All praises are for the Almighty God, the Lord of all realms, Who created everything with fixed proportions (formulae)and entrusted the knowledge of the proportions to human beings amongst all other creations. Humans are appointed as vicegerent on earth (Fil Arz-e-Khalifa) and have been endowed with the abilities as required.

Readers! What does it mean to be a vicegerent on earth?

The Most Gracious and Merciful God commanded the programme of the universe that was in His intent to manifest, and with this command, innumerable worlds, creatures, and resources came into existence. It is noteworthy that the entire universe came into being with one ordinance from God, “Kun (Be)!” When God Almighty wants to bring any creation into existence, He just commands it to “Be”, and it comes into existence.

Kun is the manifestation of time and space, and one cannot measure the time and space of it. God in His Attributes is beyond the constraints of time and space. However, for the strength of the consciousness in creatures and the formation of the universe, time and space are essential. And it is due to this that there is individuality between two objects and states, that is, every creature is differentiated from the other due to time and space.

Here is a practice shared to help one understand the Message of the Day:

If one stands in front of a full-length mirror at a distance of three feet from it, they will be able to see the entire length of their bodies. However, if one moves closer to the mirror and stands one foot away from it, their sight will be limited and they will only see from their knees to their head. When the distance between them and the mirror 'is reduced even further, they can only see their face. And if one touches their nose to the mirror, they will only be able to see their eyeballs.

Elaboration: One was able to see their reflection due to the distance. If the physical bodies of both the person and the mirror become one, then the proportions within them would break, resulting in the breakage of the mirror and hence the person would appear as scattered. For the sense of sight, that is in order to maintain individuality, there is a system of proportions working in every creature.

The proportions are the formulae of creation and are fixed for every species. A mirror is created from the proportions of a mirror, and a man from the proportions of man. The time taken for a seed to sprout under the earth and the time to nurture a baby within the womb are different. The lifespan of every creature varies from each other. Their forms and features, power of sight, and voices also differ from each other. The formula of flowing water' is not similar to that of frozen' water. Similarly, the formula of vapour' differs from them too. All three of these are the attributes of water, however, the formula of water and what water is in reality, is as under:

“God is He Who created the heavens and the earth, and causeth water to descend from the sky, thereby producing fruits as food for you. ”(Quran,14:32)

The source of water is the sky. The knowledge of parapsychology refers to the sky as the subconscious or a creation in which there are no directions. When something emerges from the atmosphere of the sky, the directions that are subdued prevail over it. As long as the water is in the sky, its features and colour remain overpowered. But, when the water enters another atmosphere, that is the atmosphere of the earth, it appears in the form of various colours (resources). Here, the word colour is written for resources, as nothing on earth is devoid of colour.

“And whatsoever He hath created for you in the earth of diverse hues, lo! Therein is indeed a portent for people who take heed. ”(Quran,16:13)

Example; The pomegranate' is red. When we open the fruit, we notice that the chambers inside are yellow. Inside these chambers is a veil-like membrane which is coloured too. Under this veil are the colourful arils. Inside these arils is colourful water which is not. visible as it is frozen. In the centre of each aril is the seed with its own features, Each. of these seeds is made of two layers; in between these two layers is space, and within this space is a thing that is green in colour and resembles, a thread. All the colours that are present in the pomegranate are recorded in that thread like thing, through which the pomegranate is nourished. If the thread like substance Were not present within the seed, what would happen to the progress in the process of creation?

Creations are visible due to the colours and once the colours disappear, they become hidden. The amalgamation of the formulae of various colours is what we call objects such as a mountain, soil, fruit, flower, bird, animal, insect, jinn, man, and human. The formula of every creation on earth is within the water. Though we see the attributive forms of water as the encasements of creatures, we have not seen the true form of water.

To gain awareness of the true form of water, pay attention to the chapter of Abraham, verse 32 from the Holy Quran.

The record of every realm, resource, and species, that are created from the beginning of time to. the end is within "Kun". No specie is aware of their total population on earth, nor how many of them have arrived in this world to date, or how many have left this world, or how many are yet to arrive. All that is and will be in the seas and upon the land is in God's knowledge. God is the All-Knower and the Most-Wise, both knowledge and creatures are His creation, and every creature is overpowered by Sifat-é-Aleem (the attribute of God). By the virtue of being the vícegerent on earth, the transformation that human beings bring into the universe is through the wisdom (the knowledge of the attributive names of God-Ilm al-Asma) that God has bestowed upon them. God has also given humans the authority to transform.

The All-Knower and the Most-Wise Entity has stated:

"Praise he name of thy Lord the lost-High, Who createth, then disposeth;, Who measureth, then guideth."


The earth is not just one, rather, every realm in which creatures reside is earth. There are seven skies, and creatures reside on each one of them. The sky becomes earth for all those who live upon its expanse. The status of humans is that they are vicegérents on earth, wherever there is earth in this universe, and God has endowed them with the authority to transform in the universe.

One form of knowledge is known as Ilm-e-Husooli (Acquired Knowledge). In Ilm-e-Husooli, it is pertinent for one to remember the collection of words. Contrary to this, Ilm-e-Huzoori (Inspired Knowledge) is the knowledge that is transferred to only one creature amongst all other creatures, that is, humans.

The following words are written in the Holy Quran,

تعلمون، یعلمون، تفکرون، تذکرون، تبصرون، یااولی الباب، فبای اٰلاء ربکماتکذبٰن"

It is also stated, “And We have made the Quran easy to understand.” And in this same way, in various other verses, God has revealed information about this knowledge, which He has taught to the vicegerent on earth. Every single thing, be it the minutest, or the most prominent, they have all been elaborated in great detail in the Holy Quran. The chapters of Ilm-e-Huzoori are revealed upon those who contemplate the verses (signs) of God, and they realise what it means to be a vicegerent-(Lo! I-am about to place a viceroy in the earth:")

You have read about Fil Arz-e-Khalifa (vicegerent on earth) in the Message of the Day. Just like every other creation, the skies, the earth, and the mountains are also founded upon proportions that have a consciousness. And it is due to this consciousness that they all refused to accept amanat (trust) and the humans readily accepted it. Regarding mankind, God has stated, "He hath proved a tyrant and a fool.” What is the status of human beings then if they remain ignorant of this trust.


May God protect you.





Water'; Liquid ,Frozen?:Solid,Vapour':Gas





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