There are two ways thinking and research are carried out. First, man thinks a lot but doesn't actually think at all.

Man comes to this world from somewhere although he doesn't know from where.

Baby grows and weakens and grows. Does he know of any language of the place he came from? Did he even know that he was a human?

What is man?

One of the layers of man is hidden. The whole life is continuing on the belt that hides and divulges.

The other layer is the one that belongs to material manifestations. Nothing apparently happens when things come into being. There is transformation in not happening anything. The day a baby is born in this world, the process of disappearing and appearing starts. When the things (which are open) hide, Ghaib or the hidden world appears. And when material manifests, Ghaib disappears.

The world is conversant with a die. Everything first appears in a die. Die means a frame that converts anything into its own shape when it is placed in it. Die is made of soil and whatever is created in it, it acquires its shape. In this Universe, the formulas of creation are associated so closely to each other that the formula is seen similar in each thing but their shapes are varied. All the created things have different features.

No one knows about the age of this Universe with certainty. It is said that the world is thousands or hundreds of thousands years old although there is no evidence of even this claim. No one even knows whether Sun will rise tomorrow or not.

Man's knowledge has progressed to the extent that he has created rocket to reach Moon. Plots have been carved on Moon's surface and sold. Billions of dollars were spent on such quests. Yet questions regarding the vehicle that reportedly took man to Moon are still asked. Facts and lies are still clashing with regard to this vehicle. In this context, great scientists are claiming new discoveries and then they deny their own claims. We are not against scientific development or progress but we, like every rational person are constrained to think what will happen if an accepted fact is rejected.

I would like to put it before honourable researchers that whatever has been researched and invented thus far, out of them nothing appears which is not subjected to disappearance.

I am a Sufi, a friend of all. Everyone, particularly those individuals who value knowledge are very respectable to me. Sufism can be explained as knowledge which while being in consciousness speaks of sub consciousness. Most certainly, conscious can be briefly defined as transformation. Consciousness describes a thing but this explanation is obstructed by length and rationality of explanation. Whether like a ball or a papaya, this world is like a treasure and whenever anything comes into being, earth's resources are focused on. But what is interesting to note is that everything is founded on the formula of appearing and disappearing. Anything that doesn't have the capacity to survive will be based on formula which will remain subject to transformation. Anything that has more power will bring about a change in it and that thing disappears despite having an existence.

Anything in this world which has an existence is disappearing but we do not know where. If we say that it disappears in soil or earth, we must know that this earth is also surviving on the belt that is marked by the phenomena of appearing and disappearing. Currently, it is the time for earth to disappear. When the kingdom of water appears, Earth wears the shroud of disappearance. When it is time for Earth to emerge and rule, waters of oceans and seas change their course.

Great scientists disappeared into soil leaving no trace.

I expect my respected elders and friends that they will come out of limited conscious and try to find the source which we have negated by naming it subconscious. See oxygen, minerals, metals, rains, pomegranate and structure of pomegranate, figs and structure of fig etc. We don't witness human actions in all these things. But we can't reject consequences of human actions in all these things. Wherever these things are being produced, it is real conscious. Whatever we call conscious, is undoubtedly sub conscious since conscious creation is not permanent.

Man is always thinking something irrespective of purposefulness of thought. Brain works like a radio whose switch remains on and its thinking is centered on selfishness. If one delves into selfishness, there is nothing to be found but disappointment. Man comes to this world without clothes and goes without clothes from this world. When great emperors die, their bodies become particles of soil which is stepped over by other people.

Intellectuals agree that science and religion go hand in hand with each other. There shouldn't be a conflict between the two. If religion is attacked, there will remain no difference between a man and an animal.

Look at historical events. You would find spread and promotion of civilizations. Where one witnesses promotion and spread of civilization, one also witnesses devastation of civilizations. Yet civilizations reappear. The scientists believe that because of development, devastation will end. But this is but an illusion.

When an adult rational brain plans to kill 300,000 people through a single bomb and relies on 70,000 bombs he has produced, how can he claim that scientific development could transform this world into a garden of prosperity and happiness?

Allah Hafiz

APR 2016-QSM




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