APRIL 2014- The expression of affection

Choose friends with care; only those who deserve your friendship. It is as important to continue friendship with good people as choosing them for your friendship. Friends are best companions. One must not feel bored in their company; they should also feel happy in your company. This is a praiseworthy human trait to recreate and rejoice with friends and good friends maintain dignity, honour and moderation during recreation and amusement. If you care for someone, it is important to sometimes express your affection. The expression of affection brings people closer and produces sentiments of purity and sincerity. These sentiments influence practical lives. It is also important to serve your friends selflessly. This will strengthen your relations with them.

When we consider the qualities of Allah, we come to know that one of the most important qualities of Allah is to serve His creature. When His servant serves His creature, Allah opens the gates of eternal blessings on him and ultimately the whole world bows before him. Our elders have always tried to raise the status of those who are younger in age. They always liked for their friends what they liked for themselves.

Allah loves those who benefit His creature. Let us pray our God, “O Lord remove all impurities including enmity, envy, arrogance, jealousy and spite from our hearts. O Allah unite our hearts and enable us to live in peace, unity, solidarity so that an exemplary Islamic spiritual society could come into being”.

Always recite the following prayer of the Holy Quran:

“O Lord forgive us and our brothers who have preceded us in belief. Eradicate malevolence and jealousy among our hearts. O Lord, You are Merciful and Caretaker” (59:10)

When we consider countless qualities of Allah, we find the qualities of kindness and mercifulness as the most prominent ones. As Creator, He has given us numerous rewards. His creature in skies and earth continues to praise Him.

Parents become a medium to bring a baby to this world. Later, the responsibility for rearing up a baby is accorded to mothers. They become media to bring a baby from absence to existence. This medium exists on such quantities that every minute, day and night, something is disappearing and something else is appearing. The child is growing up.

After 90 days, a new face emerges out of nothingness. Day and night, motherly love and fatherly affection provide resources and ultimately invisible stuff appears with a soft body from darkness to light. Whosoever looks at him, feels happiness. When mother first sees their baby, they forget their pains and feel indescribable relief and happiness.

Allah says that mother's love is, in fact, one of the qualities of Allah. Allah loves His servants more than 70 mothers.

Mother provides all the comforts to her babies. She herself suffers but never lets her babies suffer any discomfort. She forgets her pain when it comes to providing comforts to her babies.

As long as the baby is dependent, parents continue to shower their affection on him.

Allah is the only provider. He has provided for the comforts of all the human beings. A woman represents the attributes of God for her babies. This is true for the mothers of all the species.

Time is change in days into nights and vice versa. This means something appears to be changing but nothing is changing. What eyes see is fiction and temporary. Everything fictitious is subject to change; yet there is no change in reality, the way of Allah (Allah's Sunnah).

Fiction is temporary. Material body is nothing but a phased destruction.

What remains and what will happen if the manifested doesn't disappear and the hidden doesn't manifest itself through this world?

Think about it. Write your views on a piece of paper and send us your comments and questions. We will try to reply.


Allah Hafiz




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