Dearest honorable elders, sisters, and cheerful fellows! Indeed it puts an onus to address the reader's favorite magazine 'Monthly Qalandar Shaoor', followed by yet another responsibility of publishing it. Hitherto, addressing four hundred and fifty six topics vide acquaintance is merely none other than explicit generosity of Allah-the Rab-ul-Alameen (Cosmic Caretaker) and Prophet (PBUH)-the Rehmatul-lil-Alameen (cosmic blesser).

To draw a line between Aa'dmi (man), Insa'n (human) and animal; that is where human excel in creation as compared to the animals.

Where does life start? and where it ends or whether it really ends!! shall be explored in this 'Message of the Day'.


There are two types of animals, one bipod and other quadpod. Those who are able to fly or swim belong to quadpod family of animals, because unlike bipods, they use feathers instead. Man is bipod.

As long as being an 'animal' is taken in consideration, man and animal appear similar in characteristics. Both exhibit mobility, nurturing children, fulfill their starvation and thirst, get asleep and awake, feel the cold and hot climate, and acquaintance of each others.

If we characterize both man and animal, we observe all animals get thirsty and do starve, feel cold and hot climate. Animals do become parents, fed their infants like man does. Animals asleep like men, they get ill like men, get angry as men do, show mercy like men, render love like men. If you show affection to a cat, she will remain laid in your lap. Apparently, we don't see any difference between a man and an animal. Man is known to be an animal which can speak. On the contrary, animal also reflect intellect, cognition, passionate to grow and feed their children. Just like mother feed their baby, we see premastication in sparrows for their infants.

If one argues the ability of a man intellect or cognition, same would be true animals. They build home; travel over a long distance and returned back to their homes. They can even navigate one. Perhaps, the counter arguments for animal's deficiency over a man cannot be argued in designated pages of 'Message of the Day'.

The physiological structure of animals restrained them to perform activities similar to men. E.g., the structure of goat does not conform to drive a car as a man does, to move or accelerate a car.

Chimpanzees are also witnessed driving cars or gearing heavy machines. Perhaps apparently animal's wisdom lacks behind men, but on the contrary, we observe animals reflect quite an intellect as compared to a man. Many quadpods perceive a lot earlier the imminent disaster; such as cats and dogs perceive earthquakes sooner than man. A man can hear a sound ranging from twenty to twenty thousand cycles per second, while dogs, cats, and foxes can interpret sixty thousand cycles per second. In the same vein, mouse, bats, whales and dolphins can clearly perceive vibrations upto one hundred thousand cycles per second. A falcon can view an object as large as eight times as a man views. Fishes can hear lowest spectrum of sound, while honey bees can view ultra violet rays.


As single specie or an individual, all animals or insects are cognoscente, E.g., baby ducks swims right away from the moment they born, similarly endowed flying habit push baby falcon to fly. As Baya weaver elaborate nest are not an outcome of specialized learnt skills, the knowledge of making honey and picking right flowers are not inculcated externally to the honey bees. This very ability of honey bee is explicitly narrated in Quran Kareem.

Hoopoe arranged the wedding of Prophet Solomon (PBUH)-indicates the animal intellect. Neither one can claim animals' inability to communicate or nurturing babies nor void of starvation, climatic effects or sexual lust.

The cogent point laid in the fact, 'What makes a man superior over animal?' Though we find intellect in men, but same genre is also not void of retarded individuals.


What differentiate among man, human and animal? Indeed it is structural capacities. A goat lacks the structural ability to manufacture a gun as a cow cannot prepare bread. Contemplating profoundly how differ? unveils the fact that structural abilities cause this very disparity. Sura Al Baqar, Sura Al Naml, Sura al Ankaboot, Sura Al Feel elaborate it in Quran Kareem.

Human is a separate entity than a man. As long as a man stick to manly attributes, he mimics as an individual of animal genre. Intellectual people differentiate men from animals due to their 'ability to speak.' Whereas one can witness sparrows are not dumb, they do communicate, they do remorse or reJ01ce.

Allah said, "Birds worship Me" (Quran, 41:24)

An animal is labeled as 'a man', or 'an ox', or 'a bird', or 'a spider'.

There was a spider who knitted web at the entrance of Ghar-e-Soor

(Cave of Thawr).

There was a flock of tiny Ababeels (Sijjeels) birds, who fight against the army of elephants and mutilated them.

In my opinion, glancing through the 'Message of the Day' does not suffice one to reach to conclusion, whether a man is a unit of animal, and satisfy his animalism اولی الالباب or profound contemplators distinguish an Insa'n (human) as compared to an Aa'dmi (man), that is another fold of being man. An Insa'n (human) is the best creation. He has authority over Seven Heavens, Earth and everything in between them.

We intend to elaborate that Aa'dmi (man) and Insa 'n (human) are two aspects of one unit, Allah said,

"We presented this solemn declaration (amma 'na) before Heavens, Earth and Mountains; they refuse to hold it, as (if they did) they will collapse. But human hold it, indeed he is brutal and ignorant." ( Quran, 72:33)

Despite being Aa'dmi (man) and Insa'n (human) a similar appearance, they are two distinct units. Former belongs to animal genre, that is their emotions and concerns are similar to one in a cows or goats. Later, an Insa'n (human) is dignified iff when he demonstrates distinct than animal genre that is enthroned فی الارض خلیفۃ or be Patron-in-chief.


Whole universe depicts a well proportionated Allah's program. Despite their uniformity in composition, their proportions varies, E.g., either Homo sapiens or animalia, both fulfill their thirst and hunger. Both drink water to quench their thirst, days and nights are similar to both genre. Both dreams when they sleep. Males and females are distinct gender among them. Irrespective of low or high, both reflect wisdom and conscious. If Homo sapiens are compared with camels, both have similar senses. Like a Insa 'n man, a hen also soaks or cleanses her chickens. This cogent point enlightens the understanding for similarity in creation process of Homo sapiens and animalia.

Allah said in Quran Kareem:

"Insa 'n (human) is our best creation; but dwell in Asfala Sajileen (precarious nemesis)"

Question arises what contrasted an lnsa 'n (human) with anAa 'dmi (man).

Ladies and gentlemen are requested to contemplate and write us whether or not?

If they do, contrast an Insa 'n (human) with an Aa 'dmi (man).


Allah Hafiz

AUG 2016




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