DEC 2013- Wisdom And Sagacity


Divine scriptures and the Holy Quran invite us to contemplate and research. Research and contemplation trigger a process in human minds that leads to comprehension of formulas that created this Universe. Allah says:

"Say (O Muhammad): Travel in the land and see how He originated creation, then Allah bringeth forth the later growth." (29:20)

"Do they not look in the dominion of the heavens and the earth and all things that Allah has created, and that it may be that the end of their lives is near." (7: 185)

The Quran commands human beings to contemplate the vicissitudes and structures of life and Universe. It is not the Muslims only who have to do this but Allah's command is for all the peoples. The Quran says that the nations which do not think, perish. Contrary to this, peoples who are pompous and arrogant are subjected to occupation by others.

As long as Muslims contemplated and researched, they remained on the track of progress and development. And as they abandoned the habit of thinking and researching, they had to suffer humiliation and disgrace. Allah says:

"The treasures of earth and those of skies were produced for you"(2:29)

Scientific inventions are not possible without the use of things created by Allah. Behind each creation, there is an idea. When an inquisitive human mind thought about Uranium and removed its layer after layer, it came across a particle whose destruction releases enormous energy. This energy destroyed hundreds of thousands of living things in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Affected by this energy, pleasant bodies of species turned into horrible and defaced shapes.

On the basis of this energy, a weapon was developed; destructive power of which helped a nation dominate others.

Our mission is to disseminate knowledge without discrimination and distinction. When an inquisitive mind is focused on a thought, new things are revealed. The abilities of earth to grow, feed and sustain are uncovered.

Every invention has two dimensions: constructive and destructive. If we receive life and energy by irrigating earth particles, we could destroy large number of Allah's creature by using these particles. When anyone with the ability of Neutral Thinking delves in his inner-self, countless talents and gift are disclosed. If someone receives selfless understanding, he can benefit Allah's creature in water and on earth. When someone comes to know about his spiritual capacities, he is introduced to His creator who also provides for the necessities of His creature selflessly.

Research in the Holy Quran and other divine scriptures gives humans a strong belief.

Whenever a sensible man or woman contemplates with a Neutral Thinking. he comes across a complete picture of Allah's blessings. Allah gives mothers ability of feeding babies right after their birth. No sane person can deny that the whole Universe depends on resources created by Allah. Every moment is disappearing and a new moment is appearing and when this appearing and disappearing is infinitely multiplied. the result will be disappearing alone.

What if sperm is not changed in semen? What if it doesn't get food in mother's womb? Question arises as to where l was before birth? Where l would be after death? Change in life made me child, youth and then somebody with weakness and old age and then there is disappearance.

Life is the name of appearing and disappearing. I was concealed before birth and then appeared after birth. A baby becomes a child but childhood disappeared and youth appeared and youth disappeared and old age appeared that too disappeared after death.

“People with wisdom and sagacity contemplate the verse of Allah” (3:190-191)

Allah Hafiz





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