Have you ever wondered what life is Life manifests through movements and pauses. Every creation in this universe expresses its thoughts, however, what they express is in conflict with how we understand it. We refer to something as a "garden" without knowing what a garden is. The law is that when an individual sees a garden, it is not considered a direct method of viewing. A reflection of the garden is formed in the inner of a person, and they see what the reflection sees. Contemplation indicates that death, just like birth, and the movements after death, is life. Life is based on information and the ups and downs. Information continually reiterates to the creatures and lets then experience their existence, relationships, and connection to the years and months that have passed by At the very moment the reiteration stops, the creatures become unworthy of mention.

One does not think about why creatures are visible and invisible, when they become visible, or where one sees them. They undeniably state, “I had a thought in my mind." “I have visualised.” "I had forgotten" “I remember." “Someone brought it to my notice."-though they utter many such phrases, they do not focus on what they say. Without realising they in fact reiterate the reality that, "The record of the creature that is in the subconscious enters into the conscious through information; I then focus on the notification and view the memory in the subconscious on the screen of my mind.”

What is information? It is the existence and non-existence of creatures, or in other words, it's a process of familiarising with memories. Nature has safe-kept the knowledge of everything that is in the universe within our memory: Information arrives from the subconscious and activates the memory that is safe-kept in the minds of creatures. We hear on the basis of memory, see things, feel emotions, and express them. This implies that life is based on the senses, and all the functions of these senses are connected to memories, and this connection is activated through information and contemplation.

Abdal-e-Haq Huzoor Qalandar Baba Auliya (RA) writes that Shahenshah Haft lqleem (The Emperor of the Seven Realms) Nana Tajuddin Nagpuri(RA) said,

"Sight isa mere muted halo. It is only through contemplation or thought that one's experience comes into practice. When you infer all the senses as sight, they are all mute, deaf, and blind. Contemplation or thought gives the senses the ability to see and hear. One assumes that the senses and thought are different from each other, whereas, thought has no separate existence of its own.

Humans, Angels, and Jinn are all merely thought(contemplation). In the same way, every individual that has senses is thought.

When we observe the hidden chambers of the mind-information memory, thought or contemplation, are all different names for the same practice. The question is,

1.When every creature is present in the mind, why, do we need memories?

2.Unless we remember a creature, why do we not feel their presence?

Life is not independent, rather, everything in life is bound to the ordinance of God Almighty. Before arriving into the conscious state, an individual has, spent their life in their subconscious, wherein they had the knowledge of the abilities and attributes that were within them. However, when they arrived in this world,  this knowledge moved behind the veil, and the individual grew distant from reality. Information on one hand is an expression of a distance from its source,  and on the other hand, it is a process of the restoration of memory. When memory is restored, the distance disappears.

Life in all its entirety revolves. around memories. One cannot take a single step forward without remaining connected to memories. When an individual researches, they are in fact: searching for a creation that is already in existence. In other words, one is connecting to the memories of that creation in this universe.

1.                 A search engine is of great importance in research and exploration. This is the knowledge of getting work done, through memories. All the search engines that have been created today are copies of the mechanism in the mind.

2.                 When we count the number of years that one puts into schooling, it takes approximately 16 years for one to become a pilot. When we say a person has become a pilot, we mean that the information over 16 years has become memories within them. If these.16 years were forgotten and the pilot lost their memory, then. they will not be able to fly a plane. Can we then continue to call the person a pilot? If we reply in the affirmative, then this perspective is illusory, because the memory that was the reason for the person to become a pilot has been forgotten.

3.       The world declares blood relations as the thickest. However, it is worth focusing on the fact that if one faces a loss of memory after an accident, they do not recognise even those relationships that they spent their entire life with. Recognition is linked to memory. Family members try to remind them of experiences, and introduce them to the pictures of the past, however, the person continues to stare in astonishment at them and the pictures. When memory is lost, why do people not remember their relationships?

4. In a fit of revenge, one forgets to acknowledge their relationships and ends up causing harm to them. However, when the fire for revenge is extinguished, they sit crying in despair with their hands over their heads, wondering why they could not remember the importance of these relationships.

5. When we see innumerable people in our dreams, we say that we saw strangers, but do not know. who they were or why we saw them. Dear readers, an individuals in alignment with the entire universe. Who we saw in our dream and referred to as a stranger, exists somewhere in this universe. The only reason why we refer to people as strangers is that the connection that we have with them has gone into oblivion.

What is memory? It is a record of the past. The knowledge of the universal programme that was present within the wilt of God Almighty was transferred into the memory of all species when He ordained, “Kun! (Be)." When we receive information, it is never about a new creation, it only brings forth what is already present in our memory and urges us to focus on the past; the past that is safe in the form of universal record. God created mankind in the best stature and has bestowed them with the ability to understand the programme of Kun in its entirety, as much as He wills. However, the majority of mankind has lost their memory due to remaining distant from the Divine teachings.

Each passing day creates distance from the past; however, this distance does not last for long. An individual eventually returns to where they arrived from. The difference between arrival and return is that the knowledge exists in one's memory when they arrive, however, when they return, the memory moves into oblivion. That is, when a person who arrived from the world of light returns to it, they are unable to see the light; as there is no link between them and their memory; the person does not see anything in that world just as they see nothing in this world.

"Whoso is blind here will be blind in the hereafter, and

yet further from the road"(Quran, 17:72)

Dear readers, ladies, and gentlemen, you have read one clause of the law. Find out and let us know how many verses of the Quran have been explained in this article. Mark them and send them to us.


May God protect you.




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