MAY 2013-Mission Qalandar Shaoor


'All tributes are to Allah, who is the Caretaker of universe'

(Sura Fateha, 1)

Allah has created beings and blessed with uncountable abilities. They reflect the supreme expertise of His nature. In addition, He did not leave his creature on their alone, but deputed about 1,24,000 messengers for the guidance of Human and Jinn beings.

In line with the contemporary need and evolution of ages, the friends of Allah has introduced the best practices and values.

In pursuance to maintain the pathway to Allah, the heir of Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) and friends of Allah among men and women never backed off from any sacrifice.

Qalandar Baba Auleya, the intellect and proficient cultivated the prophetic teaching with the fusion of modem and ancient knowledge. The dispersed humanity was relieved.

Allah said in Quran,

'Behold firmly the rope of Allah and don't be dispersed'

(Sura Al Imran, 103)

The Last Prophet and Messenger, Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) was decorated with the title of 'Rehmat-ul-Almeen'.

'O Prophet we sent you as blessing for the people of universe'

( Sura Al Anbeya, 107)

While narrating the Adam and Eve, their offspring and universe, it is said,

'All tributes are to Allah, who is the Caretaker of universe' (sura Fateha, 1)

The Caretaker is the only one to worship, He is the one who has created various worlds and dispatched being there. Alm-e-Arwah (Zone of Souls), Alm-e-Burzakh (Intermediate Zone), Alm-e• Duneya (The Universe), Alm-e-Airaf (The world hereafter), Alm-e• Hashar Nashr (Doom and Resurrection Zone), Yum-ul-Hesab (The Jundgement Day), Alm-e-Jannat (The Heavens), Alm-e-Jahanum  (The Hell) constitute the Universe.

Allah said,

All tributes are to Allah, who is the Caretaker of the worlds. Whether living in conscious or unconscious life, the Caretaker takes care of all essentials, mandatory to life.

Allah said in last divined book,

'Neither feared, nor gloomy are friends of Allah'

(Sura Younus, 62)

This era is overwhelmed with restlessness, agony, fear, discontent and diseases. Rather than a peaceful shelter, dwellings are more likely a pharmacy stores.


In my opinion, man is far away from humanity. He is entangled in self-inflicted web of pride, greed, selfishness, desire for power, status and fame. Unlike our ancestors, man is void of contentment, trust and faith in Allah.

In His principle, when a man determine to fulfill a desire with consistent efforts. Allah honored his will with success. Opportunities are unveiled to those people who strive with a faith in Allah.

'And people who strive towards us, we shall unveil pathway towards us' (Sura Al Ankaboot, 69)

With the blessing of Allah and graciousness of His friends 'Qalandar Shaoor' magazine, shall disseminate guidelines to approach Allah and His messenger (PBUH). Where, one becomes aware of the fact that Allah is watching him and vice versa. Magazine shall include the Quranic elaboration to conquer the universe, essays on the cosmic travel, Poems in the name of Allah and Prophet (PBUH), Moral stories, Extended abstract from PhD thesis, Articles from scientific development and literature. Cosmic knowledge, interpretation of dream and counseling on social issues will also be presented.

May Allah bless success to endeavor of 'Monthly Qalandar Shaoor'.




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