As sweet and sour tastes of things are tasted alike by everyone, all human beings can benefit from divine scriptures in this world and the hereafter.

All educated individuals agree that this is the age of science and technology. There are around 6400 ayahs of the Holy Quran which deal with history, universal mysteries and law. Universal mysteries contain scientific knowledge. These ayahs contain secrets of heavens and earth. Quran invites all to think about metals and when scientists did that, they succeeded in their endeavours.

Allah says, "And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided." (3:103)

The Islamic world is currently engaged in disputes, internecine wars, plunder and loot. But the non-Muslims are united on a platform. The Islamic world is resourceful but it is dependent on others even for its security.

When the keys of Beit-ul-Maqdas were being handed over to Hazrat Umar (Raz), the scholars at the second floor of the mosque were disputing on whether or not Jesus ever ate leavened bread. No wonder they were subdued by Muslims.

Let us undertake a review of the initial phases of Islam when as per Islamic spirit, prejudice and biases, and discrimination on the basis of these evils were rejected, when people enjoyed freedom of expression and opinion and when rulers were always accountable to the people whom they ruled. Decisions were taken on the basis of justice and undue influence would be shunned and rejected. The rulers would not merely interact with their people through consultative assemblies but in person too during five times prayers a day as well as during weekly Friday congregations and annual Eid prayers and address their questions. They lived among people. They had no guards on their doors. Anyone could walk in. They would not only allow this but would also encourage this.

Under the rules of business, the Caliph was not merely required to run the administration, maintain security and protect borders but he would act as the elder of the nation, its teacher and guide. He had the responsibility to implement Islamic system.

This golden Islamic age declined and was replaced by kingship. This accompanied racial, tribal or caste based prejudices and biases as well as rituals of Jahiliyya. Islam wanted to eradicate all this. It undertook to bring all humans on a single platform. But Muslim rulers adopted the habits of Jahiliyya and fought against each other.

Nature follows a system. According to this system, an Omnipotent Being is the only ruler. Countless creatures are under His rule. "He is of all things, encompassing." ( 41: 54)

Countless individuals belonging to various species appear and disappear regularly in this world. They die and they are born. They grow generation after generation and also decrease generation after generation. Some of them are appearing but are not visible. Ghaib and Shuhood, life and death will continue among countless individuals.

When we observe this system of Universe through sub conscious, we find the system of creation and disappearing continuing in all the species. Yet in each form specific quantities are functioning. This system flows through different organs but each organ is different when it comes into being such as eye, nose, ear and mouth. Quran informs that those who think into these secrets are Ulu-al-Albaab. This group is led by Imam Hussain (Raz), the leader of all martyrs, the grandson of Rahmat ul lilaalameen -the beloved prophet of Allah (PBUH).

Hussain (Raz) is lord and the lord of lords.

Hussain (Raz) himself is Islam and the shield of Islam.

Though he gave his head (for Islam) but never pledged


Truly Hussain (Raz) is the foundation of "There is no Deity except Allah. "

If we consider the reality of martyrdom, new avenues of Siraat e Mustaqeem are opened. Hazrat Imam Hussain (Raz) did not attach importance to worldly grandeur and gave the sacrifice of his life and family for the sake of faith.

Let us study an important point of the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (Raz). Ifwe follow the life and teaching of Imam Hussain (Raz), we can eradicate all ethnic, religious and other parochial biases. Let us commit ourselves to follow the seerah of Imam Hussain (Raz) on the day of Ashoora. Following are some of the sayings of Imam Hussain (Raz):

•        If you wish to witness paradise in this world, try to seek refuge in the love of your mother.

•        He who forgives despite being able to take revenge is most successful.

•        Faithfulness is part of humanity.

•        Arrogance stems from shamelessness

•        Haste is unwise

•        Never exceed limits as it is dangerous.

•        He who is generous to people without expecting anything in return is really generous.

•        A kind person continues to maintain relations with those who in fact break relations.

•        Those who help others when they are in pain are helped by Allah.

•        An honourable death is better than a disgraceful life.

•        One of the rewards bestowed by Allah on human beings is this that you help those who come to you with their problems.

•        People, those among you who are generous will rise high and those who are not, will fall low.

•        A friend will always protect you from evil and an enemy will lead you to it.

•        I consider death as a blessing and life with tyrants as condemnable.

•        How could an object which depends for its existence on you,

could define your existence.

•        Roots grow branches when they are stable at their place, so those who are keen to do good to their brothers will receive rewards and acts of goodness.

•        Don't you see that the rights of people are being violated and no one is there to protect them. In such a situation, those who live must desire to meet their Creator.

•        Tolerating tyrants is a kind of tyranny.

•        Don't ask anyone for your needs except Allah.

•        Do not oppress anyone particularly those who have no recourse but Allah.

•        Kindness decorates human conduct

•        Piety and kindness are the best resources for the Day of Judgment.

•        Intense desire for something is not merely a bad thing, it could also be deadly.

•        Pious people are not afraid of their end.

•        The longer you will take to rise against a tyrant, the greater would be the sacrifice for getting rid of him.

O the leader of the faithful, 0 the one among those who submitted, Salam (peace)) on you

O the martyr of Karbala, Salam on you

May Allah bestow martyrdom on me too as I am associated with you

This is but my prayer and my desire, Salam on you



Allah Hafiz






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