In Allah's name, the most Compassionate and Generous.

Allah is Absolute, encompass everything. He has the authority over days and nights. He is the Ruler on all authorities. What He intends happens. The Cosmos-a phenomenal reflection of His mind, which are zillions of Universe, millions of Sun, visible tens of thousands Stars, and seven Celestial Worlds. Every macrocosm is extended so vast, neither conscious nor unconscious can count on it. The Great Caretaker said that, if all trees and their trunks become pen, and all oceans their ink, neither pen, nor ink will long enough to inscribe Allah's expression.

"Allah's expression cannot be submitted, even if all trees on the Earth become pen and (water of) all oceans become ink augmented by ink from Seven Oceans. Indeed Allah has the ultimate Supremacy and Intellect." (Quran 31:27)

Rather than a man, if we describe the functionality of astral body of human from our limited conscious cognition, human is active with the aid of twenty thousand angels. In other words-human is a puppet, exhibits mobility of twenty thousand associates. Twenty thousand strings restrained each physiological movement, E.g., muscular or neck movements in the puppet or figurehead are dependent on the human will.

Apparently movement is dependent on human; on the contrary it is upon the will.

For instance, all beings are obliged to fulfill their vital requirements. Thought of thirst is a precursor to a desire that is drinking water. It means thought pop-up always first followed by the human will in mind. This very will activates corresponding angels to pull strings and a series of actions takes place, E.g., creating desire to drink water, picking glass and pouring water in it and finally bringing glass to mouth. Whole phenomenal life follows similar series of actions, as described above. Every action follows an intention and each intention has two aspects. If acts conform the prophetic life style, they are noble otherwise it is imbued with devilish spirit concluded to devastation. A cogent assessment of acts in life reveals the truth behind them.

Ladies and gentlemen, should there be any vagueness; a profound assessment unveils the reality upon mind. Among innumerable instances, let's say, if a person visits someone at his home, and while he returns picks something up without his knowledge. Such kind of act is nothing but stealing.

Principle-Conscious (ضمیر) abstains one from doing evil, and wrath evildoers.

It is common notion that we always watch outside. Indeed on the contrary we see the reflection of external phenomenon inside our mind. Movie projection is analogous to such phenomenon. The reflection formed on screen is considered as the ultimate image, while on the contrary, if one removes the film reel before the projector lens, there would be no projection. More accurately, we can say that when a projection is made onto cinema screen, we see the reflection of a film reel. In other words, film reel is illuminated and transformed into multitude of light beams, projected onto the screen to display an image.

Honorable Readers! The characters laid on film reel are the archetype rather than the subsequent hero or heroine projected onto the cinema screen. In other words, the image of actor (archetype) is reflected on film reel, followed by projection of one inch film reel onto screen as large as about ten to twelve feet with the help of very high intensity of light.

The 'Message of the Day', enables you to understand, 'What is the archetype of a man? Man is merely an image at one inch wide film reel. Whereas imprints on the one inch wide film reel are projected onto a large screen.

Honorable Readers! What is direct and indirect observation-? Write us. The readers of 'Monthly Qalandar Shaoor' shall appreciate inshaAllah.

With request for pray before grandees, salam to elders and lots of love to youngsters.

Allah Hafiz





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