When the Creator of Universe intends to realize, 'Amr e Rab' (intention of the Creator) manifests phenomenal being. Principles lead any phenomenon, though differ in realization and title.

Naming conventions ease the identification and communication on the subject matter. We grow through many stages of life to get older, but our given name is never changed.

Example: Asad is an individual, whose given name is never changed to Saad in boyhood, or Saeed in old hood. Given name is an identity, which remains unique even appearance is changed throughout the life.

Similarly, a flower retains its identity, though it is transformed into many shapes during growth. Given name keeps the identity of subject, whereas pollens, leaves, buds and flowers are all transitional phases of growth. Each transitional phase has a different name. In other words, it is the incapacity of our mind that is unable to comprehend the vastness of subject. However various phases are broken down into different names to ease the mental interpretation. One may ask, the phenomenal variation in a life of an object is termed differently then why it is called with a unique name throughout the life?

In pedantic conscious living, the interpretation of time is divided into three phases. The Past-time which is passed, the Present-current time, and the Future-time yet to come.

Rehmatul-lil-Aalameen (Mercy to the Universe), Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said, "Whatever is imminent, Qalam (the Pen) has dried up after writing" (Musnad e Ahmed)

'Qalam is dried' is an indication towards past. Oulel Albab (one who sacredly contemplates) minds reveal another viewpoint on the proclaimed words.


1.         What is meant by manifestation in phenomenal appearance?

2.       How an imminent moment is termed as past?

3.       While an infant has not grown to old hood, then how his present moment is termed as past?

4.       What is past? If every instant is past, then what is meant by the present and future?

5.       If being in present or future are meaningless, then what is life?

Our mental faculties perceive our past life a long tale, but on the contrary it is a brief moment. For instance, one may close eyes and think about his past. We can well imagine the moments of giggling, and heading to school wearing uniforms. It will be revealed upon us, despite the phenomenal absence, moments of childhood are still with us and passing by continuously.

When an individual thinks about his past as a film, he realized himself being part of that film footage, completely oblivion to his present state. As long his presence in the present moment, he is an observer to 'recorded acts of his past'.

Similarly, our present does appear as a film projected in the current moment. A moment, which overwhelms us completely with all its nitty gritty of emotions, fulfilments and emptiness. Afterwards, at the end of projected movie in two and half hour, he realizes his present existence separate from the movie. In other words, when an observer is focused into the characters of projected movie, he realized himself as an act or part of that movie. He portrayed all the emotional and physical reflections of movie in that moment.

Analysis: The acts of a movie are pre-recorded, whereas movie is already compiled. We remain oblivion to the bygone person than his projected act which is merely his exhibit. Where is that person in the very moment, we are unable to locate?

When a person intends to travel to another city, it is in his belief that other city exists. For example, a traveller from Karachi to Lahore, knows perfectly that there is a city called Lahore and its coordinates. The belief is there, whether that person visited Lahore before or not.

Whatever is present around us is past. Due to lack of knowledge we term it as future. In other words, the existence of Lahore is not future, rather a past. The unawareness of an individual for the existence of Lahore cannot be termed as future, which does exist with or without his knowledge.

The cogent point is that each exhibit of universe is past. Sohan Halva (a type of sweet) is past, because its constituents were available in past.

In order to construct a building, the construction material is arranged first, for example water, soil, sand, crush, iron, wood, paint, air, electricity, heat and cold reservoirs and maps. Each material is there before the construction of building, that is they exist in past. Can we claim building to be constructed is in present? or it is past!

We go to office daily. It may be said, existence of office is past, but our preparation to go to office is in future. It is not true for people holding universal conscience. When one intends to get ready for office, he actually visualizes himself in office. The perception of being there long before physically be there is a thought! The realm of thought is not an imagination it is in principle.

Universe came into being after the word 'Kun' (to be) uttered by the Creator. All individual beings are realized that is, came into being after the word Kun. This realization is called 'Fa Ya Koon'. The part of 'Fa Ya Koon' which is passed behind us is widely termed as the Past, and what is before us is called the Present, while what will happen next is known as the Future. The division of time is the interpretation of our mind. The real time is a 'Kun', lasted over the beginning (the Azal) to the end (the Abad).

Each being exhibits over Azal to Abad and is infinite, noncomprehensive to ordinary mental faculties. It is the mental faculties, which scales down a phenomenon into various pieces for comprehension and eventually provides interpretation. For example, days, weeks, months, moon rise, sunset, Friday. There were many Fridays that have passed, how one can label another day to a Friday of future?

It is the limitation of mental faculties, which labels any exhibit into various titles. It facilitates one's faculties to visualize and interpret the exhibit. It is a common practice to label an object a single title followed by secondary series of titles. For example, a person may have gone through the infancy, childhood, boyhood, adulthood, young hood, and old hood to name a few. Given name creates an identity of person under discussion, while every person exhibits similar phases of growth.

Each moment in time is connected to imminent moment. If it is disconnected, the existence of given name would be diminished. Identity is attributed to past. All our distinction between the Past, Present and Future are implicitly serially connected. The very link between them is due to Noor (finest form of light) of Allah.

Huzoor (PBUH) said, "Whatever is imminent, Qalam (the Pen) has dried up after writing" (Musnad e Ahmed)

My kind teacher, Qalandar Baba Auliya (RA) said in 'Loh o Qalam': "In foresaid saying, only past seems to exist rather than any other era.

The present era and future era seem component of past era. This fact clearly indicates the structure of universe.

Allah said in Quran Kareem:

"His practice, when He intends to do something, is no more than He says: Be, and it comes to be." (Quran, 36:82)

In this verse the nature and constituents of 'will' are identified. It is not known, how people in past have interpreted the word 'nature'; however, we consider 'Noor' instead. That is 'will' of Allah is infinite Noor. Allah has indicated His 'Amr' (to do) in this verse. He said, when He commands any object 'to be', it is manifested. We can identify three phases of Allah's Amr, they are:


1.       Will or intention

2.       The concealed object in intentions

3.       Manifestation

In His words, it is obvious that whatever He intends to manifest are already in His Knowledge'. Therefore, whatever exists before us, is the past. One may ask, how past can be quantified? There are various viewpoints in the interpretation of the past. In the realm of light, one second of universe is equivalent to a space stretched over 186000 miles. One can imagine how many incidences are concealed in 'one second' of the universe. It would be extremely difficult to make an attempt to compile all actions and incidences occurred during this one second throughout the universe. However, if we made it possible to quantify those incidences, we would know the range of space hidden in one second. It is also true to write down each incidence we might need duration from Azal to Abad. Therefore, one can claim it is stretched over the duration of Azal to Abad. We can conclude that, if one second is stretched over Azal to Abad then the significance of serial time does not make sense. In fact, the 'Shuyoon ' (the contents of will that is creations) are the reality of Allah's time."

Dear readers, there are two aspects of interpretation of a subject, that is:


1.       Reading a manuscript with concentration.

2.       Contemplating profoundly over the read contents.

Reading is more likely a daily conversation. Oulel Albab individuals perceive the imprint of read contents in their mind that is contents of manuscript revealed like an image on their mind. This ability of interpretation leads to the crux of subject matter. Therefore, when Oulel Albab people contemplate with concentration, the reality of subject matter imprints on their mind.

While writing this 'Message of the Day', the sanctified facts are exposed a bit. The conclusion of the aforementioned subject is that according to saying of Prophet (PBUH) the structure of universe is a reflection of 'Qalam has dried'. When Oulel Albab people contemplate profoundly, the reality of universe is revealed on them as:

1. Tawahhum (a finest form of thought), 2. Thought, 3. Perception, 4.The imprint of perception on inner screen of mind, 5. The manifestation of colorful images to conscious mind.

Dear ladies and gentlemen, please go through profoundly over the contents of 'Message of the Day' for two to three times. It may enlighten your viewpoint. Please do share your views with us.

Allah Hafiz

MAR 2018-QSM




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