To brighten up the universe, nature has made every creation colourful and expressed this colourfulness through water, and for the manifestation of water, it created the earth. Every world has its own earth, and all these earths are inhabited in space.

Life on earth begins through water, which has all the colours of life in It, and these colours have the formulae of creation in them. In addition to this, all that is needed for the development of creatures is also stored in Water. Water, which is termed "Maa" in the Holy Quran, manifests with All its features in every mould.

The earth is a collective mould for all creations. When it rains, the images of creations that are within the water enter into their respective moulds inside the earth. For example, the image of a mango goes into the mould of a mango and the image of a rose enters into its own mould; the same is the case with the mountains. Similarly, the particles of iron and petrol flow in their respective moulds and an elephant has its own separate mould too. Just like every other creature, the mould of mankind is also inside the earth. Therefore, the foundation upon which everything is nourished and manifests is called earth.

Water is blessing of God. One that while the water of an ocean is bitter, the water of a well is either salty or sweet. Then there is the murky water of the rivers, or the water of the springs that is pure and sparkling. Water flows as blood in the arteries and veins of every being. All that mankind eats, the quadrupeds graze, the birds peck at, the fish breathe, or the true pearls that form in oysters and the uncountable creations in the universe, are all varied manifestations of water.

Water is life, and disconnection from water is death.

About three-fourths of the earth's surface is covered with water, while, one-fourth of it is, land. However, geologists and those who inhabit the land are well aware that even the dry surface of the earth has water beneath it. Where does this water in the springs that flow out of the mountains, come from? What is the source of the water that flows out when one digs the earth? The deposits of metals and minerals in the earth are also water.

The earth is made up of a material that has the ability to stretch, however, the nature of the earth is to shrink, in order to hold it form shrinking. God Almighty fixed the mountain upon it. That is, the mountains have been used as pegs and inserted into the earth and the stretching of the earth is balanced due to the weight of these mountains. At any point, in the exact opposite direction to the mountains, there will be either equally heavy mountains or any other creation that is equivalent to then, the earth will remain earth.

"And We have placed in the earth firm hils lest it quake with them.” (Quran,21:31)

The mountains are creations like us, and though we see them as heavy and stationary, they give birth and are in varied sizes. They breathe, listen, see, feel, eat, drink, talk, and fly like the clouds. Heaviness is related to density. After descending into this world from paradise, the subtlety of the senses inside us was subdued by density and we became subservient to space. If the density is replaced by subtlety, then one would see the mountains float like clouds.

“And thou seest the hills thou deemest solid flying with the flight of clouds." (Quran,27:88)

The clouds are formed by the condensation of vapour or gases and are made up of small and large voids acting like sponges. Water is stored in these voids. The mention of mountains flying like clouds points to the fact that there are voids in the mountains too in which water is stored.


It is worthy of contemplation that more than half of a mountain is inside the earth, and less than half is above it. The point at which the part of the mountain is above the water is where the creatures of the dry land are inhabited. In the beginning, the population on Earth was less than it is now. Settling on trees, people made pathways between the trees with Wooden planks. Thereafter, life move1on to the mountains and caves Time rolled on, and the paths between the mountains flattened to become towns and cities. Soon, wherever the chains of mountains were far from each other, the seas become the routes for travel, seeing the network of roads and the novelty in construction that is there today, very few people give a thought to the fact that just like in the past, even to this day, the civilisations are settled in the mountains.

What we understand as earth, are the peaks of mountains that have been flattened for the population. The original earth is that upon which the mountain ranges stand and the oceans float. Reaching the earth Means, reaching the edges of the earth, and these edges are beyond the one to learn the hidden knowledge. God Almighty states,

"O company of jinn and men, if ye have power to penetrate (all)regions of the heavens and the earth, then Penetrate (them)! Ye will never penetrate them save With (Our) sanction (Sultan)."(Quran,55:33)

Mankind in ancient times, lived in caves, while mankind in the present times inhabits the high and low mountain peaks. These mountains have deposits of minerals and metals. When the geological experts try to access these minerals and metals, they do not go out of the limits of the earth, nor do they go inside the earth, the just open (dig) the vast surface of the mountains. In some places they find sweet water, iron, copper, gold, other metals, while in other places they find lava. However, after a certain level, the soil of the mountain becomes a veil.

Just like the clouds are a means of storage for the resources in the sky, in the same way, the resources on earth are stored in the mountains. The particles of the metals and minerals that come out of the mountain, such as, iron, copper, and petrol, all emerge out in the rain.

It is stated in the Holy Quran,

“Who hath appointed the earth a resting-place for you, and the sky a canopy; and causeth water to pour down from the sky, there by producing fruits as food for you. And do not set up rivals to God when ye know (better).” (Quran,2:22)

Eras pass, however, time remains present in every era. On the timelines of earth, the period when the waters of the oceans will enter the dry lands is present. When the oceans become dry, all the constructions made on the mountains will collapse and life will restart from the caves.


It is said that after every ten thousand years, the water that is present on three-quarters of the Earth changes its place, and the land that was drowned in the past resurfaces in the place of the land that is empty of water. Until when this cycle repeats and for how long it will continue, is entirely dependent upon the programme designed by God Almighty.

In this editorial, you read the verse about the "Sultan" from the Holy Quran.

Sultan is an ability that has been bestowed to mankind on Roz-e Azal* and it was manifested in paradise. After leaving paradise, a veil was drawn over it.

Ladies and gentlemen! Let us ponder upon this and make the subconscious our travel partner in this contemplation.

God Almighty stated to Adam, "Eat happily from wherever you want in paradise, however, do not go close to a tree, else, you will be counted amongst the wrongdoers. "However, the action that was forbidden was Committed, and Adam came to this world from paradise. The ordinance of God Almighty is constant, therefore, if mankind does not reject being disobedient to the ordinance of God, then for them, paradise becomes Questionable.

Respected sisters, brothers, children, and elders! This world is temporary; it is from God and is returning to God. Only those who have accepted the path of obedience will be honoured in the court of God.

Please write down all your actions from dawn until the time you go to Sleep, and then note how many actions among them are worthy of being accepted by God and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and how many of them are otherwise?

In the last Holy Book, the Quran, it is stated,

“O company of jinn and men, if ye have power to penetrate (all) regions of the heavens and the earth, then Penetrate (them)! Ye will never penetrate them save With (Our) sanction (Sultan)." (Quran,55:33)


May God protect you.





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