FEB 2014-Human Dignity


We are not fully aware of the basis of human dignity.

This is a common knowledge that human race began with Hazrat Adam AS. The awareness and knowledge of Hazrat Adam's time was like a baby's awareness today. The immediate progeny of Hazrat Adam AS didn't know about food, shelter and clothes. They used to live on trees and eat wild herbs and shrubs and wear skins of animals and leaves of trees. As human awareness developed, he came out of caves and trees and built a society. Fire was discovered and man entered bronze and Iron Ages and this way continued his progress.

In order to keep man on the right path, Allah sent his messengers to him. The messengers would come to this world and preach Allah's message but as soon as they would die the majority of the human race would again adopt wayward ways. People would change the scriptures for their selfish motives. Due to this, the age of magic and idolatry started. History of sorcery and idolatry informs that an order of precedence used to be observed even among idols. They would revered in accordance with an imaginary relation with an invisible entity.

Despite the practice of worshipping idols or stars or fire, the concept of Allah remained prevalent in all ages. History tells us of Hebrew, Syriac, Homorite, Chaldean and Arab civilizations and their stories. The concept of Allah dominates all these stories. This shows that even in idol worship, Man is constrained to mention an invisible entity.

From Hazrat Adam.AS to Prophet Muhammad (SAW), despite material development, level of human awareness remained abysmally low. In Holy Kaaba there were 360 or 390 idols. It was the height of ignorance that Quraish used to worship idols made of their own hands or sold in the market. They used to fear that if they were irreverent to those idols, their interests would be damaged. Money would be given for their maintenance and animals would be sacrificed in their honour. They would be offered milk but that milk would actually be consumed by stray animals.

The people of other religions had permission to pray in Kaaba as per their beliefs. The Christians and Jews would, therefore, visit Kaaba to pray there. But they had no courage to condemn idols being worshipped by local people.

At that time, plunder and murders on any excuse was quite common. The birth of girl was considered embarrassing. The helpless people or those who would lose a battle would be enslaved. The women of vanquished tribe or nation would be considered as slaves of the victors. These women would be sold and purchased openly after measuring their body parts. Woman whom Allah has given the honour of being mother, sister, daughter and wife would be insulted in every possible manner. Those who would commit crime against women could not realize that if there were no daughters, there would be no human existence on earth.

Awareness transferred from Adam's time to the people of Makkah did not reflect the high values bestowed on human race. The contemporary man was more like an animal.

Before the confirmation of Prophet-hood, the Prophets (SAW) would visit cave of Hira and used to stay there for several days. He would take food with him to the cave. Although this routine would continue for the whole year, before confirmation of prophethood, for five years the Prophets (SAW) especially stayed at the cave of Hira during the month of Ramadan. He would think about the signs of Allah with complete concentration. Interestingly, in Arabic Hira means research and Jabal Noor means "Mountain of Light" and mountain means boundless expanse. Therefore, the Prophets (SAW) would be visiting the cave of Hira in search of boundless light and to delve into the signs of Allah.

At the fifth year, when the Prophet's research was at most critical point, his mind was merged with the point of oneness (Tawheed). This means that he had no other idea but that of Allah. At this stage, Allah sent Angle Hazrat Gabriel?" to him and Islam began to spread.

When the Prophet s.a.w begin to preach Islam, the people of Makkah, due to their limited awareness/consciousness, refused to listen to him and began harassing him. He and to migrate to Madinah.

          As followers of the Prophet (SAW), it is incumbent on us to learn how

to contemplate and act upon the Act (the act he performed) of the Prophet (SAW). The Sunnah of Prophet's actions in the cave of Hira conveys us a message that it is important to find lights concealed in the material objects of this world and contemplate.

          Nations which leave investigation and search are not respected and honoured. Knowledge is the heritage of Muslim Ummah. Muslims today find themselves in an abysmal condition since they have deliberately left the path of evolution of consciousness. Instead, they have embraced decline.

In order to achieve our heritage of knowledge, spend an honourable life and to rise as true followers of the Prophet (SAW) we need to introspect, Our relation with Allah and His Prophet (SAW) should net be weak and restricted to a few words. Love and affection with the Prophet (SAW) demands that we follow the Sunnah of the Prophet (SAW) in the cave and integrate affection for the Prophet (SAW) in our actions and character.

Holy Prophet (peace he upon him) desires spread of knowledge, evolution of consciousness, solidarity, confidence and trust as well as sympathy among his followers.

Allah says: Hold firmly the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided (Al Ouran 3:103)




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