Life is an information at one fold and reflection on the other. Though conscious is known to dominate during awakening on unconscious, but activities of conscious cease to exist without activity of unconscious. Unconscious is the source of information that is an information which contains all acts of life whether to sleep, awake or any physical activity.

Conscious activities cease to appear while asleep, leading a thought or acts to be commenced with speed of thought. In state of sleep, one watches himself circle around Bait Allah (the house of God) and reciting:

لبیک اللھم لبیک، لبیک لا شریک لک لبیک،

انالحمد وان نعمت لک والملک لا شریک لک

"I am present before you, 0 God I am present before you. You are unprecedented, I am present. Indeed all appraisal is for You, You own all blessings, Yow own all supremacy. You are unprecedented"

A voyage to Makkah and Medina takes several days, but perception of days and nights disappears while dreaming. After awakening, other people get impressed by the freshness of face, glorified, full of happiness. A man with a firm belief, narrates his experience at Bait Allah and people express admiration with rejoice.

The state of unconscious journey is experienced during sleep. Due to lack of awareness, people cannot correlate the sequence of events and eventually do not comprehend what happened. For instance, when a person wakes up while nightmare, usually we notice expressions of fear and shiver on him. Expressions of nightmare in the state of unconscious are calmed down with conscious condolence. Fear of nightmare reduces with other people's counselling, drinking water and relieving mind from the fearful imaginations.

There are two thought patterns-obedience and disobedience. Obedience is to maintain the values of God by virtues of God. It nourishes balance in life. While disobedience disturbs the balance. Earth becomes heaven, when people express love and affection for the sake of sacrifice.

Love is not only an act, but a life pattern. Love is attributed to sacrifice, respect, forgiving, helping other, protecting other, virtues of goodness, peace and serenity. When a man sacrifices, love becomes a life and vice versa.

Abu! Anbiya (father of all prophets), Hazrat Abraham (PBUH) inspired to leave his wife Bibi Hagar (RA) and infant child Hazrat Ishmael (PBUH) to Makkah. He left them at the valley of Umm Al Qura. Quran mentioned this valley as 'Vadi Ghair Ze Zar'a' (a barren land). Hazrat Abraham (PBUH)

left them in barren land with some palm dates and water. Bibi Hagar (RA) worried about themselves, and asked, 'You are leaving us for whom?'

He said, 'Before God!'

Bibi Hagar (RA) said, 'Is it will of God?' Hazrat Abraham (PBUH) said 'Yes'

Bibi Hagar (RA) said, 'Indeed God is our caretaker'

There was no trace of water in the desert at any nearby place. Bibi Hagar (RA) approached a closest mound in anticipation, but there was nothing but sand. At the same time, she was worried about her left alone child. When she returned to him, he was crying with thirst and hunger. Despite her weakness, she kept on searching for any trace of water or caravan, but only whirling sand. Bibi Hagar (RA) tried her level best between the mounds, while her son Hazrat Ishmael (PBUH) was pattering sand and crying. Bibi Hagar (RA) kept on searching seven times between the two mounds, and she found a water fountain appear before the heels of her son.

The fountain of Zam Zam is flowing since centuries. During the ceremony of Hajj and Umra, pilgrims drink from this fountain and also carry it to their home countries. People visit pilgrims from Makkah and drink this water with a grace and bow with eyes.

Hazrat Abraham (PBUH) dreamed continuously three nights, that he is slaughtering his beloved son for God. Hazrat Ishmael (PBUH) was the only son at that time. Hazrat Abraham (PBUH) told his dream to his obedient son. The steadfast son told him to fulfill God's will.

"So when both of them submitted themselves to God's will, and he laid him on his forehead to slaughter him and then We called out to him: O Abraham, you did make the dream come true. This is how We reward those who are good in their deeds. This was indeed a trial that clearly demonstrated their obedience and We ransomed him with a great sacrifice." (Quran, 37:103-107)

God said, "Surely, Abraham was an Ummah (a whole community in himself), devoted to God, a man of pure faith; and he was not among the Mushriks (i.e. those who associate partners with God). He was grateful to His bounties. He (God) chose him and led him to the straight path. We bestowed good upon him in this world; and in the Hereafter, he is among the righteous. Then, We revealed to you: Follow the way of Abraham,the upright, and he was not among the Mushriks." (Quran, 16: 120-123)

Obedience to fulfill God's will are among the traits of blessed people. The impacts of such traits are followed along the generations. God honours those blessed people. The acts of Bibi Hagar (RA), firm belief in God, staying in desert, striving hard in search of water between mounds became so dear to God that God ran a fountain in a barren land. These acts are credible as essential for all pilgrims who perform Hajj.

A person who is always ready to sacrifice, never falls in satanic trap. He is always at firm belief and steadfast on it. He observes the reflection of God in every object.

A firm belief is an outcome of observation. Actions are performed in either state, whether they are during sleep or awakening. Any observation in the domain of unconscious is an observation of ghaib (the concealed world from conscious observation). This very observation is indeed the real gist of observation.

"And those well-grounded in knowledge say: We believe therein; all is from our Lord." (Quran, 3:7)

God told Hazrat Abraham (PBUH) and Hazrat Ishmael (PBUH) to construct Bait Allah for preaching. Both followed God's will. When walls of Bait Allah were stretched higher than a man's height, a stone was used to support to raise walls higher. Hazrat Abraham (PBUH) kept on using this supporting stone to raise height of walls.

"And remember when We pointed out for Abraham the place of the House (of God) saying, Do not associate anything with Me as My partner, and purify My House for those who make tawaf (circumambulation around it), and those who perform qiyam (standing up in worship) and those who perform ruku' (bowing down) and sujud (prostration),and announce among people about (the obligation of) Hajj, so that they should come to you on foot, and on every camel turned lean, traveling through every distant hilly pathway, so that they witness benefits for them, and recite God's name in specified days, over the provision He gave them from the cattle. So, eat thereof and feed the distressed, the poor. Then, they must remove their dirt, and fulfill their vows, and make tawaf of the Ancient House." (Quran, 22: 26-29)

God said, "God has made the Ka'bah, the Sacred House, a source of stability for people." (Quran, 5: 97)

May God bless each and every Muslim to visit Makkah to perform Hajj, circle around Bait Allah and whole heartedly make the sanctity of Ka'bah the objective of life. Pray for yourself, your family, and whole Muslim community. May God stead us fast and bless us opportunity to visit Bait Allah, meet His beloved prophet (PBUH). Ameen

Heartiest felicitation to all pilgrims of Hajj, women and men. Ameen

اللّٰہ اکبر،اللّٰہ اکبرلا الہ الا اللّٰہ

واللّٰہ اکبر اللّٰہ اکبروللّٰہ الحمد

Allah Hafiz

SEP 2017-QSM




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