"Allah is the One who created the heavens and the earth and sent down water from the sky, then brought forth with it sustenance for you from the produce, and subjugated for you the ships, so that they may sail in the sea with His command, and subjugated for you the rivers." (Quran, 14:32)

To supplement means anything which is vital to human life whether temporarily or permanent. Allah said, He supplements anyone, countlessly.

The nurturing and protection of resources is assured with the creation of days and nights. During the day, resources are made available to supplement life whereas moonlight during night sweetens the resources. The sunshine provides the warmness in fruits to make them edible.

An infinite impression of vastness beyond the boundaries is reflected on mind when a widely familiar word 'universe' is uttered. It is revealed upon mind, that as Allah said, people who strive towards Allah, Allah guides them on pathways. We are all familiar with pathway. Life becomes a big ask, if there is nothing to follow.

When we contemplate on vastness of universe, it leaves an impression on mind-an impression of eternity. The impression consists of expressions of the universe, the process of creation, variations in seasons, sunshine and moonlight, air and oxygen, shimmering galaxies, a ceilingless sky, zillions of lives extended in heavens, nailed mountains to stabilize the Earth-indeed an ever regulated system. A series of so many secrets, which manifests into infinite species including animals, mammals, birds, plants and trees, man and supreme creation insan (the human).

"We have created man in the best composition, then We turned him into the lowest of the low." (Quran, 95:4-5)

Universe is an expression of program laid in the mind of Allah. The will of Hayyo Al-Qayyum (One who provides life and keeps alive) Allah activated the very creation of all creatures in a definite proportion. Hayyo AlQayyum are the attributes of Allah which regulate and maintain the life. Rooh (the soul) actuates each being and it is command of Allah.

"His practice, when He intends to do something, is no more than He says, Be! and it comes to be." (Quran, 36:82)

The very existence of attributes of all creatures are in definite proportion. There are two aspects of universe from any viewpoint-shape and movement. The spatio-temporal existence of physical phenomenon (or shape) occurs in appearance (hazir) and disappearance (ghaib). The process of ghaib-hazir-ghaib continues in the domain of its spatio-temporal existence. Spatial existence is called makaan and temporal is termed as zamaan. All creatures of Allah follow the temporal cycle (that is zamaan). The temporal flow can be noticed by special vision, where both spatial and temporal existence are perceived as sensation. Neither an apparent nor hidden phenomenon are beyond these two aspects of senses. Whereas at any instant of time one aspect is dominated (that is apparent) and other is concealed ( that is hidden). This very order of two senses build the conscious.

احوال و مقامات پرموقوف ہے لیکن         ہرلحظہ ہے سالک کا زماں اورمکاں اور

Translation: The state and place conclude the appearance; The spatio-temporal instant of spiritual student is distinct.

Every individual being has a distinct and well proportionated structure, where material aspect is overwhelmed by the non-material aspect. Only a conscious attention could lead to recognition of existence of anything.

ک (kaf), (ن) (noon)- کن that is Kun (Be) is an instant of birth of spatio

-temporal aspects. Unlike the temporal, spatial existence is usually visible to eyes, but an invisible thing is not void of existence.

What is space and time? A distribution of a moment that is the beginning which is revealed upon the screen of mind at every instant.

Earth is a screen, where species, animals and plants are projected. Unlike the usual perception of birth of animals or plants, where water is introduced to form their composition, in reality everything is projected on earth from another zone that is reflected from their prior existence. Our conscious is unaware of this zone.

An object appears on earth, when water is introduced in it. It is similar to the projection of light waves onto inner screen of mind, where it is spread to reveal modulated information. Similarly, when water enters (that is projected) into the earth (which acts as dye that can give impression of zillions of creations); the cumulative effect gives rise to birth (appearance) of an object. Information is projected or descends in the shape of water, followed by its expression and later ascends as the process known as evaporation.

There are two aspects of a discourse, either accept or reject. Both of them form or create an impression, which is essentially a thought or more precisely can be termed as ideas. In short neither acceptance nor rejection are void of information.

Allah addressed to some object, 'to be' in a zone. When a particular object is addressed in an infinite zone, the object is ripped off of infinity to attain its own identity and very existence. Before this separation, the identity of object was merged in the infinity. E.g. a drop extracted from an ocean exhibits all the attributes of ocean. Because it merges into the ocean without any distinction, when allowed to return to ocean.

Allah said, "And We created from water every living thing." (Quran, 21 :30)

It means that everything in the universe is created from water. What is water? Abdal-e-Haq (A divine administrative position) Qalandar Baba Auliya (RA) elaborated the fact that, "The moment of 'Amr'(Be) is an instant when initial descend of idea occurred, that is when ideas were introduced into the void and information were revealed. These ideas are called 'maa '. In fact, water is encapsulated with ideas of infinite architectures. Each architecture is an archetype of individual idea or being."


Sky or unconscious is infinite, whereas earth or conscious is finite. Infinity cannot be perceived, while finite conscious can be perceived. Information are dispersed omni-directionally. When they enter in any dye of earth, it produces that particular object.

Every being is an assembly of well proportionated ideas or information. A 'word' is formed when an idea is introduced in sound and eventually voice is uttered. In nutshell, a voice is uttered when ideas are encapsulated in sound.

The consciousness in the brain is known as mind that is manifested especially in thought, perception or imagination. The range of mind is stretched over the comers of the universe. When a person living in one geographical location thinks about someone else living at other comer, an image is displayed on the inner screen of mind. The limits of this perception is beyond the boundaries of universe. When a person addresses Allah, Allah listens to him.

"Allah is the One who created the heavens and the earth and sent down water from the sky, then brought forth with it sustenance for you from the produce, and subjugated for you the ships, so that they may sail in the sea with His command, and subjugated for you the rivers." (Quran, 14:32)

Contemplate on the aforementioned verse and go through the article, it will open your mind. The encapsulated ideas in words shall shine upon the dark areas of inner screen of mind. Insha Allah.

Allah Hafiz

OCT 2018




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