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The maternal grandson of Nana Tajuddin (RA), Qalandar Baba Auliya (RA) narrates the following account about his grandfather:

Not only in special matters, but also in usual discourse, Nana Tajuddin (RA) revealed important points that gave direct insight into Divine law. At times, be said things that hinted towards the mechanism of wonderworking. As he spoke, listeners would instantly witness the principles of wonderworking unfolding before their eyes.

Sometimes, one could feel that waves of light were continuously being transmitted from Nana Tajuddin's (RA) mind to those who were present before him. While on the other occasions, as he sat silent, attendees would understand and feel everything that was on his mind. His attention, even without intent, worked on his visitors. Some expressed that this state of his helped them attain many blessings. It was very common for Nana (RA) to answer questions that rose in people's mind, without being asked. Although, he was not fluent in Urdu, his words contained such power that listeners would understand the gist of his thoughts perfectly.

The Maratha Raja, Raghu Rao, was an ardent devotee of Nana Tajuddin (RA). The Raja would present himself before Nana (RA) and place requests like he would before a deity. Once, Nana (RA) broke a statue in the Raja's temple which infuriated the priests. But to their surprise, Raja Raghu Rao remained unaffected, He smiled and said briefly, "Baba Sahib is also a deity. This is a matter between the deities, and they will settle it amongst themselves. It would be disrespectful for us to interfere."

These words, other than displaying the Raja's devotion towards Baba Tajuddin (RA), also indicate the reverence he had for spiritual personalities, even those who are slightly familiar with the spiritual norms can tell that the Raja was inclined towards spiritual knowledge, and had the ability to attain it. At this point, it is important to recount a few conversations that took place between Nana Sahib (RA) and the Raja in my presence. During these conversations, other people also put forth their questions, and the entire gathering benefited from Nana's (RA) wisdom.

Once, the Maharaja said, "Baba Sahib! The unseen creatures such as the angels or jinn are regarded as 'continuous stream of information'. References of such creatures are made in the Divine books. Similarly, every religion has shed light on the existence of evil spirits. However, the absence of rational or knowledgeable explanations in masses, leave them wondering about these creatures. And hence, they stop exploring Further, saying that they have understood. The experiences about these creatures that are shared among people are not collective - they are all individual experiences. Could you please shed light on this matter?"

In my opinion, what Nana Tajuddin (RA) shared in this context is not merely a comment, but the combination of Divine knowledge he is blessed with. Nana Tajuddin's (R.A) words reflect that he is a trustee of the universal secrets, and that he holds vast knowledge for contemplation for those with acumen. The manner in which be answered this question requires profound contemplation that how his thoughts are ingrained within the secrets of nature. Nana Tajuddin (RA) was laying down when this question was asked. His gaze was upon the sky as he replied,

"Mr. Raghu Rao! We have set our eyes on innumerable stars ever since our birth. There has hardly been a night when we have not looked towards the sky. Interestingly, it is usually said that the stars are before us, we are looking at them, and we are aware of the celestial world. However, we do not know what we are seeing, and remain oblivious of the world of stars and moon we claim to be aware of. It is beyond our scope to explain it. Whatever we say is nothing more than mere assumption. Even then, we believe that we know. What is more surprising is that when people claim of knowing something, we do not bother to think if there is any truth to their claim or not.

Comprehend, what l have said and then tell me how limited human knowledge is! Despite knowing nothing, they believe that they know too much. The celestial beings we are discussing are located at a fur distance. Ponder upon the things that are part of one's daily routine too. Such as, the break of the day. What is the breaking of the day? What does it mean? We do not know. In response to the question on what day and night is, it is said, 'This is day and the night follows it.' This is the exact experience of mankind.

Mr. Raghu Rao, think! Will this answer ever satisfy a serious mind? Day and night are neither the angels nor the jinn, but they are manifestations, and no one can deny their existence. You may say that one believes in the existence of night and day because the sight perceives them. However, it is important to understand that sight is assisted by thought. If thought does not work with sight, one is unable to express what they see. Thereby, it sums up that the entire functioning of senses is led by thought, Sight is merely a silent spectator; it is thought which gives life to experiences. Consider the other senses to be like sight too, you will draw the conclusion that they are all deaf, dumb and blind. This Is because it is thought that enables the bearing and vision in them Although, the senses and thoughts are believed to be two different entities, senses have no existence without thought. Therefore, be it human beings, angels or jinn, they are all merely a thought. In short, everything that exists is a thought.

There comes a point in this conversation where many cosmic secrets are unveiled. Listen to this carefully! Numerous things surface in our thoughts continuously. They come from the other realms. Human beings are affected by the thoughts of jinn and angels in a similar manner as they are affected by their own thoughts.

The Divine force keeps replenishing finite thoughts with the infinite. If this process is not carried out in this manner, it will break the matrix of relationships thar exists between all creatures. The effect of the thoughts of one creation over another is also part of the above process. Human beings are restrained by clay, while the jinn are in the bounds of prime matter, and the angels are confined by Noor (Divine light). These are the three distinguished thoughts, and each of them is a universe in itself. If they do not remain connected to each other and exchange thoughts, it will lead to the disintegration of the universe. Although our own thoughts and experiences are confined to the consciousness of clay, due to the correlation between the three creations, we are also familiar with prime matter and other similar entities, at the intellectual level Similarly, our intellect is also familiar with Noor and all its forms. It is now obvious that the information we have on prime matter and Noor have been transferred through the entities that are alien to us.

Thought is generally known as Ana. Ana or thought, is a combination of experiences that are cumulatively referred to as an individual. This is applicable to the stars and other particles too. It rarely occurs or does not occur to us at all, that we constantly communicate with the stars, particles and all creatures through our thoughts. The currents of Ana or ‘waves’ of thought' not only inspire us abundantly, but also learn a lot from us too. This is how, the entire cosmic family communicates. Out of all other creatures, the angels and jinn hold great importance to us. They are both closer and more familiar to us in terms of thoughts and communication."

Nana Tajuddin {RA) was looking at the stars as be continued, "There is a strong relationship between human beings and the galaxies. The thoughts that we receive incessantly are sent to us from other systems and their inhabitants. We receive them through the medium of light. The short and long waves of light bring limitless information in the form of images along with them. In common language, we refer to these images as our perception, thought. Concept and intellect. It is presumed that these stages are our own innovation, while, in reality, it is otherwise. The thinking patterns of all creatures are aligned to one central point. This central point assembles the images and inspires their meaning. The knowledge it inspires is according to the consciousness of the species. The species comprehend these images according to their personal intellect.

At this point, it is important to state that there are even more similarities in the actions of the three creations, namely, humans, angels and jinn, who are mentioned in the heavenly books and the Quran. They are found across all the galaxies in the universe. God has created a system such that these three creatures have a very significant role in the process of creation. They send waves of inspiration to the entire universe and when these waves travel to a certain distance and reach a destined point, they take the form of manifestation.

I have already said that the thought, Ana and the individual are not different, and that they are all the same entity. Their meanings cannot be altered due to the different names given to them.

The question arises however, what is thought, Ana, and the individual? They are a collection of infinite experiences, such as bearing, sight, speech, love, sacrifice, speed, flight, etc. Each experience holds a certain dimension and shape. Nature has accumulated many such dimensions in such a way that despite being in multiple layers, they are united as one. A human being is a combination of thousands of such layers. The very same principle applies to jinn and angels. All three are distinguished amongst the other creatures due to the higher number of layers in them. Every layer is a living body. In the universe, there are bodies made up of a single layer, and then there are those made up of many layers too. However, the quantity of layers in a species of the same kind remain the same.

Humans inhabit innumerable planets, and it is impossible to presume their types. The same can be said about the jinn and angels. Every layer in these three creations is a separate entity by itself. Some layers remain active on the surface level while the others remain inactive. If a layer is active on the surface level, it is grasped by the consciousness. However, it is not active, then it remains in one's subconsciousness.

Human beings refer to the workings of the active layer as invention or innovation, but they are unable to perceive the outcome of the hidden layers, which are grander and incessant in comparison.

The entire universe is brimming with the manifestations that are caused by hidden movements. This secret needs profound contemplation. These manifestations however, are not activated only by the subconsciousness of human beings. Human beings could not exploit their hidden potentials, and this is why, they could not remain connected to the far nooks and corners of the universe. The reason for this weakness is attributed to their own attitude. Why they have limited their scope of thinking is beyond their comprehension.

None of the creatures capable of overcoming spatiotemporal limits could fulfil the need of the thinking pattern prevalent in the universe. An entity was needed to fill this void. Therefore, to fulfil this, the angels and jinn were created. So far, human thought has not reached its optimum level, for they have not exploited their abilities to the fullest potential."


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