The formula of creation is similar in all beings, but its manifestation is diverse owing to the proportions present in it.

The Quran mentions that everything is created out of water. Water is an entity that contains movement, and movement is linked to temperature. Temperature expresses itself in two ways i.e. hot and cold, which respectively carry positive and negative charge. The word charge denotes force and it is force that causes gradual fluctuation in temperature, which results in the formation of innumerable organisms.

Since every creation is born out of water, consequently, the temperature in water is also transferred to them. Water in itself is a formula that contains all the proportions that manifest into organisms whether they be as small as a virus and as large as a mountain. Every creation emerges in proportions according to their embedded anatomy in water. Every proportion differs from another and yet, their identities (dimensions) cannot be perceived unless awareness of their existence is imparted into the creations.

The question that arises is at what stage do dimensions appear? Let's understand it through the following example.

The stratum of the earth where minerals exist has a very high temperature. This intensive heat liquifies minerals, and as a result, conceals their dimensions. But once the heat is alleviated, the minerals in molten form return to their relevant proportions, and this procedure gives birth to identities.

The above can be assessed through a simple experiment. When oil is poured into water, it does not mix, and floats on the surface instantly. But as like attracts like, oil does blend into water when it is heated, because both oil and water are present in each other in specific proportions. Now, let the mixture cool down and you will notice that the oil and water will repel each other and set themselves apart.

Dear readers, you are advised to experiment it for better understanding.

A certain degree of temperature ascertains the formation of every creature. This variation in the degrees affect the physical appearance of entitles. For instance, what does it signify when water converts into blood, blood into milk and their subsequent transformation into cream, butter and ghee? It substantiates that ghee is already present in water, but appears only when the temperature reaches to the degree that proportions ghee.

Similarly, everything contains fats in different proportions. When fats are extracted from lentils, vegetables and other grains, it is named as oil. Contemplation is required as to why the dimensions (anatomy) of the nutriments subside when oil is extracted from them?

One must reflect on the fact that the rise in density of an object is directly proportional to gravity, which brings out dimensions. All dimensions of life are accommodated in water. God has stated this fact in the Quran as, "al-sahab al-siqaal".

"He it is Who showeth you the barq (lightning), a fear and a hope, and raiseth the heavy clouds." (Quran, 13:12)

God has drawn the attention of Ulil-albab* towards positive and negative charge through the occurrence of barq (lightning) and the origination of heavy clouds.

Analysis: Water -Gravity -Fats -Positive charge -Negative charge = Lightning

Lightning is parallel to fire, as both possess the tendency to bum.

The system of the universe is dependent upon movement. When movement in an object accelerates, it produces heat whose parallels are drawn with fire. In the same vein, the process of deceleration manifests the other side of heat, which is cold.

Both heat and cold are termed as temperature. At this point, it is pertinent to know what temperature is? Temperature is defined as energy and energy is generated through different ways.

•         In the line of chemistry, it is produced through combustion.

•         In the scope of mechanics, it is formed through friction.

•         And in the electrical field, it is generated through repulsion.

Chemistry is germane to gas; mechanics concerns matter and electricity is relevant to flow which is the trait of liquid. All of these states are present in water.

The aforementioned description is to help you comprehend the mechanism behind the following verse.

"Who hath appointed for you fire from the green tree, and behold! Ye kindle from it." (Quran 36:80)

The scientific and spiritual interpretation of this verse is mentioned as follows.

Scientific Interpretation: Science explains that a certain amount of glucose circulates in blood. If glucose level falls, a person feels faint and may also lose consciousness.

The process through which glucose is made in plants is called photosynthesis. During this course, the green pigment present in the leaves, which is referred to as chlorophyll, converts the molecules of water and carbon dioxide into glucose and oxygen with the help of sunlight. As a result, oxygen cleanses the air and benefits the ecosystem.

Glucose is stored in leaves, flowers and fruits in multicoloured forms. The animal kingdom uses it as food. When glucose reacts with the oxygen in plant and animal cells, it is once again converted into carbon dioxide, water and heat. This is called the metabolism of cells and it is contrary to the process of photosynthesis.

The metabolism of cells is similar to the process of combustion but its function is limited as it releases a subtle amount of energy in comparison to combustion. The cells keep this internal 'chimney' in motion with care. This mechanism can be explained well when one relates it to engines in vehicles. In cars, combustion takes place internally; fuel is released and burns in small amounts to keep the motion of the engine in flow.

Spiritual Interpretation: The Lord of the universe says,

In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

"Praise the name of thy Lord the Most High, Who createth, then disposeth; Who measureth, then guideth; Who bringeth forth the pasturage, Then tumeth it to russet stubble." (Quran, 87:1-5)

The Almighty God has created the entire universe in proportions. Earth, water, air, and fire are the basic elements that are proportionately present in everything, and the alteration in them gives birth to other beings. It is to be noted that these four elements are themselves created in proportions. For instance, fire is not only fire, but a combination of all the elements in the universe. When the designated essentials for fire are assembled, the element of fire is produced.

The role of plants is crucial to maintain the ecosystem. The calm and cooling effect in them is due to the colour green. In contrast to green, the colour red has a warm effect, which is dominant in fire but dormant in trees. As everything is known by its opposite, likewise, cold is known through fire. That is why, the element of fire is present but latent within trees.

The presence of fire in trees is due to the existence of oil within them. If the proportions of wood are broken down by increasing heat, the proportion of oil in the wood will become dominant. Now whatever comes in contact with oil, the friction between them will cause fire.

One of the characteristics of oil is adhesiveness, which binds all components to form an object. But at the same time, these components have the tendency to catch fire or bum to ashes due to the presence of oil. This makes it obvious as to why everything tends to catch fire, be it wood, water or soil.

The presence of carbon in oil is responsible for combustion. In reaction, a dense substance is released which is known as smoke. However, this phenomenon does not apply to olive oil because it is free of carbon.

The Quran sheds light on dimensions in the following way. The Al- mighty God says,

"Then turned He to the heaven when it was Dukhan, and said unto it (Dukhan) and unto the earth: Come both of you, willingly or loth. They said: We come, obedient." (Quran 41:11)

The sky was in the state of 'Dukhan' at the inception of the universe. God commanded the Dukhan to enter the Earth. As soon as it complied, the dimensions that were latent, surfaced on Earth. Science considers Dukhan as carbon. But carbon does not capture what 'Dukhan' actually is.

This interpretation will help comprehend how fire is produced from a tree.

Red is seen as the dominant colour in fire, whereas green is prevalent in trees. Both green and red signify the negative and the positive charge in wood. When these opposite charges absorb into each other, they create fuel for life, which is known as breath.

Breathing is linked to calories. A calorie can be defined as the heat energy involved in warming up one gram of water by one degree Celsius. Water takes up about 70% of the body, and it contains both negative and positive charge. As energy transmits into water, the collision between charges creates friction and produces steam, which comes and goes in the form of breath.

Re-reading this formula with concentration will expose new horizons of understanding to you.

The act of breathing in and out are two proportions which combine to form breath. Deep breathing increases the span of life whereas shallow breathing affects it otherwise. According to the divine law, the annihilation of two lives gives birth to a new life, which then embraces its opposite facet and annihilates. In this manner, life is drawn out of death and death is drawn out of life to sustain the aforesaid course of life.

Layee hayaat aaye, qaza le chali chalay

apni khushi na aaye na apni khushi chalay


Life swirled me into existence;

While death escorted me away.

Of my own accord I did not arrive;

Nor will I be ushered out with a say.


May God protect you.

    APR 2019-QSM




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