings are progeny of Adam. We are sons of someone and our father is someone's son. Similarly, our mothers had mothers and this chain continues. Irrespective of differences of skin colour, we all are progeny of Adam and Eve. Without them mankind would not have existed. Colour variations depend on the climate of different regions. People inhabiting in regions with hotter climates have darker skin colour. Regions which receive less sunlight are inhabited by people with lighter skin colour. People living on equator are relatively short. But all human beings have similar features. Height depends on geographical difference.

There are two thinking patters in the world. One flows from Adam. This pattern teaches obedience to Allah, God, Ishwar, Nirvana and Bhagwan. The other originates from Satan. This encourages humans to disobey the Creator of this universe. Allah sent His messengers to guide human beings about these two good and bad life patterns or patterns which lead either to heaven or hell. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was sent after Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Joseph, Moses and Christ as blessing to all the worlds, to complete the teachings of oneness of Allah (tauhid). He disseminated the message of Allah and attested what all the messengers had said before him as well as the Holy Books bestowed on them by Allah. He told the progeny of Adam that what he was preaching was earlier preached by his brothers, the messengers of Allah. All the messengers were his brothers and he was their brother. That he was a descendant of Ishmael and Abraham was his grandfather. That Isaac was his brother and son of Abraham.

Satan tried to cast doubts and suspicions on the teachings of messengers which in fact were the teaching of Adam and Eve. He was successful in his endeavor to an extent. On the other hand, Allah's messengers continued to spread the knowledge given by Allah, God, Raheem and Rahman to the progeny of Adam, Simultaneously, Satan who had rebelled against his Creator put together a group of his followers that always endeavored to divide Adam's progeny on the basis of misleading beliefs, racial hauteur, avarice and difference of skin colour. This party of Satan tried to distort the teaching of the messengers of Allah in the name of family, tradition using the weapons of greed and avarice. But the true disciples of Allah's messengers i.e. Aulia Allah (friends of Allah) always struggled to teach and preach true knowledge bequeathed to them by their masters-the messengers of Allah.

Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) preached the teaching of Adam. After him Aulia Allah(Allah's friends) invited people to Sirat e Mustaqeem i.e. right path and right thinking pattern. They preached the knowledge taught to Adam in accordance with mental capacities of human beings which kept changing with time.

The mission of Qalandar Baba Aulia is to preach that we all are brothers. Our introduction differs in accordance with race and colour, tribe and geography. But we all are sons and daughters of Adam and Eve. The perception will produce love and affection among human beings and encourage them to co-exist and avoid discord.

Allah's messengers laid stressed on the fact that Allah is one and He wants humans to live with mutual love and affection. We all are brothers, sisters and cousins to each other.

This is the mission of Qalandar Shaoor.

We pray that we all reside in our countries, cities and districts and in deference to our relation with Ishmael and Isaac avoid setting each other's homes on fire in deference ln or relation with Adam we protect our brothers and sisters and follow the teachings of Allah's messengers. This world was made for us as our home. We must adorn it with flowers and trees, protect it and despite racial differences, consider ourselves progeny of Adam and Eve and behave like siblings.

Allah created us expand and populate this world. He beautified it will rainbow, sun, moon, colourful and flowers and butterflies, seas, river, grasslands, and charming twittering birds. He enriched it with resources such as copper, gold, silver and various gases. He endowed it with horses and camels and helped build aircrafts, trains, cars and other communication systems.

Allah says, "Heaven is the abode for those who live happily and obey us. And for those who are not content, who hurt others and violate their rights, is misery. They should await hellfire".

Allah who is the real Creator and the Overlord, wants His creatures to be happy and satisfied. But unlike other animals, Adam's progeny is thankless, miserable and sick. Buffaloes do not wear glasses. It has not been observed that birds and other creatures do not massacre their own kind. Sparrows and fish stay happy and satisfied. Butterflies spread happiness and colours. Fireflies fight darkness, ants and honeybees and other insects protect their species and benefit other creatures. If a crow's corpse is displayed in the open, other crows take strong exception to it and protest against the killing at the high pitch.

But man is depressed and sad.

Man tries to erase the colours of this colourful world. Flowers spread fragrance but man through his enmities and mischief makes the environment heavy and malodorous. Allah desires his creature to remain happy and content in this world and hereafter. This indeed, is the desire of our father, Adam and mother, Eve. In fact, this is the desire of every parent. Allah's love for His creature is more than the love of seventy mothers. We must also love Allah's creature.





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