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 Paradise, the first abode of Adam and Eve, is inhabited in a space where there are grand palaces, rivers, meadows, flower beds decked with purple and yellow flowers, beautiful gardens, shady trees laden with fruit, bubbling fountains of water, gushing springs, waterfalls, canals, and abundant oases. All of these are present on our earth too.

Earth is a space and space is a division of a large place into smaller pieces. When we say earth, we are not referring to any specific country or the various cities within the countries. Earth is an area that is beyond measure. It is said that our Earth is three parts of water and one part of dry land. The mountains are pegged in the shape of rings on Earth and the empty spaces that are in between the mountains are divided into cities and countries. The total area declared to be that of Earth is only an estimate. It is impossible to get accurate measurements because, even in this age of scientific progress, certain regions on Earth remain undiscovered.

It is assumed that the Earth is the only planet upon which one finds traces of life, however, this is untrue. Life exists on every planet, and we see the moon, sun, stars, and galaxies there too. The cycle of life and death, the construction of buildings, cultivation and farming, the establishment of factories, the flight of airplanes, large sea vessels, ships, and sailboats that travel after putting up a fight with tough sea waves – these are all things that take place on the other planets too.


No creature on earth is colourless. There is colour in the fields and grasslands. Pay close attention and observe the flowers, gardens, and parts of the trees. Be it the colours of the roots or the branches, you will notice that the garments differ. A garment implies, the bark of the tree. The colour of the leaves and flowers are varied too; the fruits on the trees are also not colourless. This colourfulness, however, is an illusion.

There are about 11,500 species that inhabit Earth. One can account for at least 200 different types of creatures under every species – how many more can there be in this case? They are unaccountable!

Fish are a species. In a large aquarium, we see fish of varied colours, some red, some purple, some transparent, some small, and some very large. Some of them are so huge that thousands of fish become a mouthful for them. The same example is true for trees, birds, and quadruplets.

As per the law of creation, our Earth is divided into two parts. One part is that upon which mankind walks around, sleeps and wakes up, eats and drinks. The other part is located in ‘space’ which is also like our earth. Two miles above the earth are the habitats of jinn, wherein there are flourishing systems established. There are lush fields, gardens, mountains, plants, minerals, rivers, seas – there is everything. The jinn eat and drink, and conduct businesses, and their graph of invention and progress is higher than the progress of mankind.


One must know that the first abode of Adam and Eve was paradise – and it is so even now.

The wise and learned are those who are aware of their environment, circumstances, and also their inner world.

It is worthy to contemplate the thinking pattern that worked in Adam and Eve when they lived in paradise. Paradise is an infinite space and one cannot ignore the mindset that functions there. Divine knowledge reveals that there are gardens, trees of pomegranates and dates, grape vines, swings, rows and rows of lush trees, flower beds, and flowers made of multiple colours in paradise.

When a breeze blows, it is said that melodies emerge. When the flowers move, one perceives them to be shimmering lights that go on and off and their fragrance wafts inside the residents. The water is white as milk and is sweet. The golden colour of honey and its taste are a thousand times superior to the honey we find on earth. When one hears of the multiple rows of trees of pomegranate, dates, and grapes, their mind does not move a step forward. However, one is compelled to think about why Adam and Eve were temporarily devoid of the consciousness of paradise, despite the presence of senses and awareness.

When one is granted gifts and honours, they remain in gratitude to the person who bestowed these upon them, follow their orders, and do not rebel against the regulations stipulated by them – this, however, did not happen in paradise. Adam and Eve did not abide by the regulations that were stipulated. The fundamental command was to attain certitude. They had been made aware that deviation from abiding by the command would result in a veil being drawn over the consciousness of paradise. As soon as they deviated, they were confined to a limited                 consciousness.

Limited consciousness creates a sense of deprivation, restlessness, suffocation, and regret. If the children of Adam and Eve get rid of this mindset and attain the infinite consciousness of paradise, then as long as they live in this world, it will become a paradise for them – and when the journey of this world ends, they earn the eternal peace of paradise.


Respected readers, colourful features were ingrained in your mind while reading this ‘Message of the Day’. God Almighty has stated that whatever is on earth, is a display of various colours.

“And whatsoever He hath created for you in the earth of diverse hues, lo! therein is indeed a      portent for people who take heed.” (Quran, 16:13)

I, a Faqeer, wish for you to pay attention to the consciousness of paradise and earth. Every creation on earth is confined in a colourful encasement, and every colour is diverse from the others. Due to the difference in colours, one thinks of every creature as separate from the other, when the truth is that, the object that is overlapped in colours is born out of the earth. In other words, every creature on earth looks separated from the others due to the colourful encasements, however, on the inside, everything is earth. The illusion of colours has kept mankind away from reality.

Illusion: Mankind eats bread, and declares that their stomachs are full. After a few hours, the need for food arises again. If they have eaten bread and their stomachs are full, why do they feel hungry again? And where did the bread that they ate, go? The question is, what did mankind eat?

I, a Faqeer, wish for the revered teachers to solve this issue and discover the path of escaping the illusory consciousness and entering the consciousness of paradise.

May God protect you.




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