The heart lied not (in seeing) what it saw. (Quran, 53:11)


Awareness of the seen and unseen realms are dependent upon one's calibre. Awareness leads to profound comprehension, and comprehension leads to the depth of things. When one reaches the depths of things, they begin to witness the mechanism that functions in every being. In the process of comprehension, the stage of witnessing empowers one to leave the bounds of the finite, one step at a time, and explore the infinite world. To sec or witness something is to know the mechanism that operates within it; else it is not deemed as truly seeing.

Beyond our sight, there are innumerable manifestations that we label as the ghaib or unseen; however, they are not ghaib in reality. The universe, on the surface level, is divided into incalculable worlds (dimensions) but the inner of the universe is free from dimensions. Therefore, one whose mind is influenced by dimensions is habituated in seeing things in dimensions. Hence, the reason to sec the dimensions or beyond them, lies with people who are dimension themselves. Every specie and members of it are created in distinct dimensions or proportions in order to maintain their uniqueness. Therefore, to see the ghaib, one's observations must be free from the influence of dimensions.

For example, Zayd is a dimension, and therefore he sees everything in dimensions. But there is an entity within Zayd that is free from these dimensions.

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There are five ways of seeing:


1.       Seeing through one's eyes after seeing an image in mind.

2.       Seeing in thoughts.

3.       Seeing in dreams.

4.       Seeing in Aaraf (the realm where souls rest after passing away from this world).

5.       Seeing through one's heart.

An individual assumes that they see through their eyes, whereas the fact is that, if an image does not form in their mind, their eyes are unable to see it. A camera takes pictures only when one presses the shutter button. Similarly, the image in a mind is formed only when one blinks. Without this, the dimensions before them will disappear. Thus, it is the working of a shutter or the blinking of the eyes that creates dimensions or divides a space into multiple spaces (dimensions). The eye of the mind transforms a perception into thought, thought into conception, conception into feelings, and feelings into manifestation.

One receives a thought before they see through their physical eyes. People travel to far off places in their thoughts and return to where they are present physically. No matter how free a thought is from the restrictions of time and space and how far it reaches, as long as an individual is bound by the body, they interpret their thoughts through an illusion. If a mind is under the impression of the body (space, dimensions), whatever it witnesses will be considered an illusion. This is because the body is a dimension, and a dimension depicts a single object as multiple shapes.

A dream state is different from the state of wakefulness. In the state of wakefulness, one's consciousness is dominated by space, which is not the case in the state of dreams, Herc, time is dominant and space remains subservient to a certain extent. The sight that functions in the state of dreams, also works in the realm of Aaraf This realm is not influenced by matter in any way, and is free from the working of yeast. Out of the five ways of seeing, four of them are influenced by illusion, in one way or another. However, the sight which has been certified by God to be free from illusion, is that of the heart.

On the night of 27th Rajah, when Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was resting at his home, the Archangel Gabriel (PBUH) visited him, and washed his heart with Zamzam (holy water). With this, the journey of Mairaj (ascension) began. At first, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) went to Bayt al-Maqdas (Al-Aqsa Mosque), where he led prayers with all Prophets of God (PBUT) behind him. He then left for heavens and visited its seven levels. After this, he witnessed Bayt al-Mamur". On this blessed journey, when Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) reached Sidrat alMuntaha", the Archangel Gabriel (PBUH) apologised that be could go no further, and stated, "I cannot go beyond this realm, this is my limit." The famous Urdu poet Mirza Ghalib has expressed these feelings in his poetry as:

"اگر یک سر موئے برتر پرم                        فروغ تجلی بسوزو پرم"

"Even if I move slightly beyond this limit, my wings will burn."

          The beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) journeyed the remaining distance alone. He witnessed Hijab-e-Azmat*, and then Hijab-e-Kibriya* was revealed to him. After that, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) observed the Divine lights in Hijab-e-Mahmood", and al the station oi Mahmood=, he witnessed God, the creator of the universe.


"By tbc Star when it setteth. Your comrade erreth not, nor is deceived. Nor doth he speak of his desire. It is naught save an inspiration that is inspired, which one of mighty powers bath taught him. One vigorous; and He grew clear to view. When He was on the uppermost horizon. Then He drew nigh and came down. Till He was (distant) two bows length or even nearer. And He revealed unto His slave that which He revealed. The heart lied not (in seeing) what it saw."

(Quran 53:1-11)

According to the Holy Quran, there are three stages of the heart.

(I) Qalb

(2) Sadr

(3) Fuaad

Qalb is a shell or body. It is an outer covering that goes through the process of expansion and contraction incessantly.

·        Sadr is a stage where the meanings within information begin to develop.

·        Fuaad is the source of information or life.

God has attributed the seeing of Fuaad as the sight of the heart, but what is the sight of the heart? God has created all beings with faces and features, but He Himself is free from all dimensions, and this attribute of Him is dominant in all His attributes.

The Mighty God who blesses us with innumerable provisions is selfsufficient. He is neither anyone's child, nor does He have kin. He provides provisions to all, irrespective of whether He is obeyed or not. He is the First, the Last, the Apparent and the Unseen. Even if all the trees on earth were pen and oceans ink, the attributes of God would not come to an end. How much one learns about Him, is the limit of their own understanding. God is beyond all understandings and perceptions.

On the contrary, creatures are bound by time and space and are also dependent on resources. If the creatures have no movement, they become nothing worth mentioning. What stirs movement in them is the command or God. We know that creatures have kin, and they themselves are children of someone. Creatures arc numerable, but God is One.

God has blessed mankind with the ability to acquaint themselves with the mind that is free from dimensions.

The sight that is active in the material world perceives everything in dimensions. For example, a building is a six-dimensional structure, but one sees only one dimension at a time. A seed contains a whole tree within it but no one sees the tree in the seed, not until the tree takes its physical form. And when they sec the tree grown out of the seed, the seed disappears from their eyes, and this is despite the fact that the tree is present within the seed and the seed is present within the tree.

Sperm is another example that can explain this phenomenon. Being a dimension in itself, the sperm encapsulates a microfilm of a six feet tall man or a five-tonne elephant. But one bound by time and space is incapable of seeing the entire film concurrently.

A sight that is free from the influence of dimensions can observe all the sides of a building at once, the tree in a seed and the seed in a tree, and also the stages of life in a sperm. It is impossible for a person to ignore dimensions when they are gripped by limitations. Because, only a mind that is free from limitations is able to ignore the spell of dimensions. Since people are influenced by dimensions, they are unable to see themselves without it, and hence they need a minor to see themselves, and a minor is in itself a dimension.

What have you understood about dimensions?

The universe summates into a dot. When the dot opens up, the time and space within it expands and the dimensions multiply from two into four and four into sixteen. When a dot expands, it moves dot by dot and therefore, the division or expansion of the clot is also a clot. This clot which bas so much significance in the universe is also the basis of the spiritual aspect of human beings. The famous Sufi poet and Saint, Baba Bulleh Shah (RA) says,


Ain (ع)and Ghayn (غ) are the same in dimensions.

It is the dot which has created all the uproar.

My master has only taught me the dot.


(Ain and Ghayn are letters of the Urdu alphabet which arc same in shape. What makes the latter distinct from the former, is a dot that is placed on Ghayn.)

We live in a world of dimensions, which is different from our inner world. In the inner world, every being appears in the form of dots. For example, the object we call a cupboard, is not a cupboard in the world of dots. ft is our limited angle of perception that shapes these dots into a cupboard. For the inner eye, a cupboard is the fom1arionof dots moving at unfathomable speeds.

Read this once again for profound understanding.

If you want to see things in their true form, you have to be aware of the realm that is beyond the sub-consciousness. There, every object or being is present in the form of circles or dots. The perception with which we observe things in this physical world shows us the sequence of these dots as objects, such as a mountain, cloud, the Sun, the Moon, stars, a table, a pen, an inkpot, chairs, sparrows, cows, giraffes, jinn or mankind.

A dot is also a dimension but it is uniform in all directions. So much so that one cannot tell from where it begins and where it ends. Its outer and inner are alike. When one is liberated from the impression of these dimensions and witnesses the foundation or a being, they reach the stage of seeing through the heart (Fuaad).

The following verses of the Quran explain the method to rid oneself of the influence of dimensions.

"Your comrade erreth not, nor is deceived; Nor doth he speak of desire." (Quran, 53:2-3)

The Life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is guided by Wahi (revelation). He submitted his will to the will of God. This way of Living protects one from delusions and going astray. Contrary to this, when one's attention is not centered upon God, they go astray. The study of the Life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) tells us that be practiced contemplation from early childhood.

From morning to evening, be would spend time in the desert where he contemplated the unending sky and the infinite horizon. During bis stay in the Cave of Hira, be meditated upon the universal affairs and the signs of God. All his life, he listened to the voice of his conscience and acted upon it. The miracles, events and affairs in the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) show us a mind that is submitted to the will of God and free from the influence of dimensions.

The beloved of God and the mercy to all the universe, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), is the epitome of peace that shelters both friends and foes alike. His foes acknowledged him as the most impeccable figure and referred to him Sadiq and A min (the truthful and the keeper), yet they did not accept his message, for thev were under the influence of the customs of their forefathers.

Contemplation helps in unearthing the mechanism of the manifestations. From the sky to the earth, the mechanism of every manifestation is Noor (Divine Light), and Noor is based upon Tajjali and Tada/la (the higher stages of Divine light). Fuaad, which is explained above, is in the realm of Tadalla.

"When He was on the uppermost horizon. Then He drew nigh and came down. Till He was (distant) two bows length or even nearer. And He revealed unto His slave that which He revealed. The heart lied not (in seeing) what it saw."

(Quran, 53: 7-ll)

The aforementioned verses of Chapter A l-Najam in the Quran exp la in the law of dimensions. When the dimensions become quiescent, one attains nearness to the reality. In the Night of Ascension, God became so close to His beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that the distance between them cannot be explained. God has certified this nearness by saying, "The heart did not falsify what it saw."

God has given testimony to Fuaad (seeing through the heart) being credible. At this stage, the proximity of creatures with reality is so great that the distance between them cannot be gauged.

The wisdom of Fuaad is attained by following the voice of the conscience. The conscience acts as an alaram to keep the mind centered and does not let it go astray. To reach this stage, one has to stop placing expectation on creatures and must remain in direct obedience to God. It is (dimensions), goes beyond it and unearths the mechanism of the manifestations. And the mechanism behind all manifestations is that – God surround all creations.

May God protect you.


*Name of realms above seven heavens.







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