Test Paper-QSM

Test Paper

Total Marks:50


You have heard, read, and contemplated the speech and its transcript. A test paper has been formulated to consolidate your understanding. Ensure that no answer is more than 12 lines. Elaborate on the answers with examples.

1.What are colours? (Marks:6)

2.Is there anything colourless in the world? (Marks:5)

3. Is there a such thing as a change in colours, or is it we who see the change in colours? (Marks:5)

4.The colours of birds, trees, and leaves vary; Also, there are many colours in mankind and they all vary ton. What is this change in colours based on?(Marks: 6)

5.What is your colour? (Marks: 3)

6. صبغۃ اللہ -What does it mean by the colour of God? How do we adopt it? (Marks: 7)

7.Elaborate on the connection of the colour of doubt and certitude through the perspective of life in paradise and Earth. (Marks: 6)

8.There are many secrets and laws hidden in this speech, Identify five of them.(Marks:5)

Muraqaba (meditation): Tie a soft cloth over your eyes such that there is light pressure over your eyeballs. Sit in a lotus position. Keep your back and neck straight, however, ensure that it is not strained. While sitting down, read Durood Shareef (salutations to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)) at the beginning and end and recite Ya-Baseeru (The One who has insight into all things) eleven times. Visualise that there is a dot and that its colour is shimmering blue. With your closed eyes, keep your focus on this dot, Begin with three minutes and slowly extend it to ten minutes. Continue this cycle of Muraqaba for 30 days Write the result you have experienced and send it over to us. (Marks: 7)

Write your name, age, education, profession, phone number, email address, the colour of your eyeballs and pupil, and send this to us along with your answers to this test.

Note: Answers must be submitted by 20" April 2023.





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