"Solemnly, humanity is at loss, but those who abided

by the teachings of Quran and Prophethood are

exempted from this deficit."

After birth, mankind is associated with three systems,

The first system is where they saw their True Lord and Creator and vowed to fulfils Will.

The second system is the material world, a place of action, or an examination hall.

The third system is where mankind is informed if they succeeded or failed in their exam.

The success of mankind is in being aware that they have pledged before God that He is their Lord and Creator. Those scholars who have knowledge of the unseen state that every individual in mankind is an assemblage of 70, 000 layers. As per the laws of God, when one arrives into the material world, a particular layer dominates them. This layer is a collection of the following characteristics-resistance, rebellion, insecurity, disobedience, ingratitude, thanklessness, haste, doubt, lack of faith, and suspicion. This is the very worldly life that the Quran refers to as the lowest of the low'.

The prophetic teachings point us to the fact that the entire universe is working with two approaches. While one of the approaches is liked by God, the other goes against His liking. The approach that is disliked by God, distances us from Him and is termed, satanic. On the other hand, the thinking pattern that is liked by God brings us closer to Him and is termed as 'Rehmat'(Mercy).

The mind of the seeker on the path of spirituality is ingrained with the fact that their character is defined by their thinking pattern. If one's pattern of thinking is not aligned, then their character will be misaligned too. However, when one's thinking pattern is in accordance with the laws of God, simplicity and righteousness prevail in their life. A person's thoughts will be shallow if their pattern of thinking is superficial.

On the other had. when there is depth in one's thinking pattern, they contemplate to gain awareness of the reality of all creations.

Even though every individual has an inherent pattern of thinking that is aligned to reality, not everyone uses it. Despite being able to see and understand, they take illusions to be true and consider them as reality. When a seeker sets foot in the right direction, the illusory pattern of thinking they received from their parents and society undergoes a transformation.

The type of environment determines the type of impressions that are formed in the mind of a person. The depth in these impressions defines the proportion in which the thinking pattern develops through one's life. If the environment of an individual is filled with characters who exhibit mental complexity, uncertainty, immorality, suppression, and undesirable actions, their life becomes entangled. On the other hand, those who grow up in an environment that has righteousness and great virtues will remain aligned to their pure selves and reality.

A child does not have to read the rules of their mother tongue in order to learn it. Just like doubt and uncertainty, are automatically transferred into a child from its environment, similarly, a pure environment and proximity to one's spiritual teacher transfers a pattern of faith within a seeker.

The thinking pattern of all Prophets (PBUT) was that we all have an incessant relationship with an unparalleled Entity. This very thinking is the spiritual thinking pattern, and this relationship is the lifeline of the universe.

Just as blood runs in one's veins, spiritual thinking is also a consistent practice that runs in a seeker. The age-old traditions marred by materialism pose as the biggest hurdle in this practice. The environment in which one grows up goes on to become the traditions of their families and communities, and the custodians of these traditions are parents, brothers and sisters, families, and communities.

There are two types of people in the community.

1.Those who blindly follow family traditions and have no interest in what is happening in this world and why these are happening. These people remain content in knowing that their forefathers conducted their lives in a certain way,

2.The other group, on the other hand, wonders why things are happening as they do and also ponder over what is right and wrong.

Due to the heavy dominance of family traditions, the idolators of Makkah, despite knowing that il were the people like them that had carved the 360 idols out of stone and that those idols cannot speak nor hear like us, gave these lifeless pieces of stone the status of God. Not only did they consider these idols as gods, but they also persecuted those who dared to state the reality that their gods were lifeless statues of stones. They executed these punitive measures to shameful extents and considered this as the best course of action towards the transgress sors. The environment that is surrounded by these centuries-old traditions and ignorance dry up the fountain of understanding that is within individuals.

The example of our children is before us. When we try to detach our children from the environment of ignorance and introduce them to an environment of knowledge, we are declaring our rebellion against ignorance. We enroll our children in a school (an environment free of ignorance), and il lakes a decade to complete their education up till grade 10.

When one accounts lor the number of hours that a child spends over a year, just lo be ablc1o recognise and remember the numerals until 100. they realise that it lakes approximately a staggering 3,500 hours for a child io gain this ability:

Going by the above calculations, through the 10 years, a child needs an investment of 3,5000 hours and money that runs into thousands to attain an education until grade 10.A mother keeps persisting in her efforts to keep her children diligent in their studies throughout these 10 years.

A father on the other hand, also keeps a tab on the child's education and ensures that il is not neglected.

A brother sits next to the child with textbooks and notes.

And a sister also in stills an urge to learn within the child.

Only when the entire family pays attention to a child do they go on 1o achieve the secondary level of education.

Higher education has not even begun at this point!

Once the child completes grade 10, the a particular field of higher education opens up and one is able to decide if they wish to be a doctor, an engineer, an accountant, a pilot, invent machines or pursue another profession. One does not become proficient in these ten years, rather, their minds are prepared oily for the acquisition of higher knowledge. This is the state of affairs of worldly education.

On the other hand, an individual dedicates one hour of study per week for the acquisition of spiritual knowledge. This accounts for a total of 4 hours in a month and 48 hours in a year, they also remain engaged with the other daily routines-they run businesses, work through the restrictions levied upon them by their jobs, get married, and act on other matters too. They do all of this while being mentally affiliated with the centuries-old traditions and their environment.

By spending just about 48 hours in a year, if an individual has achieved nothing, or has not been able to enjoy the pleasures of experiencing revelations and transcendental concepts have not appeared before them, this means that the importance that they have given to spiritual education is less than what is given to primary levels of worldly education.

If after expending approximately 3,500 hours per year, over 10 years, a student gains only the ability to choose a field of higher education, then how. can one who expends 480 hours out of an approximate total of 87, 600 hours in a year complain on how they have not attained spiritual knowledge?

The thinking pattern of a spiritual teacher is completely different from a pattern of thinking that thrives in a purely materialistic environment. A spiritual teacher has no thirst for the material world, rather, they are filled with feelings of absolute faith and surrender.

To be able to learn spiritual knowledge, it is important for the students and seekers to have within them the courage and passion to rebel against negative traditions, and have the perseverance and resoluteness to walk forward on the Right Path. To attain the knowledge of God and follow the footsteps of the revered Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), they must display the courage to confront the diabolical powers and resistance of their ego.

To undermine the efforts of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in inculcating the positive thinking pattern, devilish minded people created hurdles for him every step of the way. The entire life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was spent in facing trials and mental torments as he removed the obstacles in the path of Tawheed (Oneness of God), and in the end, he succeeded in conveying the message of God.

God is pleased with him, and he is pleased with God.

Ladies and gentlemen! Study the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), read it over and over again, and contemplate the sufferings he endured to spread the message of God, promote monotheism, and bring the non-believers into the fold of Oneness. When we make the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) dearer to us than our own lives, we gain the assistance of God and the Prophet (PBUH) in every step that we take in advancing spiritual knowledge and introducing it to mankind. Undoubtedly, we will be victorious in this world and also honoured in the august presence of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the hereafter. We will achieve the courage to advance boldly and humbly, find the strength to go. through heart breaking situations, and succeed in ignoring the accusations levelled upon us by people.

“And hold fast, all of you together, to the rope of

God, and do not separate. ”(Quran, 3:103)

All of us who have shouldered the responsibility of spreading the spiritual teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)are fortunate and blessed. To preserve this good fortune and blessings, and offer gratitude for it, it is mandatory upon us that we study the historical biography of the Prophet (PBUH)over and over again. God states:

“Solemnly, humanity is at loss, but those who abided

by the teachings of Quran and Prophethood are

exempted from this deficit.”



May God protect you.










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