The Earth rotates in its orbit while moving forward in a circular motion. Though moving forward is considered longitudinal movement, travelling in a circular motion is axial rotation. These two angles of rotation are transferred to every creature that is inside, outside, above, and below the earth. The life of the waves of the sea, the clouds floating in the atmosphere, and the creatures of land and water, all move forward in a circle. The axial movement provides energy to life, while the longitudinal movement keeps the cycle of change ongoing. However, the system of rotation is established upon the circle because the energy that is needed to meet the needs of life is fulfilled by the axil rotation.

Example: If the space of a person's lifespan is set at 70 years, they arrive into this world with the energy of 70 years, pass through childhood and adolescence, and then enter into adulthood. That is, the energy of childhood and adolescence is already stored inside them, and they, by using it excessively or sparingly, move towards old age. The stock of energy continues to deplete, and in the end, the needle comes to a standstill at the mark of 70 years. Due to the speed of the vehicle and unnecessary journeys during travel, the petrol (life) is overspent. If one does not drive their car in moderation, the fuel of 70 years can be consumed in 40-50 years.

When we notice childhood to adolescence, adolescence to adulthood, and adulthood to old age, we feel that a child is moving forward, while in reality, their life is moving between 0 and 70. When one completes the circle of life in this world, they are transferred into another world. That is, one comes out of one circle and enters another circle.

It is interesting to note that in a circle, the status of 0 and 70 are the same. The energy of 70 years is stored within 0. When the needle of energy comes back to the point from where it had started, the 70 years become 0 again. Think with an open mind, what does this mean?

In every mode, life operates on axial and longitudinal rotations. One rotation connects a person to the conscious while the other connects them to the subconscious. Life arrives from the subconscious and becomes apparent in the conscious, in this same way, the axial rotation makes itself apparent in the longitudinal rotation.

It is thought that waves are moving forward, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, the caravan of clouds is nomadic, the arrows come straight out of the bow, a tree trunk rises upwards, the mountains are erect like triangles, line is straight and the longitudinal movement is dominant in everything

Sit on the shore and watch the waves with great focus. As the waves move forward, it seems like they are in longitudinal movement, however, they, like a spring, enter a circle one after another and move towards the shore. The circle generates energy in the waves, and this energy increases and decreases-it decreases in a way that a wave moves towards the shore and the circular form becomes subservient, allowing the wave to silently slither back into the sea.

Mountains appear to be triangles or half circles upon the earth. However, the presence of mountains is far greater underground than it is above it. When the inside and outside of a mountain meet, they complete the circle of the mountain.

Though the trunk of a tree goes up in a straight line, it is surrounded by a circle. The trunk is circular in shape. If the trunk is chopped in between, then the circles are clearly visible inside.

A tree shoots up tall in direct proportion to the number of circles it has. The truth is that the journey of a tree begins with a seed and ends with a seed. A new tree births out of this seed, it flowers, fruits come out of these flowers, and the seed is hidden within the fruit. The last thing that is manifested through a tree is fruit. After a seed opens under the earth, it becomes visible on the outside on earth for the second time when the tree bears fruit. The seed was concealed until the tree bore fruits-a tree is a journey from seed to seed.

Though a line seems straight, on a screen, one can observe the number of circles and dots that are present inside it. The line and all the forms created by these lines are a collection of dots. What we mean to say is that life is operating on axial and longitudinal rotations. The longitudinal rotation is in fact, the axial rotation, however, due to the point of view that is based on fiction, we have assumed the axial rotation to be longitudinal. To understand this, read the examples given in the Message of the Day with great focus.

Another example of axial and longitudinal rotation is a spinning top. Those who have operated one of these toys in their childhood know and those who do not, may try and experience it. A rope is wound around the tip of the top and it is thrown with a specific jerk. The rope remains in one's hand as the top spins on the ground. While spinning, the to does not remain in one place, rather, it moves forward.

The point is that the tip of the top does not travel straight, rather, it is tilted. This tilt creates a circle. To travel in a circle, it is important that the longitudinal movement is tilted, or else the thing in motion does not return to its point of origin. Although this state of rotation is present in every creation, even a person with only general awareness can see this phenomenon clearly when observing a spinning top.

The Earth moves at a certain speed in both axial and longitudinal rotation and the axis of the Earth is slightly tilted towards the north. Due to the tilt, the rotation continues in a circle, and it is due to this that there is a system of day and night on Earth, else there would be no change in seasons, causing a threat to the life that exists on Earth. Be it the life of Earth or that of the creatures that live upon it, they all move forward in a circle. They consistently move in the direction from where they arrived from. If this was not the case, the connection of life with its source would be cut off. It-is stated in the Divine Book, the Holy Quran:

"Lo! we are God's and lo! unto Him we are returning. "

(Quran, 2:156)

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