Do you know, what is Cosmos?

It is a mystical depiction of many universe. Though similar in depiction, it reflects multitude of shapes, differ in their templates. Diverse in appearance, they have a unique identity. Trees grow on Earth. There are Gardens, Mountains, Oasis, Plants, Flowers, Flower-juice collector Honey Bees, Butterflies, Birds, Reptiles, Quad-pods, Farms, Crops-ripening the Sun, Fruit-sweetener Moonlit, Water, Air, Oceans, Marine Creatures, Rivers, Canals, Ponds, Heavens, the Earth-lightener Moon, Zodiacs, Stars, Planets, Galactical Systems, Angels, Jinn, Aa 'dmi (man) and Insa 'n (human).

Ever expanding range of creation is coming forth from Fire, Air, Earth and Water-where Water is the vital element.

Numerous creatures are inhabited on zillion of earths. They differ in appearances, but exhibit common traits such as movements and actions, growth and fulfilment of needs.

The inhabitants of the Earth are Uni-pod Trees, Bi-pod Men, Quadpod Animals, Dual Feathered Birds, Crawling Creatures, and Microscopically Visible Organisms.

There are also various other invisible species living on the top, bottom, or left and right around the Earth. All inhabitants are explicit in their physiological structures, shapes, movement, flying and crawling apt, but they have a unique mechanism.


Life is two folded-as Hazir (present) and Ghaib (not present). At one fold it is a material body, while on the other fold is its protector (the Sultan).

"If you-the jinn and Insa 'n have the capacity to escape from the periphery of heavens and earth, do it. Seek Sultan, if you cannot."

(Quran, 55:33)

One can observe the creatures on the Earth, but not Sultan. However, everyone apprehends Sultan, due to its vital role in all apparent movement of material body.

Creation is based on two aspects-one is obvious and the other is concealed. All activities in obvious aspects are pre-cursor of concealed aspects, i.e., Sultan. E.g., various apparent movements, Sleep, Awake, Eating, Drinking, Breathing, Thinking, Enjoyment or Remorse and Fulfilment of needs are done with the help of Sultan. When binding between the two aspects is discontinued, the phenomenal appearance and movement seized to continue. It results into diminution of each bodily organ into dust, eventually.


In general, one can argue-if thoughts precede the activity of life, then what precedes the thought?

Ladies and gentlemen!

What is the phenomenon of continuous thought process followed by activities of life? Would there be any sign of life, if process is stopped?

What happens when there are no signs of any physical movement in men, trees or plants?

We are all well aware of the very fact that after death, despite the presence of physical body, its flesh and organs, skeleton of bones, intact muscular and neural system, we neither find any urge to eat or drink, cold or warm sensation, nor react to any enjoyment, remorse, or offensive situation.


Honorable ladies and gentlemen! What is meant by numbness in a body, which ceases all the activities?

Well! Light and Anwaar (high quality form of light) discontinued the maintenance of physical body.


Life (sense of activities) is maintained by Sultan. Once Sultan discontinues its association with physical body, it (body) does not get hungry, thirsty, happy or distress. One can argue, why these feelings are no longer reflected from body (dead)? Because the motive force behind the body does not exist. Like a spring-loaded toy, body (alive) was reacting to the spring. As long as spring animates toy, toy moves. The moment it ends, toy motion cease to exist-so is the physical body.


By the bless of Allah, as per my heartedly satisfaction, readers grasp the idea that physical body is merely a stationary toy without Sultan.

During the spiritual education, instructor inculcates the very basics into his pupils that life is characterized into convolution and de-convolution or appear and disappear. Like spring-loaded toys, one lives through the expansion and contraction.

Traversing a highway of Ghaib (hidden world), one continuously back and forth appears from Ghaib and hid into Ghaib. The journey begins from the first moment in mother's womb. As it begins, appearing from Ghaib, traversing months and years long, it disappears back into Ghaib.


"We (Allah) created an individual from concentrate of mud, then transformed into benign droplet. Later convert droplet into tissues, raised tissues into meat, create bones from meat and veil bones (skeleton) with meat (muscles). Henceforth another creation came into being. Indeed Allah is the most auspicious and best of the best expert." (Quran, 23:12-14)

Presently, science has narrated the fertilization phenomenon in detail. Zygote is formed from Sperms. It appears like a tiny dot of eighty micrometer (80 µm) in dimension. Mitosis continuously transformed into Blastocyst (like a tissue hanging at the walls of womb).

Quran has called it as leech. Later in next stage it turns into a form of meat (as if it is chewed well). Scientists call it Embryonic Plate. Once pregnancy is stabilized, next phase Neurulation begins, which includes the transformation of the neural plate into muscles, bones and organs. Within four months, features of upcoming baby get matured. Later it grows further for around five months to be like a new born baby, and this begins a new life.

Where we were before came into being? We don't know! It means we were in Ghaib. We appear from Ghaib and gradually disappear in Ghaib. The process of convolution-deconvolution, appearance-disappearance begins from the first day of birth. Life concealed itself, eventually.

"Who will bring us back into being? You (PBUH) tell them, the One who brought us into being earlier!" (Quran, 36:78-89)


Allah Hafiz

OCT 2016




Topic from Qalandar Shaoor Monthly