If a man breaks the limitations of phenomenal world (that is space), he becomes aware of source of light (spirit) and eventually self-awareness.

Universe has a unique conscious, which enables to comprehend an information from ghaib & shuhood (two hidden zones) to another. This comprehension is independent of their location. Contemplation on the universal system converges an individual conscious towards the universal conscious. Eventually conscious of universe becomes the conscious of an individual.

Divine people comprehend information from ghaib & shuhood (concealed life), also they inspire other people to seek such a level of conscious. Shahensha Haft Iqleem (a divine ranking), Taj-ul-Auliya wa-Al­Deen- Hazrat Baba Tajuddin Nagpuri (RA) is among such divine personalities. They are the one, to whom universe is subjugated.

His name is Tajuddin, and nick name is Chiragh Deen, widely known as Tajuddin Baba (RA).

Shahensha Haft Iqleem- is the title of Nana* Tajuddin (RA). Haft Iqleem is the administrative division of universe into seven zones (Haft means seven). One who assists Baise Takhleeq Kainat (the motive of universe), Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) in the administrative affairs of seven Iqleem, is titled as Shahensha Haft Iqleem.

Maryam Bibi Sahiba, the wife of Hazrat Hassan Mehdi Badruddin (RA) dreamed- Moon is bright on sky, mesmerizing the environment. At once, she found moon in her laps and whole universe started shining.

The interpretation of dream appeared as the birth of Nana Tajuddin (RA). He was born on 5 Rajab 1277 A.D, as of January 27, 1861 at Fajr (early morning) in Kamti, Nagpoor. He passed away on 26 Moharram Al Haraam 1344 A.D, as of August 17, 1925 at the age of sixty-four. When he was one-year old , his father passed away, while mother died when he was nine. His grandparents took him in their care. At the age of six he joined school. Once he was learning in school, a wali ullah (friend of God) of that time, Hazrat Abdullah Shah Qadri (RA) visited school and said ,

"This boy is already learnt, he doesn' t need to learn."

* Grand father

There is no evidence, if Nana Tajuddin (RA) had ever got bayt -taught spiritual knowledge by anyone. However, he was close to two personalities. He used to spend time with Hazrat Abdullah Shah (RA) during adulthood. At the time of death of Hazrat Abdullah Shah (RA), his next in-chief mentioned that he drank a little juice and rest drank by Baba Tajuddin (RA).

Therefore, Nana Tajuddin (RA) was close to Hazrat Abdullah Shah (RA) and got nisbat (relation) of Chistiya order (a spiritual school of thought) at the tomb of Baba Dawood Makki (RA) in Owaisiya way. He spent about two years on tomb. But he is trained by prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), Hazrat Ali (RA) and Hazrat Owais Qarni (RA). He is blessed by many saints from various spiritual orders.

The personalities like Nana Tajuddin (RA) are born after three thousand five hundred years by God's blessing. There are four Noorani fountains in the bases of universe. Nana Tajuddin (RA) is glorified to absorb all the fountains in his personality. He is so beloved to Hazrat Muhammmad (PBUH) that he has never turned him down during any matter.

Gulab Singh was milkman of Nana Tajuddin (RA) since the year eleven CE. He dedicated a buffalo for tea of Nana Tajuddin (RA). In the rainy season of the year seventeen CE, he did not show up since morning. Nana Tajuddin (RA) asked Hayat Khan about tea. He said, he is still waiting for Gulab Singh.

Hayat Khan is told to obtain information on Guiab Singh. He found from his village that milkman is dead. The moment, Nana Tajuddin (RA) was told about the demise of Gulab Singh he started walking towards the village and when he reached close to his coffin, he called loudly, 'Gulab Singh, Gulab Singh'. Then he said, open the strains, 'he is alive'. When people cut strings of coffin, Gulab Singh stood up. Next day, as usual Gulab Singh continued his routine to provide milk.

The background of this miracle is: Nana Tajuddin (RA) requested Prophet (PBUH) the life of Guiab Singh, which was honoured.

Once a lame man stayed in the clinic. In a routine, after the breakfast, he sat before Nana Tajuddin (RA) and started patting his leg sadly as in misery. Nana (RA) merely uttered 'hmm'. Man was consistent for two months, until one day he got impatient. He started murmuring that God has made him lame, and beholders of legs do not take care of him. Nana (RA)

got annoyed and said loudly, 'pretending lameness, while he is finecheater'. Lame man ran away without his crutches, when Nana (RA) ran after him. Lame man ran like a healthy man, as if he was never lame.

Insan Ali Shah (RA) was blessed by Nana Tajuddin (RA). His thought pattern was aligned with Nana (RA), he explained the intricacy of miracles. He said, 'The concept of evolution in universe is deceptive. In fact, everything occurs in a state of sudoor (a divine state of mind). Except God, everything is an inner state of Insan- whether it is time. Similarly, perceptions of change and evolution are inner to mankind. The appearance of an individual is an imprint of inner states. Each imprint has a definite proportion. If this proportion is varied , then accidently imprints appear to be lame, deaf and blind. When a saint enters Sudoor- state of mind, if there is any misprint or deviation, they become aligned to proportion.'

The eyes of Nana Tajuddin (RA) used to be half opened in a state of deep contemplation. Hayat Khan used to watch those eyes quite enthusiastically. Once in deep contemplation, Hayat Khan asked me to look at a leaf. I found figures of face and legs were appearing from leaf, about three inches long. Similar gestures were appearing on adjacent leaf. In couple of minutes, leaves were completely transformed and they started walking towards the stem. The eyes of Nana (RA) were concentrated on leaves.

Several months later, I asked the reason. Nana (RA) said, if you would be able to understand. He explained, look it is a tree, where all the parts of life are connected. Watching, listening, understanding, motion are all parts, which appear when looked into the tree. Each leave has actually mouth, hands and legs. In general people cannot see this nairang (phenomenon) until and unless, a leave meets with another life. When a leave embraces my life, it becomes alive insect. Mind it, one can embrace with eyes. Remember life evolves from life and life absorbs in a life.

Once Nana (RA) was in the forests of Waki Sharif with his companions. He said to them, 'I am expecting a lion in a while. If some fears him, should leave because it is upto him to stay as much as he wants. I will rest, meanwhile you should not wait, rather enjoy food.' Some people hid in the surrounding and mostly left.

Hayat Khan and I remained there. At a small distance I lay down, while Hayat Khan was looking at Nana Tajuddin (RA). The air was fear-

ful, eyes of Nana (RA) were closed and we were waiting for a beast who was heading step by step.

Suddenly we turned our eyes towards the feet of Nana (RA), a lion was approaching to the incline until it got very close to feet. Nana (RA) was in deep sleep, lion was licking his feet in ecstasy. Meanwhile Nana (RA) woke up, he patted on lion' s head and said, 'You came, I am very glad to see you healthy now. Well, now you may leave.'

The lion waved his tail in obedience and left. No one had a little idea, if ever lion visited Nana (RA) before. However, it was certain, Nana (RA) and lion knew each other.

•        Nana Tajuddin (RA) said:

•        Thoughts are of three types, in itself are a universe - Mankind a creation of dust, jinn of illusion and angels are creation of Noor.

•        We communicate with particles, dust and other creatures with an aid of thought. Ana- thoughts exchange between us and them like a family.

•        Thoughts are communicated to us with an aid of light. Light is modulated with zillion of pixels. We term these pixels as perception, ideas, concept and thought.

•        Light is considered as the fastest entity before the researchers , but it is unable to traverse spatio-temporal distances. However, the currents of Ana are present infinitesimally over everywhere at all instants of time. Spatio-temporal distances are always overwhelmed with the currents of Ana.

Nana Tajuddin (RA) had an excellent ability of poetry , but his tendency of deep contemplation did not allow regular poetry. Though he did poetic work with a title of 'Daas Maloka' (a man of God) , but only a few stanzas are at the record. Most of his work was not documented due to his interest in other affairs, people's ignorance and unavailability of required resources.

A few stanzas are presented as follows:

Ajgar karain na chakri, panchi karain na kam Das maloka keh gaey sab k data raam

Translation: Animals and birds do not do business or jobs, but they obtain their resources for living. A man of God said, 'God is the caretaker of all beings'.

Maanas hay sab aatma, maanas hay sab rakh Bindi ki ginti nai, bindi main sou lakh

Translation : A man is a light (spirit) and a man is also a dust. Though a ' zero' is not counted, but it is zero, which values millions.

Nana Tajuddin (RA) considered the reality of a man as a composition of light (spirit) which is beyond the ordinary percept of being dust. A composition which represents in its inner the whole universe. Alas! man has limited himself to dust. If a man breaks the limitations of phenomenal world (that is space), he become aware of source of light (spirit) and eventually self-awareness.

Dam o dur ki rees main raam kart gun gaye Parabhoo ki sogand hay, dusht usay mil jai

Translation: A person who believes in external appearance always prays to pretend. By God, he can only reach to Satan (devil).

Tan paapi, man kaahra, ujyarey sab kais Mandar ka Deepak nai, reshyoun ka sa bhais

Translation: Though body is hidden behind the white hairs, but it is tarnished with sins and heart is turned dark. One cannot get internal illumination by pretending or dressing like pro God in dividuals.

Saaye ban ki raat main ban baasi ban Jain Das Malooka sath main }again aur lehrayain

Translation: During night, shadows turn alive into a man. A man of God wakes whole night up with them and enjoys discourse .

The above stanza was narrated at the times, when Nana (RA) used to worship at the tomb of Baba Dawood Makki (RA). Nana (RA) mentioned , though during night it appears whole world is silent, but in reality they exhibit a life. A continuous night long wakefulness unveils the hidden fold of universe. Nana Tajuddin (RA) used to observe night long the concealed aspects of phenomenal world.


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