SEP 2013- Lifes Trumpet


Life's trumpet

makes no sound when played


Sounds are sensed by everyone; even those who do not apparently have the capacity to hear. Whatever  we say is recorded.  As per Allah's law, wavelengths of sound continue to travel infinitely. It is not yet known as to where do the sounds come from and why do they continue to travel?

The waves of sounds; their ebb and flow constitute a complete science.

Like other things, flute too produces sounds of wail and cry.

Listen, to flute! Think, what it is saying!

Flute is wailing and weeping at its separation from its community. It goes around crying and lamenting in pains of separation; it needs a medium, a heart that is filled with pain too, so that this medium could help it amplify pain it is making and let everyone know of it.

Maulana Rum beautifully uses the symbol of flute to express the pain of severance and parting.

The sound of flute as it is heard is just a reflection of inner sound,

This sound comes from the depth of heart,

Whose sound is this?

Sound of inner conscious or the sound of the beloved,

The sound of separation or the sound of the desire to unite with the beloved, the sound is desiring to see the beloved

Maulana Rum says:

Man is perception; the rest is skin

Perception is the perception of God.

This is also the message of Allah's friends.

Flute was residing with its family in a verdant forest under blue skies with colourful flowers on land, planted rows after rows and the air of laden with scent and perfumes of flowers  and musk.

During the day, birds sang songs, broad eyed deer hopped around on the land bedecked with shimmering white and blue streams, rivers and seas. Soft breeze would induce deep sleep and Milky Way would adorn blue skies.

Flute is saying that once it was happily relaxing with its family a man with a hideous countenance came, separated it from them and enslaved it. That man carved holes in its body with a sharp tool. He didn't stop there but damaged its face and made it look like a snake hood.

Flute is telling its story, the story of a pained soul removed from its family. It doesn't even know its real homeland and where have its family and tribe disappeared.

The pitiless man wounded its body. When he pains it by blowing wind through its holes. flute wails, weeps and remembers its family.

It wonders why wouldn't one wail, weep and cry if it is severed from its family and tribe.

The flutist blows wind in its body to impress the pained hearts. The flute thanks God for giving man also the pains of separation, removal and severance. He also suffers from the misery that pains flute's heart and torments its family.

Man is not embarrassed for what it did to the flute. But the flute sees that hurt and agony caused by separation (from his loved one) keeps its tormentor restless and agitated too. This doesn't alleviate flute's pain yet it knows that the heart of tormentor is also aching.


Allah Hafiz




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