Earth exhibits in two folds-conscious and unconscious. The apparent aspect (conscious) is its phenomenal existence, whereas concealed aspect is its unconscious. What so ever is sown, eventually grows to reflect its existence before us. The outcome of pineapple germination is a pineapple plant, not any other plant, for example mango. Similarly, vice versa is also true. Hidden in earth soil, seed manifests a plant on the surface. The presence of mango on the surface of Earth owes information to seed. One can easily notice the object whether concealed or germinated into a plant are same, yet they are different. There is a membrane between concealed and apparent exhibit of similar object. This membrane is the Earth. Let's contemplate on the nature of Earth.

There are many species, who enter into the soil as if we move from ground floor to basement at home. Hoopoe can see water under various tables of Earth, while flying at meters of height in the Earth atmosphere. He sees water so deep in Earth with so much clarity as we observe water in transparent glass of water

The depth of Earth consists of several layers of different types of soil. Unlike us, Hoopoe can observe presence of water beneath various layers, as if they are like transparent glass. In other words, Hoopoe's vision is beyond the concealed Earth membrane which is shielded or hidden for common human visionary system. Why hoopoe has privilege of observing beyond the shield? Similarly, seismometer instruments are used to monitor and record the seismic activity of tectonic plates beneath the Earth surface. Any observation which involves any kind of instrument is an indirect viewpoint of targeted object. It means that scientists and researchers are observing through a medium; therefore, we can safely conclude that any instrumentation-oriented observations are polarized with the medium. Such observations and experiences are indirect.


Conscious receives information from unconscious. Though they are similar information, but in two different zones, termed as conscious and unconscious.

We know water is in liquid state as long as it stays outside the refrigerator to become ice. Whereas ice is water. Refrigerator is transformation media between water and ice, then what is nature of refrigerator. It appears to be a device, where quantitative portion is dominating to form ice from water, while outside this device liquid traits of water are dominating to maintain shape of water.

Temperature is bipolar, when it is high or positive it is said to be hot, otherwise it is cold. The change in nature of applied heat is reflected in change in shape of object. E.g., when a pot is filled with water to place on a burner. Heat transforms the liquid state of water into steam. If you turn burner off, vapours or steam will transform back to liquid state. The cogent point in this transformation is change in characteristics of water in two states. The beholder of Qalandar conscious knows the mechanism between well proportionated water and ice.

Earth mimics ovary for the seed (acting as sperm). Seed is germinated at a specific place in layers of Earth. It holds the complete layout of upcoming plant, however this proportion of colours which is transformed into physical existence of plant are concealed from human eye. As the colours are transformed into material existence, the spatial existence increases. Spatial transformation is very slower than the temporal variation. E.g., a human infant takes nine months to transform its unconscious scripture (in form of colours) into the consciously materialistic existence. In other words, information flows from unconscious world to conscious world or material world in 540 days and nights. Same duration of nine months in spatial dimensions is equivalent to how much in temporal or unconscious domain? We don't know yet!

The supreme creator, Allah said in various context that His one day is equivalent to 50,000 years, or 1000 years. Allah also revealed on a sacred night, which is superior to the 1000 months.

Nine months indicate the speed of transformation. It is beyond the human percept to measure nine months living in conscious in terms of un conscious. Information flows from unconscious to conscious. The direction of flow decreases the speed of information flow and provides significantly longer time for its transformation into spatial existence.

Readers are encouraged to read aforementioned concept five times.

Information manifests into physical phenomenon. It is reflected in terms of spatial expansion above the earth surface and high energy below the surface. Higher the space, lower would be energy and vice versa. E.g., we observe a huge tree on the surface, while inside the soil it is merely a tiny seed. Though smaller in size, seed is a complete tree, full of stem, trunks, leaves, flowers and fruits. Each fruit has large number of seeds, every seed is a tree and a tree has imprints of many trees. What is seed?

Seed is a micro film of any specie. A deep contemplation unveils the growth mechanism of any specie.

A seed grows like a tree or plants, each carrying thousands of seeds. The original seed cannot be separated from subsequently produced large number of seeds. We can say that information in a seed grows in a complete tree, full of stem, trunks, leaves, flowers, fruits and hundreds of seeds. Each seed in the product carries exactly similar information set as in the parent seed. Different seeds have difference in proportions of concealed information, hence reflected in terms of diversity in their phenomenal growth as plants, shrubs or trees. Allah said,

الذی خلق فسوی والذی قدّر فهدی ( Quran,87: 2-3)

Earth is as vast as the edges of heavens above us. The limitation of our distant vision is usually called space or vacuum. The capacity of intellect and interpretation varies across beings.

Cats can see in night about eight times better than human being. A falcon eye can see an ant from the top of 10 story building. What a human can see at a distance of four to five feet, a falcon can see from a distance of twenty feet. A falcon or shikra can observe a rabbit or a mouse from a height of 10,000 feet to 15,000 feet. At a speed of 160 km/hour they can dive towards ground to hunt their prey. Shark fishes see five times better than human. Despite the poor capability of vision, snakes perceive the presence of surrounding objects with the help of natural heat sensation at its skin.

All beings have eyes, nose, ears, tongue, brain, hand, foot, lungs, heart and many more organs. Interestingly different in shapes, their functionality is common. Hands in human being are like fins in fishes. Visionary system in most beings are based on eyes, while many reptiles use particles in their skin. Similarly Echo-location or waves reflection enables many being to see and figure out objects ahead.

The visionary system of a man observes a mouse bigger whereas a snake observes it smaller; due to this fact a snake assimilates an apparently big mouse very easily.


The size of object in a true viewpoint is zero. Despite the similarity in capabilities of hearing, seeing and understanding; mechanism is different.

The formation of universe is Allah's will.

"His practice, when He intends to do something, is no more than He says: Be, and it comes to be." (Quran, 36:82)

The universe is a manifest of Allah's will, which was enabled after proclaiming 'Kun' (to be). The Kun started enabling in well proportionate all beings, such as human, angels, jinn, heavens, cosmic bodies, mountains and sea, plant kingdom, and animal beings etc. Once all creation came into being on, they were unaware of their selves and universe. The Creator said, ' الست بربکم ' to enable three zones of hearing, vision and understanding respectively.

•        Hearing capability enabled them to listen Allah's voice and learn how to use principle of listening.

•        Vision capability enabled them to observe Noor (a form of light).

•        Understanding capability enabled them to acknowledge Allah is the Creator of All beings, Earth and heavens. They learnt that creation is based on a pre-defined proportion.

قالوابلیٰ -is a symbol of obedience.

-- --

My dearest friends, الست بربکم enabled in all human beings the awareness to the Creator and other beings in the universe. Therefore, every individual in any beings is aware of existence of other beings in their paraconscious. Hoopoe knows where water is located beneath the Earth's surface. A cat knows darkness is also an illuminated atmosphere. An elephant is well aware of strength of an ant. Bats can easily interpret the information modulated in sonic waves.

Water, darkness, light, energy and waves-are all beings of Allah. They can be maneuvered if one knows the underlying principles. The Caretaker of Universe has chosen human being as His vicegerent. Being second to Creator, he must have capability that makes him superior over other creatures. Unfortunately, when we compare capabilities of human and other being faculties in practice, there is no significant difference. It is due to ignorance to one's own extent of capabilities.

"We did offer the Trust to the heavens and the earth and the mountains, but they refused to bear its burden and were afraid of it, and man picked it up. Indeed, he is unjust, unaware." (Quran, 33:72)

Every individual being belonging to any specie in the universe is inevitably dependent on another individual. This is due to its natural structure, which is two-fold mechanism.

And we created every object in two folds. What is life?

Briefly the foundation of life is laid on existence and extinction of individual every moment. Both folds are laid on zahir (apparent) and ghaib (disappear). Senses are an outcome of existence and extinction of moments. Their foundations are laid on a belt (life moving conveyor belt).

Briefly, night and day swap each other; when night appears, day disappears and vice versa. Both are laid on ghaib. Whole life of any individual or being follows similar pattern. Whether conventional knowledge (Ilm-eIktisabi) or Qalandar conscious (Ilm-e-Huzoori), their foundations are on ghaib and shuhood (apparent).

"He is Allah, besides whom there is no god, the Knower of the unseen and the seen. He is All-Merciful, Very-Merciful." (Quran, 59:22)

Allah Hafiz



1.       Anything which exists on Earth has phenomenal appearance-what is Earth?

2.       A man uses instruments to explore beneath earth, while Hoopoe does it without any additional aid. Observation with instrument is indirect information of source, which is fictitious.

3.       Water is a form of ice and ice is also form of water. The refrigerator plays role of transformation.

4.       Whether hot or cold, both states exhibit heat.

5.       It takes 9 months to transform information source in mother's womb into living conscious.

6.       Apparent vastness of an object is larger at earth surface than the beneath.

7.       'Kun'-to be is a composition formula of universe. الست بربکم concealed with hearing, seeing and understanding capabilities.

8.       The foundation of two folds of sensory faculties are on ghaib (disappear) and shuhood (appear).


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