"Who createth, then disposeth; Who measureth, then guideth." (Quran, 87:2-3)

Irrespective of the different speeds at which they operate, all creatures in the universe remain in sync with each other. Speed functions in two modes; individual and collective. For example, despite the Sun and Moon having different proportions, they both appear and disappear from our sight in accordance with their distance from the Earth. In other words, the Sun, Moon and Earth have distinct speeds on the outer plane, but are all in sync with each other on the inner plane. This cohesion exists between all creatures, which is why everything in this universe is interconnected. While the Earth, maintaining its harmony with the Sun and Moon, rotates on its axis at a certain speed, it also correlates with everything that is above and beneath its surface simultaneously. This mechanism of individual and collective speed is active in every creature concurrently, and does not change its course for even a moment.

Life is based upon dimensions and speed. While speed is directly proportional to time; time is relative to the capacity of the being or object. Though everything in the universe appears in intervals, it can also be manifested all at once. However, when something is manifested in its entirety in one go, its physical body, unable to withstand the pressure of high levels of energy, will break apart. In order to protect the physical body from damage, the process of manifestation materialises in intervals.

Fruits grow seasonally at their respective time and speed. All essential elements, be it in the celestial or earthly systems, come together in their distinct proportions and contribute towards the ripening of the fruits. Apart from maintaining its own speed, every creature also correlates with the speed of other creatures. Contemplating this point, reveals the potential that lies in every being.

Moonlight is a cause for sweetness in fruits. However, one must note that the moon is a celestial body, and the time and space of the sky is different from the time and space of the earth. Therefore, if moonlight were to enter the fruits at its celestial speed, they would explode, unable to withstand the flow of energy. Hence, the moonlight is transmitted in accordance with the structure and capacity of the fruit to absorb energy. This is why fruits ripen at different times and vary in taste.

Though the celestial bodies are free from terrestrial constraints, they remain bound to each other to a certain extent. There is a force between the earth and sky, which not only maintains the distance between the two, but is also responsible for creating co-ordination between them. It is because of this co-ordination, that one is able to perceive the 'reflection' of the moon and stars from the earth.

This demonstrates the magnificence of the system of creation in which the individual and collective mechanisms remain in sync with each other.

Providing insight into the equation of the universe, the following verses in the chapter Ra'ad of the Quran state:

"Alif. Lam. Mim. Ra. These are verses of the Book. That which is revealed unto thee from thy Lord is the Truth, but most of mankind believe not. God it is who raised up the heavens without visible supports, then mounted the throne, and compelled the sun and the moon to be of service, each runneth unto an appointed term; He ordereth the course; He detaileth the revelations, that haply ye may be certain of the meeting with your Lord." (Quran, 13:1-2)

These verses elucidate the law of speed and attraction. What is speed? Speed is the proportion of pressure present in energy. These proportions have been explained in the Quran, but there are only a few who contemplate them.

The above verses explain that the earth and the sky have been created in proportions. The sky, like the earth, is constantly in motion. Owing to their distinct proportions, they move in their respective territories. When proportions are fixed, it activates the process of attraction and repulsion between creations. While repulsion keeps two distinct proportions away from each other, attraction brings together proportions that are similar. For example, salt moves towards salt and sugar is absorbed in sugar. Adhesiveness gravitates towards adhesiveness, and as it does, the distance between them evaporates into thin air.

Let us assume that the proportion of sweetness is 10 percent in an apple, and about 15 percent in a banana. As discussed earlier, sweetness in fruits is because of the presence of moonlight within them; therefore, moonlight is present in both an apple and a banana. Keeping this fact in mind, can we not say that it is not needed to go to moon to learn of its attributes? Because, the moon is present in different proportions not only in the fruits, but in the rise and fall of the sea tides, and in the attitude and behaviour of different beings too.

The sun and moon have fixed proportions. There is a fixed amount of heat and cold present in the waves that gives life to both of them. But the moon is colder than the sun and the sun is hotter than the moon. In alternate words, the proportion of heat in the sun is higher than that of the moon. Similarly, the proportion of cold in the moon is higher than that of the sun. The process of attraction and repulsion that works between them, is as follows.

The high amount of heat in the sun and the high amount of cold in the moon, keep them away from each other - this is repulsion. While on the other hand, the high amount of heat in the sun attracts the lower proportion of heat in the moon - this is attraction. Likewise, the high amount of cold in the moon attracts the lower proportion of the cold in the sun - this is also attraction. This reads mathematically as follows:

(+) Heat (+) Cold = Repulsion

(+) Heat ( -) Heat = Attraction

(+) Cold (-) Cold = Attraction

If a day does not gravitate towards the next day, there will never be a second day, this is how the law of attraction works. On the arrival of the second day, though the whereabouts of the first day become unknown, it does not cease to exist. We refer to the next day as the second day only because the first day is present within it.

Each creation contains equal proportions of attraction and repulsion that help in maintaining their individuality. The intensity with which things gravitate towards each other is equal to the intensity at which they repel. This is why, things appear stationary to us, despite being in constant motion.


"And it is He who spread out the earth and set thereon mountains standing firm and flowing rivers, and fruit of every kind He made in pairs, two and two. He draweth the night as a veil over the day. Behold, verily in these things there are signs for those who consider."

(Quran, 13:3)


The intrinsic trait of the earth is to contract. However, in order to sustain life on Earth, God has stretched it and placed mountains upon it and let rivers flow. Stretching, refers to the process of repulsion that slows down speed. This is how God has made the speed of the earth at par with the consciousness of the creatures inhabiting it. Similarly, the foundation of a mountain is a particle. It is the working of yeast within the small particle, which puffs it up into a mountain. To unveil the reality of mountains, God says that you see the mountains as fixed entities, but they are all flying like clouds.

The word 'fruits' in the third verse of chapter Ra 'ad refers to all resources and this includes every creature. Everything in this universe is created in pairs and each member of a pair has a hidden pair within them. This law is called as Zaujain Isnain in the Ouran. One example of this is day and night. Both the day and night have separate speeds, but since their base is the same, the night enters the day, and the day enters the night.

The earth is one but has different tracts, which work as molds that keep the mechanism of fixed proportions in place. In the same way that the earth is one but various tracts make it look different, when an ingredient or a component is less or more in proportion, it makes everything look different in appearance, colour and taste. This can be understood through the following verse of the Quran:

“And in the earth are neighbouring tracts, vineyards and ploughed lands, and date palms, like and unlike, which are watered with one water. And We have made some of them to excel others in fruit. Lo herein verily are portents for people who have sense." (Quran, 13:4)

The tracts are examples of individual and collective co-ordination.

This can be further elaborated through the example of the Strait of Gibraltar. At the Strait of Gibraltar, the waters of the Atlantic Ocea meet the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. They flow together at this point, but never mix with each other. It has been witnessed that when a ship crosses the line where the two waters meet, the droplets of the white water fall back into the white water, and the droplets of the black water, fall back into the black water.

“He hath loosed the two seas. They meet. There is a barrier between them. They encroach not." (Quran, 55 19-20)

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