A void is essential for vision. Before the genesis, all beings were unaware of their selves and others' selves. Then, there was genesis of distance, that is space came into being. All Beings saw the Creator of universe, followed by presence of themselves and later others.

1.             Universe came into being from nothingness, time and space were created. Allah said, " الست بربکم" (Am I not your Lord?). Senses of beings were enabled. Firstly, being was enabled with listening, hence another space is created.

2.             The first instance of space was the first instance of genesis of universe- reflection of Allah's mind, when He said 'کن' (Be).

3.             The vision was enabled followed by attention towards the source of voice.

4.             Awareness to Creator of universe - Allah, was enabled next.

5.             Beings' consent to Allah, enabled the fifth sense of distance that is speech.

Gradually, faculty of other senses was enabled, hence became an introduction between the Creator and creation. In other words, distance is successively grown. There was a real instant (of time) when the voice was heard, attention was projected. Observation, perception occurred and consent was made.


Faculties of senses cannot be differentiated in a voice. It depends on the awareness, how to differentiate. Despite the singularity of voice, it takes a while for conscious to grasp the concealed meaning in the voice, due to its profound nature of interpretation. Interpretation of voice is done over the successive moments. This division over moments provides successive awareness.

When a teacher teaches a law, it is not revealed at the very moment. However, a consent or denial reflects the interpretation, marked as a state of awareness.

Primary hindrance in clear interpretation at the very first moment is centuries long evolved conscious growth. That is evolved successively over grandees, family and individual growth to interpret the voice. The interpretation of whatever is concealed in the voice becomes observation, when it is merged onto mind. The state of mergence is closeness.


A teacher can define a law loudly or merely depict same on the white board and be quiet. Though he is silent, but picture narrates itself and we become aware of the content of picture.

When a teacher teaches a law. In case, if its interpretation is not depicted on mind, he exemplifies it. However, if it is depicted in line with the voice, examples are no longer required.

It indicates, a successive understanding is a space.

What is the distance and a space _7 A void, and a void is a light. Light is existence.

Void = Light = Existence

In general, a void is lacked of any shape. There is not a single object in the universe without a shape. Space is a zone, where physiological eye lacks in observing any object. The unconscious vision perceives void as network of light pertaining a shape. What is void to eye, is the limitation of visionary system or conscious observation. This limit is termed as void or vacuum. When Nigah (internal vision) is enabled , networks of light appear before it. It leads to awareness of another conscious, called unconscious. Conventional conscious follows the unconscious.

A lover of the Prophet (PBUH)- Allama Iqbal articulated in poetry as: There are various worlds beyond the stars

More tests of love are yet to come

This vast space does not lack life

Hundreds of other caravans are here

Do not be content with the world of color and smell

There are other gardens, there are other nests too

What is a worry if one nest is lost?

There are other places to sigh and cry for!

You are a falcon, flight is your vocation

You have other skies stretching out before you

Do not let mere day and night ensnare you

There are other times and spaces belong to you


When we stare at something- it appears before us. However, we do not seek the reason behind the visibility and invisibility of object, when we observe them attentively or inattentively?

In principle, void has existence, which segregates between the two entities.

It is mandatory to understand the intricacies behind any phenomenon, no matter how trivial is the nature of phenomenon. It is mentioned in Quran Kareem,

"Nothing in the heavens and in the earth, even to the measure of a particle, can escape Him, nor is there anything smaller than that or bigger, but it is recorded in a manifest book." (Quran, 34:3)


When we take something in account, we become aware of it or in other words observations are conveyed to the mind of observer. That is observer observes the object by transforming himself into the object's self. We cannot observe the characteristics of moon, until we transform our self into moon's self or moon's attributes.


To see each other, space between the objects is mandatory, if Hamid sees Mehmood, there must be space between two of them. When we see mirror, we look at ourself in mirror, or we look at our reflection in mirror. It means that we do not see ourself, rather how mirror is looking at us. Mirror acts as a space, where reflection is formed. If there is no reflection, there would be no appearance of us in mirror.

There is always a space between two consecutive frames on movie spool stripes. Otherwise all frames would merge into each other. Each frame has distinct shape to be projected on cinema screen. Whether it is space between two consecutive frames or within a frame itself, both exist in a predefined proportion, which maintains their individual identity.

Two consecutive words are also void of continuity, whether it is between words in a sentence or a word itself. It is the void of continuity, which allows us to utter and understand sensibly each alphabet in a word or a sentence explicitly and clearly. However, in colloquial flow we do not notice this slight gap.

Law: Without a void of continuity, neither the time and space would be considered nor the speaker or listener would be able to comprehend what is uttered!


Ladies and gentlemen! You may draw a sketch on a plane white paper. Fill colors around the sketch. One can easily identify the sketch surrounded by the color. If we wipe out all colors around the sketch, there would be no sketch, rather a plane white paper. Colors around the sketch resemble the light. Allah's knowledge has surrounded each object in the universe, as colors did around sketch on paper.


An observer observes the portion of paper void of color that is sketched. These sketches are termed as moon, sun, earth, sky, mountain, meadows, rivers, oceans etc.

When we see an ocean, we utter, 'it is an ocean'. It is similar to drawing an ocean sketch on a paper surrounded with colors.

In our daily life, while walking through a corridor with glass partition, we become cautious of presence of transparent glass due to a red circle pasted on it. In the absence of this red circle, sometimes people hit the glass and get injuries.


Life is void at one fold and closeness on other fold. Allah said,

"We certainly belong to Allah, and to Him we are bound to return."

(Quran, 2:156)

At one fold, void is successively appearing and at the other fold, it is gradually diminishing. Both actions are performed simultaneously. It increases, when an object moves away from the core and vice versa. But it is never devoid of space. A mother hugs her child, apparently there is no gap, but it does exist.

Closeness is an act of successive devoid. When we think of someone, we are void of his presence, which we try to fill up by thinking of him. It is upto an individual whether he fills his void up by worldly filth or by Allah's Noor (a special kind of light, which is base of universe - extremely lighter than the conventional light).


Dear ladies and gentlemen! You have listened 'Message of the Day'. Though you listened it by reading to yourself. A viewpoint from teachings of Murshid-e-Kareem Abdaal-e-Haq Huzoor Qalandar Baba Auliya (RA) is presented before you. There are various queries raised in 'Message of the Day'. Read the article thoroughly twice or thrice, it will unveil many cogent points upon mind. If you are unable to comprehend something, write to 'Monthly Qalandar Shaoor'.


Allah Hafiz

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