DEC 2014- Leaves Do Talk To Each Other

Two tree leaves are lying on a table. Apparently, they appear similar but one can observe their differences too although they might belong to the same tree.

Trees speak to each other. They are affected by good or bad characters of people as well as music. In each human, two kinds of senses function all the time. One of the kinds keeps humans incarcerated within time and space and the other kind does not impose any such limitations and human being can observe worlds beyond material world. In fact, these two kinds of senses are functional in all creatures.

When the leaf saw me observe its nature, it said: 0 son of Adam, my ancestors had mentioned that the human beings received God's best reward which other creatures had not.

Having created this Universe, Allah desired to bestow His trust on one of his creatures. He addressed His creatures and asked, "Is there anyone who could bear the burden of Our trust."

All the creatures said with one voice, "We are too weak to be worthy of this trust".

But Adam willingly accepted this trust. Today the same Adam who was considered honoured among all creatures has turned against himself. He is a source of discomfort for other creatures instead of comfort. His actions create new issues and problems every day. These issues are deadly for life. The lure of development and growth has created a screen that hides diseases such as insomnia, tumor, high blood pressure, kidney failure and many unknown deadly ailments.

In good old times, when a patient would recover from a disease, the doctor would destroy the prescription for ever. Now, the patient feels himself perpetually sick. Medicines are taken as food. Even at the initial stage of treatment the patient is told that he would have to take medicines forever. Earlier, doctors would wait for patients in their clinics; now it is other way round.

Birds, animals and other creatures of Allah fall sick but they do not become permanent customers of doctors.

I can say out of the experience of almost 90 years of age that no animal ever needed medical accessories such as spectacles, hearing aid or pace maker. One can smile at this example.

History bears witness that animal never invented or used lethal weapons against their own kind.

Dear readers, at times the author feels emotional. You too feel likewise and forget other things. There is a difference between a man and a human being. While humans get to know the reality, men continue to struggle with confusion.

Leaves do talk to each other. When they talk about the honour bestowed on the progeny of Adam, they laugh at them. They wonder at the understanding of man who considers leaves as deaf and dumb without realizing the difference between chattering and understanding. The leaves recall the faithfulness of their elders whom they consider more obedient to their Creator than man's forefathers. Their elders had understood fully well that accepting Allah's trust and then avoiding responsibilities to that trust and ignoring benefits of this reward would be nothing short of ingratitude. And the peoples who are not grateful are destroyed. Their lives are poisoned and they are fully defeated. They usually have everything but they beg favours from others.

Having heard leaves, I was stunned and speechless. My brain stopped functioning. After a while, I asked myself, "are trees rational too like human beings?" Leaves laughed at my thought and remarked that the ability to accept and reject something testifies one's rationality Dear readers, what do you understand by this?

Born out of barbarity, bloodshed, carnage, dishonesty, prejudices, discrimination, egocentricity and injustice, this ancient story tells us that we (leaves) are more intelligent and rational than man. We know that mankind is more ignorant and unjust than trees and the Nobel Quran too indicates this.

"Indeed, we offered the Trust to the heavens and the earth and the mountains, and they declined to bear it and feared it; but man [undertook to] bear it. Indeed, he was unjust and ignorant." (33:72)

Isn't it injustice that your home is decorated with beautiful things which are for your use. But man has become their slave. Isn't it an injustice that this Universe has been subdued for man but man is still imprisoned, dying and living and living to die? Instead of brightening the whole world with his inner light, man wants to darken it. My eyes became wet and I felt a pain in my heart and all of a sudden I said I wish I were a tree leaf.

May I ask my readers whether they agree with whatever has been written here?


Allah Hafiz




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