JULY 2014-Two Dimensions of Life


There are two dimensions of life. In order to understand them, it is important to mention two senses.

In material sense every human being finds himself confined and limited. In fact, material senses impose restrictions.

The other dimension of senses is independent. Man considers himself free of time and space restrictions.

Material senses chain us to an inferior emotions and life.

Question arises as to what is this life?

Life is marked by urges. These urges manifest themselves in senses such as thirst, urge to speak to someone, meet and socialize, love and desire to be loved. These and many other interests constitute man's life.

These urges and desires are met through senses. When urges are combined with senses, we come to know about the world and its manifestations and many other activities such as earning livelihood, marriage, children, love, happiness, anger, generosity, stinginess all these activities and emotions are manifestations of this world.

The classification of senses means acceptance of the restrictions of time and space.

There are two dimensions of senses. These two dimensions encompass every human being.

These two dimensions accompany every human being all his/her life. It is like a circle, half of which is governed by conscious and material senses and half is dominated by the concealed world. Man's life is divided into these two halves.

One of the halves is bright and the other dark (unclear). So life has two dimensions and our days are spent in these two dimensions. According to the Quran, the processes (equations) don't change. One of these processes is appearing of day and falling of night.

I pose this question to my elders and children whether this life is something other than appearing and disappearing of sights and scenes and other manifestations. It is not and no science can deny this reality.

Let us consider with an open mind if there is no night will the brightness of day have any meaning and vice versa.

What is life?

Life is movement.

What is movement?

It is energy and power.

What is the source of this energy and power.

Perhaps food or physical exercises.

Food has energy so do oxygen, water and atom. It is beneficial but harmful too. If energy has a source what is the source of this source?

Today's scientists must be commended for explaining energy to an extent that if analyzed through the lens of subconscious, problem is fully solved.

Man spends a conscious life. It depends on the information that he receives from subconscious. If through practice, the knowledge of quantities of life of sub conscious is acquired, the quantities of conscious life become as much as the quantities of subconscious. The formula of this can be called, "avoidance". Let us consider the following:

There is knowledge and there is ignorance. If knowledge is avoided, ignorance dominates and vice versa. Life is marked by two factors i.e. according importance to material life and considering it real life. The other factor is denial of material life in sleep.

The sources of real guidance are the Books sent by Allah. In every religion, Man is guided to avoid conscious urges. For instance, keeping fast from dawn to dusk, giving preference to actions which bring Man closer to Allah, avoiding lies, and anger as well as those desires and urges which are otherwise legitimate, controlling oneself despite hunger and thirst in extreme weather, offering prayers-all this is abstinence. In short, submitting all conscious urges to sub conscious as described by Allah and His Prophets.

Note: This essay deals with three dimensions of knowledge

Conscious and sub conscious

Day and night


It is further explained that unless ignorance is avoided, knowledge cannot be gained and unless immorality is avoided, nobility cannot be acquired.

May Allah keep us all happy satisfied and introduce us to the benefits of abstinence.

Allah Hafiz





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