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 For observation light appears as light and darkness as dark object. Light is termed as an object or resource which illuminates other objects and enables vision to observe whether it is light or darkness. One can exemplify many animals or beings which are able to see in night as bright as in daylight for other beings. Same is true for vice versa. In fact, light enables awareness to environmental or distant objects.

One can define a vision, if light is considered to be necessary to distinguish darkness or other way around. Awareness is an entity-exhibits two opposite folds. An individual achieves awareness after he is absorbed in the object. Allah said,

"As for those who strive in Our way, We will certainly take them onto Our paths." (Quran, 6:69)

One may contemplate on the word '14' (fee na) which indicates the roots of any perceivable phenomenon.

The conscious of night is darkness that is why it is perceived as a dark object. Similarly, day light is perceived in terms of white, light orange or red hues. If vision concentrate consciously night, it will appear as dark. Appearing dark implies that one has absorbed in night consciously. Which evolves an intimacy between the two that is observer and illuminated media. Thus, intimacy allows an individual to observe objects in the darkness like a bright daylight. Despite the darkness, intimacy into it reveals upon them a bright universe. Intimacy to darkness reveals upon an individual a key principle of observation and darkness is a bright universe. (Read underlined statement thrice)

One cannot be aware of nature of problems, until he himself has gone through it. When we watch someone in pain, we overwhelm with exact feelings of pain, when we were going through it. Children become aware of pain bear by their parents during their nurturing only when they themselves go through it, that is become parents.

One cannot identify things present inside a house, until he himself enters inside the house. It may be said, a person enters in a house or a house is overwhelmed on a person. Though they appear similar, but there is a tenuous difference between the two statements.


A sun glance of an observer unconsciously overwhelmed with the reality of sun. It means that our inner conscious is completely aware of solar system. They can identify all the attributes associated with the sun. The reality of sun is revealed when we habitually observe inwards rather than following conventional way of observation.

Water wets any object. However, if object does not get wet, it implies the fact that intimation between the object and water has not produced.

1.       If we throw an object in fire, it bums up.

2.     If it does not burn, it means object has not accepted the attribute of fire.

3.     When fire overwhelms something, it bums it up in first place.

4.     The lack of intimacy between the fire and object protects object to get bum.

5.     Divine fabrication into fire inverts the dominant attributes of fire, and the cool-aspect of fire appears as ice.


An observation of tree leads visional intimacy to see a tree. A deep con­templation surfaces the hidden attributes of an object-shape of tree appears before us. It means we see the observations made by tree-self. In other words, a deep inwards concentration enables the appearance of an object i.e., phenomenon appears as inside out rather than the conventional form of observation. For example Zayed is your close friend. Despite the high intimacy, you cannot tell what is inside him. You would know, until he tells you otherwise. Similarly a tree knows his self.

The law of awareness among the Allah's creations invoke awareness to each other under similar principle as mentioned above. How one can narrate the awareness to personality of Allah, which is infinite, as if all trees become pens and seven oceans like an ocean become their ink-Allah's attributes are uncountable. It is said:

"No vision can comprehend Him, and He comprehends all visions." (Quran, 6:103)

Turning into the inner world is ignorance to external world. Ignorance here does not mean the nullification of the external world, but intentionally focusing on the inner senses. State of awakening is nullification of state of asleep and vice versa. To nullify the senses active during the awakening (mostly day time) is followed by overwhelming senses of state of asleep (mostly night time). The zone where state of asleep dominates is called rooyat.

Conscious state is in the control of unconscious state. When unconscious state lets conscious state free, it appears as a state of awakening. When state of conscious (state of awakening) ceases to exist, then inner-self is activated. Therefore, if vision is focused in state of awakening, it aims to the capabilities pertained by conscious state and vice versa. It is mentioned in Quran:

"My prayer, my offering, my life and my death are for Allah, the Lord of all the worlds." (Quran, 6:162)

Aforementioned verse reflects the phenomenon of refraining or adaptation of various states mentioned above, which ultimately overwhelms every being.

Relation, sacrifice, life, death are all various aspects of being alive. Deen (way of bearing life) and our world are not separate entities, rather both are intertwined into each other. A man should mandate himself to fulfil the necessities of living a life, but all acts should be for Allah.

Salat (prayer) is a media of communication. The process of communication are stages to get connected.

Example: While watching TV if one's focus is somewhere else, one cannot imagine what appears on the screen. It may be noticed, the purpose of watching screen may be enjoying some soap, enjoying time or getting awareness to news. If a person is watching TV to let time pass, he will never get attention to what is displayed on TV. Similarly, the purpose of watching a documentary on TV is to gain some knowledge about some topic rather than just enjoying like a drama or movie. Therefore, if one like to take benefit of whole documentary, he has to pay full attention to both what is displayed, and what is being said.

Same principle is true for the unconscious world. When one intends to establish connection with Allah through a methodology, he merely passes time with any awareness to communication outcomes. The prophet and friends of Allah have insisted on to fulfil any activity with care of Allah. They aim to getting close to Allah.

Nearness-a sacrifice. There is no accomplishment without sacrifice. Sacrifice demands time, distance, ages and emotional tendencies. Eventually it leads to the purpose of life. If one aims to Allah, then gestures of life and death shape every act of life with care of Allah. Allah said,

"As for those who strive in Our way, We will certainly take them onto Our paths." (Quran, 6:69)

If one contemplates on the attributes of Allah deeply, as per His principle, He reveals ways towards Himself. All creature and beings are reflection of Allah's attributes. Whole universe is manifested in line with the order of Allah. Therefore focusing gradually on the order, its manifestation and correlation with Allah's attributes reveal upon one's self the crux of Allah's attributes. A man can become aware of himself and his purpose in the larger canvass of universe.

If an object lacks in motion, it is considered as dead, whereas it is not. A dead body is scattering of its composed components. The composition is its life.

Dear readers take a moment to think over what has just been mentioned above and how did you interpret it?

The Creator of universe has countless programs in His mind. He activated a program of life, started with 'Kun', that is 'to be'. It is an order to be implemented, manifested into creations. All the minutiae of every creation came into being to complete the process of manifestation. Heavens, Earth and Skies came into being. After the process completed, Allah introduced Himself as 'الست بربکم' (Am I not your Caretaker?)

1.       'Kun' is manifested as where every individual being of universe including angels, jinn and human being perceived themselves over the matrix of universe.

2.       In first stage of creation, all beings are enabled with listening voice of Allah.

3.       Followed by the voice, all beings saw Allah themselves, that is the visionary capabilities blessed by Allah were enabled.

4.       Conceded-“قالوا بلیٰ ”,they replied,'Yes, indeed You are our Care

taker'. Being Caretaker means Allah is the sole owner of all activities in life, growth and death of all individual beings. All beings conceded the fact followed by solemn pledge of being obedient.


Analysis: The foundation of creation is to give up one's self, that is it is composed of both positive and negative aspect of concession. It means that act of adaptation or refraining are completely left to someone's will. The acceptance and rejection are two folds of Adam (PBUH), which lead to perform all deeds favoured by Allah and refrain from all deeds not favoured by Allah.

It is mandatory to nullify and then accept, before embracing Islam.

لا الٰہ--there is no one else الا اللہ -but Allah

لا الٰہ --is       negation      الا اللہ -is to accede Him

Prayer, fasting, Haj, zakat and following life of Prophet (PBUH) are favoured by Allah.

 On the contrary doubt, illusions, whims, acts against the life of Prophet (PBUH) are disliked by Allah.

-- --

All religious rituals belong to negation of self. The purpose of performing these rituals is to refrain from fictitious aspects of life such as doubt, illusions etc. and adhere to all deeds care of Allah. Resources are in absolute possession of Allah. The right way of using these resources is, to consider them blessing from Allah and be humiliated to thank before Him.

Fasting (روزہ )--is a program of refraining one's self at the care of Allah, that is for Allah. Obedience leads to a realm of certainty and belief in Allah. It is narrated in Hadith Qudsi that Allah says,

"Fasting is for me and I am its reward."

Eid is reward from Allah to bless the ritual of fasting. Eid is celebrated collectively. Eid Mubarak to All of you. It is my humble request to pray Eid Salat with your children and give them Eid gifts on behalf of me.

Allah Hafiz



1.     Light is perceived as light, while darkness as dark; whereas     darkness is also (a form of) light.

2.     Being awareness to darkness, does not imply reduction of darkness-rather its awareness with the proportionate formulae of darkness.

3.      An un-bumed object is not accepting the attributes of fire.

4.      To see a tree, is actually seen through the tree.

5.     To wake up in day is nullification of night, while to wake up in night is nullification of day.

6.      An immobile object is considered as dead, whereas it is not a dead body.

7.      To refrain from something are two folds of acceptance and rejection as: لا الٰہ-is negation الا اللہ –is to accede Allah.

8.      Allah is the reward for fasting (روزہ).


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