The system of the universe is established upon the vibration of waves, When there is the slightest indication of movement, vibrations spread across the vertical and horizontal lines of the universal graph. The images that appear in the waves are equivalent to the proportions of the vibrations and how far they reach. When the vibrations are subtle, the movement remains hidden from the illusory senses, however, when the vibrations are dense, the senses feel the movement. This introduction brings clarity on two things,

1. Movement exists everywhere.

2. What is considered the unseen is a movement that is free from the

limited senses.

Senses are vital in identifying things. If the direction of the senses is towards the earth, then forget getting out of the edges of the earth, they remain limited in the atmosphere of the earth to a great extent. Earth is made of senses in which the gravitational force is higher, For example, if the atmosphere on earth is extended up to two hundred miles, after which another zone begins, then within these two hundred miles, the reach of the limited senses is only up to a mile or less.

The inner. eye observes that the population of jinn resides two hundred miles above the earth. If the senses cover the distance of two hundred miles, we can enter the world of the jinn while remaining on earth. We can listen to the sounds, observe. the routines, and feel the atmosphere that is there as if we are watching a movie on a screen.

The distance that prevails in the universe is not physical distance, rather, it is caused by the ability to feel. Let us consider that there are ten people in a room; while one amongst them smells a fragrance or a stench, the others in the room do not. In this same way, if the reach of one's senses is more, even the voices that are afar, seem closer. However, when the reach of the senses is less, even the sounds in the. vicinity feel distant. How can we reduce the distance that is caused by the senses?

When we are busy at work, a memory of a friend who lives far away from us comes to. mind, and we become focused upon it

1. Is it not possible that our friend thought about us first, or our subconscious shifted our focus to them?

2, Regardless of who thought of whom first, mankind has the ability to accept the frequency of individuals that are at a distance and also tend their own frequencies to them.

3. Mankind can feel the waves that run across. miles while living in the atmosphere of the earth, however, they are unaware of the population of jinn that is two hundred miles away from the earth.

If memory is thousands of miles away, the vibrations also travel thousands of miles to reach us.

Observe it in the layers of the mind; it is only one sense, "feeling that has reached out to a friend. The sense of sight and hearing did not work directly, they remained surrendered to the sense of feeling One remembered a friend, felt their existence, but could not comprehend what the friend was doing at that moment. In this case, the picture of the friend that is displayed on the screen of one's. mind, and the voice that rings in their ears, are both of the past, One observes the friend as per the knowledge of the past that is recorded in their mind. *

The feelings worked directly, however, only for a limited period.  Thereafter, the mind 'was lost in interpretation. Instead of maintaining continuity in the frequency of feelings, the thought of where the friend is and what they may be doing began to dominate. The frequency that appeared, remained where it was -and now, the journey begins on illusion. Is this not adulteration of thought?

The difference between thought and dream is that mankind does not interpret in their dreams, they travel on. the frequency of thought (movement) at incomprehensible speed aid cover distances of unaccountable miles. All the senses travel together. Have we contemplated how we travel from one place to another in an unfathomable time in our dreams? It is by dissolving in the waves. This is because the distances of time and space are of no significance to the waves.

Law: When one thinks of a destination in their dreams, they are transferred into the waves and reach that place. This mode of travel is possible only by dissolving into the waves. Operative within this is the law that was used by Asíf bin Barkhiya, the man with the knowledge of  “The Book” in the court of Prophet Solomon (PBUH). The country Saba was about 1500 miles away and Asif bin Barkhiya presented the queen of Saba's throne in the court of Prophet Solomon (PBUH) in less than the blink of an eye.

The senses travel through a medium. The range of perception increases when we are familiar with. the medium. If the medium is materialistic, then even if a thin paper is placed in front of one's eyes, the journey stops, However, if the medium is light, then it creates an ability to dissolve in the wave, and as the journey is through Noor (a stage of  Divine light), the worlds beyond the dreams are revealed.

The distance in the universe is not between the zones, rather, it is in between the senses. Just as the waves established a connection with a friend who was miles away, but, the mind that was unaware of these waves tried to interpret the thoughts and lost the connection. If the mind was focused on the frequencies of the feeling instead of trying to interpret, there was a possibility that the reach of their hearing would increase and they would hear voices that are miles away, and the mechanism of sight that can see across miles would be activated, just as it is in dreams.

One sense is: operative in the. materiality and the other in the waves. Being able to feel a friend at far distances reveals to us that the distance is not in the dimensions of the earth, it is in the lack of awareness of the senses of waves. Else the

In the mirror of the heart,

Is the image of the beloved,

A neck bent slight,

Leads us to witness it.

Cherished friends! We say that we are thirsty; thirst is information of the inner that needs to be quenched. The point is that after thirst, the veil that is upon the phenomenon lifts, and this veil is a manifestation of inspiration, thought, and observation. You have read the mechanism of thought and observation in the Message of the Day. While keeping the three experiences before you, turnover the veils inside the mind and let us know. what mechanism operates when accepting a thought?


May God protect you,





Topic from Qalandar Shaoor Monthly