It is widely known, night follows daylight and vice versa. We cannot single out any incidence conversely.

•        If switching between a daylight and night is defined as life, then what really is life?

•        If life is changed between states of awakening and asleep, then what is reality of states?

•        Living between reproduction and feeding a self is life, then what is the ultimate end?

•        If end is a conclusion, then what is eternity? What is awareness to eternity?

The states of sleeping or awakening, fulfilment of desires are a part of program. If life is a thirst or hunger, then a food intake would fulfil the requirement. Gastrointestinal system turned wet, exhausted muscles led our body to sleep. The compulsion to awake pulls us away from the sleep and vice versa. If agility is a state of awakening, then what is quietness?


The fact that when we came to Earth reminds us, we must have been somewhere before. Despite having our everyday experience in two states, we are unaware of reality of those experiences. Whether these actions are performed in this world, world before or world hereafter.

Though intentions followed by the acts reflect similar expression either in state of awakening or asleep, then what draws line between them? What differentiates an intention or an act whether performed in a daylight or during night?

We can un-entangle a riddle with a careful contemplation. Concentration is key to reveal the intricacies of clouded thoughts.

Time lays the foundation of conscious learning, which cannot be measured in terms of conventional units of second, minutes or hours. We are compelled to believe in a state of rest while sitting; on the contrary the Earth (the Space) is orbiting.

The space is moving on a (conveyor) belt of the time-hence bring forth two-fold aspects of our life.

Despite its perception of passing by, one cannot observe time, converse is true for space.

The imprints of two phases that is day and night create senses. The percept of space is dominated during awakening, whereas time during asleep. Speed of senses differs during two states.


 Senses (Percept)   +       Low speed             =       Day

 Senses (Percept)   +       High speed            =       Night

 Whether revealed or concealed, overwhelmed or underwhelmed; the object stays. A moment concealed in appearance and revealed into a phenomenon. Time moves on successively from day to another day. The existence of second day holds the minutiae of former day. Ages are concealed themselves in successive stages of infancy, adolescence, adulthood, young hood, concluding to old hood. Ages exist in space, concealed in instances of time.

When we say a person is fifty years old, it means a time of fifty years is in purview, whereas details of events borne during every moment are the space.

50 years;

18, 250 days and nights.

4, 38,000 hours,

26,280,000 minutes,

1,576, 800, 000 seconds.

Even a slightest deviation in above mentioned count would disrupt the wholeness of 50 years. Though one cannot observe 1,576, 800, 000 seconds contained within 50 years, but they are embedded in it.

A moment is reflected either concealed or revealed. God said:

"And a sign for them is the night. We strip (the cover of) the day from it, and they are suddenly in darkness." (Quran, 36: 37)

Our cosmos is the smallest entity in the scale of universe. Like other solar systems, one part of our planetary is lit, while other remains in dark. What is termed as east, is the presence of day light; while on the contrary for western bank it would be dark that is absence of light , light is concealed. Same is true for light in west, while eastern bank is dark.

God said, "Did you not see that God makes the night enter into the day, and makes the day enter into the night, and He has subjugated the sun and the moon, each running towards an appointed time, and that God is fully aware of what you do?" (Quran, 31:29)

There are some countries, where day and night are appeared at the same instant of time. How one can interpret the co-existence of two phases of day and night simultaneously? Their appearance is associated to the sun set and sun rise.

We learn during primary education that sun always rises from east and sets into west. This is how we define our east and west. On the contrary, we do observe when sun rises in West, until it gets dark in East. The cogent point is laid in dawn and dusk.

God said in Surah Al Noor:

"God alternates the night and the day. Surely, in that there is a lesson for those who have eyes to see." (Quran, 24: 44)

Traditional science considers Sun as the source of energy on Earth. Earth revolves in its own orbit laterally and longitudinally around the Sun. This rotation causes days and night on our Earth. The last divine book reveals the interaction of rotation and formation of day and night in following words:

"He created the heavens and the earth for just purpose. He wraps the night over the day and He wraps the day over the night, and He has put the sun and the moon under His command, each one of them moving for an appointed term. Remember, He is the Mighty, the Most-Forgiving." (Quran, 39:5)

There are many creatures, which perceive the existence of days and nights as appeared on Earth differently. That is, for their senses what is considered as traditional day is known as night and vice versa.

Bobtail snipe eels are deep sea fishes. They beam light from its belly with the help of specific bacteria. They camouflage its dark shadow from predatory fish on the sea floor with moonlit shades of beams. During the day, they conceal themselves in sand at ocean bed.

Railroad worm is a larva, like an adult beetle beaming combination of red and green. Head is illuminated in red in state of any potential danger, whereas body is outshined in green.

Aardwolf is like a wolf, about two feet long. During day, they sleep in caves and hunt in night. Badger does the same. They sleep in day, and hunt worms, frogs, or other tiny animals during night. They are found to hunt rabbits and chickens also. There are a large number of animals used to hunt their food during night, for example, Aye-aye. Black Rhino, wolves, Tarantula Spider, to name a few.

They say, a bug firefly was lightening during dark night. A traveller asked him, people asleep during night, instead what kept you awake with luminescence. "Day has begun, aren't you able to see light?", said firefly. Traveller noticed the zone around firefly was illuminated in the dark. What is said to be dark, was not dark at all-rather illuminating.

In a while, a bat passed by. Traveller asked her, what she is doing at this instant of time during night. She replied, "Well, firstly what appears as dark to you is shining like broad day light for me. I sense days and night in perception of waves. If you would learn how to remain awake, you will see conversely; that is nights during the day time and vice versa."

Allama Iqbal, the prophet (PBUH)'s lover narrated in a stanza:

 (it is our distinction)                                                       یہ امتیاز لیکن اک بات ہے ہماری

(our dark is as bright as day time for firefly) جگنو کا دن وہی ہے جو رات ہے ہماری       


Have you ever considered, what is life? In the absence of phenomenal existence, the existence should have been somewhere, shouldn't it?

Two poles integrated into a third being-a tiniest form of existence. Successive convolution of cells evolved into a baby face. Despite the continued process of transformation, the foundation remained same.

In other words, a baby is turned into second day after the first day, turned into fourth day after the second day, turned into sixteenth day after the 4th day and so on. In terms of days count, we can say, day seventeen appeared after the disappearance of day sixteen. Ghaib (concealed appearance) revealed into zahir (phenomenal appearance)-eventually transformed into young hood.

Close your eyes and contemplate on the aforementioned transformation phases. Describe the series of event occurred during transformation?

Days and nights are not separate, rather two facets of similar unit. Our perception of day is formed when sense of luminescence dominates and vice versa. Same is true for 'Life'.

"You make the night enter into the day, and make the day enter into the night; and You bring the living, and You give to whom You will, beyond measure." (Quran, 3: 27)

The two facets of a similar unit are life and death. What exists in one zone is non-existent in another zone, that is a realm of death-another realm of life. Realm of death is an eternity.


Allah Hafiz

OCT 2017-QSM





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