Life makes itself apparent through a garment, and we assume that this garment is life*. Childhood, adulthood, and old age are all various names of the garment. All through the night and day, we fulfill the needs of the garment, and assuming it to be our identity, we ignore the reality. The garment is formed and goes through change each day and night, transforming from childhood into adulthood, adulthood to old age, and finally disappears; however, life continues to exist. If life disappeared along with the garment, the connection between the occupants of the innumerable worlds would cease to exist. Most often, parents receive the good news of the birth. of a blessed child, and see glimpses of their traits through dreams. That is, they witness a star falling from the sky into their lap, or streams of milky rays dispersing from the full moon, while some others hear voices from the unseen. Ponder- what does it mean to receive news of the. traits and attributes of an infant that is yet to be born, and has. not, been seen by its parents?

The garment continues to change from the point of birth to death. Though the garment of old age is different from that of childhood and adulthood, the entity that wears the garment is the same. It is pertinent to note that creatures with a large body(garment) live longer on earth, while those with smaller bodies. complete their lifecycle earlier. Life is not affected by the difference in time and space allocated to different creatures. In this case, what do we mean by a large space or a small space? The span of life on each earth depends on the size(space)of the creatures. However, the needs and span of life are not affected by the space being large or small. Though the lifespan of an ant is short and that of an elephant is long, , when we observe the system of existence we notice that their life is filled with knowledge, resources, and emotions. When contemplation reveals the many layers of life, one observes that the garment undergoes change. If there was no change, an infant-no matter which species it belongs. to -would not grow out of its cradle: Therefore, the presence of a child on earth is an aggregation of change.

A bubble is a creation that has a very short lifespan of a few seconds, however every category of knowledge, be it on the colours of life, physics, or metaphysics, is embedded, within it. A bubble is born, passes through its childhood, after which adulthood sweeps in, and then it goes on to hide inside old age. Upon completing its physical life, there comes a time when it bids farewell to this material world: at this point, the thin membrane of a bubble made of water opens up and-? The status of the membrane is that of a garment. This is the veil between the two worlds. One world is inside the membrane, and the other world is an environment in which the bubble floats. When the veil is lifted, the life that is inside meets the life that is on the other side of the veil.

When the size of the space, be it small or large, does not affect the span of life, why are the lifespans of certain creatures short, whilst others are long on our earth?

Earth is dominated by space, this is why the creatures that occupy larger space live longer on earth, and those that occupy lesser space exit it earlier. In. terms of their physical weight and volume, both the mountain and the ocean are the largest creatures on earth. There is no machine invented to date thit can gauge their weight. Their term on earth is long due to their volume; and their volume is entrenched in the earth in a way that, when the lifespan of either one of them. comes to an end, the earth will contract. It is stated in the Holy Quran,

"And He. it-is Who spread out the earth and placed therein

firm hills and flowing streams. "(Quran, 13:3)

All the particles that have been mentioned, and those that have not been mentioned, are all demonstrations of life as per the abilities of their garment. A garment is formed, it undergoes change, and then disperses; however, life is worship and worship is life.

This world is an illusion, and this illusion is such that every creature manifests in the veil of dust; but no one says that they see the dust, nor does the thought hit them that they are in fact dust themselves.

The birth of a child is equivalent to a garment that- is classified for a being that is sent to this world. Who we refer to as a child, was already born before it arrived into this world, and after having passed through various zones, it has come to stay awhile in this world of dust. Even though at the point of birth the mind of a child is empty of fictional knowledge, it is not ignorant of the knowledge of the universe. However, when the child drapes the veil of fictional knowledge, the knowledge of the universe moves into obliviousness.

We eat, drink, walk, sit, think, assign meanings, and attribute the credit of these movements to the body. Even at the point when we watch people like us being motionless, even then, our mind does not realise that we consider the garment as our life. Just as a car does not run on its own, rather, it is the petrol that gives the car a push; in this same way, life gives movement to the garment. The purpose of coming into this world is to become aware of the life that is hidden behind the veil.

What is life? Life is a continuity of information, which makes itself apparent in the form of needs in various shapes and forms.

1.     A creature receives information and begins to see, hear, think, understand, speak, eat, sleep, wake up, and gain knowledge. Life is unworthy of mention without information. What is this information, and where does it come from? God Almighty states, "I am The Knower of all. "

2.  The ability to see and hear has been operative consistently in the individuals of the universe. What are hearing and sight, where do they come from? God Almighty states, "I am All-Hearing, All-seeing. "

3. When one evaluates life, their understanding of life becomes profound. What is the source of understanding? 'God Almighty states, "I am The First, The Last, The Apparent, The Hidden, and The Wise. "

God Almighty wanted to manifest the program that was in His will and the universe came into existence. The senses were not activated in the creatures, God Almighty called out, “Am I not your Lord?” With this call, the needs of life were activated, and the centre upon which the creatures focused their needs, were the attributes of God.

In short, mankind thinks that the body is reality when it is only a garment. God has breathed life into this garment and has given. The knowledge of His attributes to the soul. When mankind focuses inwards and cognises their soul, they realise that the attributes of God Almighty encompass all creation.


May God protect you.





*Read this line over and over again until you understand the hidden




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