Mankind is in search of knowledge, however, they are knowledge themselves. God created the statue of Adam (PBUH)and within its structure placed all those attributes through which mankind can attain the knowledge of the formulae of creation. Mankind is a statue made out of innumerable waves. What we think of as dust, is a collection of waves and that which we call light is also a wave. The waves are threads interwoven as warp and weft, which create layers, and these layers are garments. Each of these layers emits different frequencies of energy, there by activating movement- until there is energy, the threads of the garment remain integrated. The layer, be it of dust, colour, or light, is made of waves, and waves are knowledge. Therefore, humans, formed out of these waves are also knowledge.

When humans think of knowledge as separate from them, fictional point of views are created and When they think of themselves as knowledge and contemplate themselves, they realise that they are the universe themselves. God created mankind as Ahsan-e-Taqweem (best of the best stature)-that is, created out of the best proportions. Humans are bestowed with the inheritance of Father Adam (PBUH). There are as many layers as there are worlds in this universe. Each layer is a garment of some world. As humans are Ahsan-e-Taqweem, every layer (garment) in the universe is present in them, and they can enter any world through this knowledge. In the world of dust, they wear the garment of dust and after their death, they are transferred to the Aaraf (hereafter)and wear the garment of that realm.

Whatever exists is nothing but knowledge. Seeing, hearing, understanding, and speaking are all branches of knowledge. The sight observes something when one has knowledge of it, however, if there is no knowledge then the sight does not see, Every creature is made out of waves; however, we are unable to see the waves because we do not want to learn the knowledge of the waves.

There are three stages of knowledge:

1. IIm-ul-Yaqeen (Certitude of Knowledge)

2. Ain-ul-Yaqeen (Certitude of Sight)

3. Haq-ul-Yaqeen (Absolute Certitude)

In all three stages, knowledge is subject to certitude. If one does not have the right information on the existence of something, or if they have not seen it as it is in reality, and they are unaware of its creative formulae, then their knowledge becomes illusory. Illusory knowledge is that which takes mankind far from reality and they see what does not exist. Unless and until mankind sees the world that is within them, hears their inner voice, understands through inner comprehension, and instead speak the language that is not aligned to their inner, they will remain illusory themselves as they are not aware of their own selves.

من عرف نفسہُ فقد عرف ربہُ

(Whoever knows their self, knows their Lord.)

Illusion or reality is not on the outside, it is inside. One thinks that things vary, or that the scenes change, that the day enters the night and the night becomes day, and that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. The truth is that the scenes do not change, rather, the mind of the observer changes. The state and composition in which the creations are, are maintained as they are. The reason why we see them change is that we have no knowledge of the foundation upon which day, night, and the other scenes are based.

LAW: When the sight shifts from the foundation, the mind is encased in illusion.

Whatever a person sees, they see inside. Whatever they hear, they hear inside. One is able to see the earth, sky, moon, sun, stars, mountains, plants, flowers, colours, and light on the screen of their mind only when their attributes and the ability to see them are present. This means the status of creatures is nothing but knowledge. Seeing, hearing, understanding, and speaking are branches of knowledge. First, the attributes of the creature are transferred or activated, and it is then that a person sees, or else they do not see. For one to be able to see, it is important to have an attribute of seeing, for one's abilities are related to the attributes. Humans are that knowledge, that was given the awareness of the creative formulae of the universe by God Almighty.

“And hath made of service unto you whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever is in the earth; it is all from Him. Lo! herein verily are portents for a people who reflect. "(Quran, 45:13)

All those things that are visible and invisible are knowledge. A glass of water is placed on a table. Water, glass, and table are all knowledge. By knowledge, it is to say that their formula of creation is different from each other. The identity of the creatures that we see or do not see in the heavens and earth, is nothing but the fact that they are all formulae (knowledge).

Respected readers! Thank you very much. Read the Message of the Day with an open mind. Let the mind be free from illusion.

Humans are knowledge based on innumerable layers; a knowledge that comes from somewhere, appears, and then disappears. When the knowledge descends from its source or record, it passes through all the layers present in the universe. The knowledge becomes apparent to humans in the layer which they experience knowledge consciously, that is, they witness themselves awake in that layer. The remaining layers remain dormant.

Humans are moving from ghaib (unseen) to the zahir (apparent) and to the ghaib again from the time they are born until they die. They arrive from the unseen and are hidden in the unseen. Humans do not reside only in this world, rather, they inhabit all the layers and the worlds that are connected to these layers. Humans are knowledge and their existence is also knowledge, hence, the paths or worlds that they pass through before their appearance on earth (a screen) and enter into the conscious, are the very same paths that they pass through subconsciously too. What would happen if they became aware of their arrival and exit?

Seeing a dream is an example that befits this. In a dream, one eats, drinks, sleeps, wakes up, and sometimes it becomes mandatory upon them to take shower after seeing a wet dream. Likewise, when witnessing a nightmare, one's body trembles and they wake up terrified and drenched in sweat. It is worth contemplating why one is fearful or happy when one watches a dream.

Revered sisters and brothers, honourable friends and elders! The existence of the various worlds is based on the belt of thoughts. There is meaning in every thought. Every meaning operates on two existences or two directions, for example, hot and cold, sweet and sour, pleasant and unpleasant, happiness and sorrow, existence and non-existence, birth and death. Death means, transference. A day-old child and a 60-year-old man keep shifting into time; and after coming out of time, they once again transfer back into time. In the Holy Quran, God Almighty has stated that everything comes from Him and everything goes back to Him.

Honourable ladies and gentlemen! The secrets written by the tip of the pen in the Message of the Day are written through the flow of inspiration. Read them with focus and also hand out photocopies of the same to your friends so that they may read too. May God Almighty accept your service. Amen.


May God protect you. 




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