MAR 2023-The Colour of God



The Colour of God


Speech delivered by Mr.  Azeemi on the 44th " Urs of Abdal-e-Haq huzoor Oalandar Baba Auliya (RA).  


In the name of God,  the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful.  

Peace and God's mercy and blessings be upon you.  

My very dear friends,  most sincere elders,  and beloved children; God Almighty has bestowed the ability to discover His attributes within you.  We are all offspring of Adam and Eve (PBUT),  we realise that Adam (PBUH) and his offspring are superlative creations.  

Adam and Eve (PBUT)were both bestowed with the best status in paradise by God Almighty,  however,  along with all these good objects,  things,  and the patterns in paradise is created for you however,  along with all these good objects,  things,  and creatures,  there is a restriction,  which is that in the assemblage of thousands of trees,  there is one tree that you should not go close to nor try to explore its mechanism.  ”

Understand! Amongst the uncountable trees present in paradise,  there is one tree that changes colours at all times.  It is red now,  and after some time it is yellow,  then it tuns blue,  green,  and yellow.  Adam (PBUH) committed a mistake.  He went closer to the tree and when he saw the constant.  change of colours,  he observed a new technique in each colour.  Adam's (PBUH) mind regarded the red as an extremely beautiful,  crystal clear,  and shimmering colour,  Just as he observed this,  the colour changed suddenly to blue.  The blue colour was even more enthralling than the red.  Adam (PBUH) noticed that it was more beautiful than the red.  Just when he was contemplating what this new colour was,  the colour changed once again.  In short,  observing the change of clours in the branches,  leaves,  flowers,  and the overall structure,  allowed a thought to arise inside Adam (PBUH) that he was looking at the colour red.  When it became blue,  he announced that it was blue.  That is,  doubt made its way inside him on the truth of the colour.  And just then,  it turned green.  Pay attention to this.  

God Almighty created paradise.  To beautify it,  He planted innumerable flowers and created trees.  Referring to one tree,  He stated,  "Do not approach it,  nor contemplate it" Now pay attention.  What happened next?

What happened is that the red colour transformed into thousands and millions of colours.  Transforming into a thousand colours means a lack of certitude in any 'one' colour.  Illusion made its way into the colours that we represent,  that is,  doubt formed in the place of certitude,  and incredulity came into existence,  At times Adam (PBUH), said that the tree vas red and at times blue. When he saw that it was blue,  he said it was blue,  and also inferred the blue to be blue.

The colours changed constantly,  and the certitude that was in the colour red divided into innumerable colours. Getting divided into innumerable colours implies that a lack of faith entered the fold of certitude.  The mind was not focused on what the colour was and also lost faith in whether the colour it saw was red, blue, or violet.

We must reflect that amongst the thousands and millions of trees, God Almighty created one tree, upon which when we contemplated, doubt was created within us. At times we say it is blue, and at times say it is red, and at times that it is some other colour.  What do you understand from this?

This means that certitude transformed into doubt. A veil of doubt was drawn over certitude. "Is this red now? No, no! This is blue.” What does this mean? Doubt came into existence.

In the second verse of Surah Baqarah in the Holy Quran,  God Almighty has stated,

ذٰلک الکتٰب      -This Book,  that is, the Holy Quran

لا (No),  ریب(Doubt),  فیہ(In it)

لا ریب فیہ-There is no doubt in it.

When Adam (PBUH) approached the tree, and saw the blue colour turning red,  doubt formed,  and based on the constant change in colours, the doubt grew, and a veil was drawn over all the gifts and honour from God Almighty that were present in the environment of paradise.

There is no doubt in paradise. When one say the change in colours of the tree, what precipitated in one's mind? There are ten colours in a place; each of these ten colours are changing.  This means the identity of the colour becomes questionable

God Almighty states, "The best of al dhe colours is that of God."

What was the first thing that came into your mind? There is red colour on a wall, then it turns blue, and then turns green over the blue, in this case, what is the change that occurs?. It becomes red over white, blue over red, green over blue – all the colours are present, but where did the original colour go? Think-where did the original colour go? The matter is plain and simple, if black colour is applied over white, the white is hidden, and the black becomes dominant. Then it is coloured with some other colour, and that becomes dominant and the black is hidden, that is, there is a breach in the world of certitude. The original colour that was there, hid behind the veil.

When the original colour is hidden, what colour are you?

Are you red, yellow, or black-What colour are you? There is an individual whose original colour is white; now, there is a layer of ten colours upon it. What would you call them?

Audience: "The original colour is white, but what is visible is the illusion."

It will not be called an illusion- they will refer to it as blue. What impact will 10 to 11 layers of colours have on an individual? The mind gets negated. Do you all understand or shall I share further?

God Almighty has stated in the Holy Quran that the best colour of all colours is that of God.

That which undergoes change is not the best. If there is a good colour, then that colour is only one. If white is a colour, then it is only white. You do not see the colour white and call it red, blue, or yellow. What will you call it?

Audience: "We will call it white."

Now put colour blue over this. What will you call it now?

Audience: "We will call it blue."

You call it blue. Where did the white go?

Audience:" It is hidden."

t is negated. You forgot it, left it. Though the white colour still exists, when you apply blue over it, what happens?

Audience: "The blue becomes visible."

It is visible as blue to you, is this not an illusion? You applied another colour over it;, this is a stack of layers of illusion. When Adam (PBUH) approached the tree and saw the colours and the change in colours, what came into his mind?

Audience: "The colours are changing."

-The visible colour is the colour. It is colour blue. All the colours that were under the colour blue, disappeared. Now my question is, is this a Pattern of deceit, worry, doubt, incredulity, or is it of certitude?

Audience: “It is of incredulity,"

When we see the changes in colours here, is this life credible or illusory?

Audience: “It is illusory."

Then, our entire life is also illusory. When a day-old infant turns ten days old. you do not see the ten days. How can you say that the infant is ten days old? It is an infant; however, it's one day transformed, and upon it, there was an impression of ten days, Is that okay?

Doubt created illusion" It is this, no, it is not. It is not this, it is this.”

What was the result?

Audience:" Doubt and a lack of certitude."

The result was that one forgot the original colour. The original colour is just not coming into our minds. This is the mistake that happened in paradise due to Which the world of certitude transformed into an illusion. When the world of certitude transformed into an illusion, it is not the colour of paradise The true colour of paradise was lost in layers of forgetfulness.

Understand this again. God Almighty stated," All of paradise is yours, except this one tree." One tree: do not go close to it. That is...? Do not let your faith be broken. And when disobedience was committed, certitude turned into illusion.

صبغۃ اللہ ومن احسن من اللہ صبغۃ

"The colour of God and the best colour is that of God.”

This verse negated illusion.

When there was disobedience by Adam (PBUH), he was ousted from paradise. Upon arriving in this world, he saw that there was nothing here that was colourless. Now, the more his interest in colours increased, in the same proportions, what happened?

Audience: "He forgot the original colour."

Disobedience, disobedience, disobedience-it kept happening. Another thing is that nothing is changing in paradise, but after coming into this world, everything is undergoing change, The trees are clourful, the flowers are colourful, our clothes are colourful, our food and drinks are colourful, and the creatures are colourful. Where did the original colour go?

Audience: “We forgot."

We did not forget, we negated it, we left it, disobedience was commited.When Adam negated this colour, a voice was heard," Get out of paradise. "That is, there is no illusion in paradise, there is no treachery, and there are no delusions; therefore, go where there is an illusion. Now tell,where did Father Adam(PBUH)go?

"And We said: O Adam! Dwell thou and thy wife in the Garden, and eat ye freely thereof where ye will; but come not nigh this tree lest ye become wrong-doers."(Quran,2:35)

Tell me, in the apparent world, in the clothes, and walls, is there any creation or thing that is colourless? By colour we mean that every colour is separate, it will neither be red nor white. There will be colours in fruits, walls ,clothes, and in internal and external body parts.


Now, what is the colour of God? We all have forgotten the colour of God. When we gave prominence to the blue colour over the original colour, then what happened?

There is no change in paradise. What is the colour of paradise?

صبغۃ اللہ-The colour of God.

And the colour of God does not ever change.

Have you understood this?

Free yourself from the world of colours. Being free from the world of colours means that colours are the creation of the earth, and the colour of God، صبغۃ اللہ is the colour of God, The disobedience that occurred  through Adam(PBUH) in paradise was that he overlooked the colour of  God and accepted the illusory colour.

If one exposes themselves to the sun for too long, they turn black. Never mind, get out of the sun and stay in the shade for 10-15 days, you will turn white. There is change in the colours. But there is no change in the colour of God.

Now there is a cure for this. The cure is that the more you engage in Zikr (remembrance of God), and seek His forgiveness for this mistake, in the same proportions, you will earn proximity to صبغۃ اللہ

Does anyone have any questions to ask?

You do not want to ask questions because you have not understood this concept in its entirety until now. Go home and repeat this over and over again, over and over again; you will understand it, by the will of God.




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