SEP 2014- Profound Observation


A profound observation of the ups and down of life reflects to the enlightened observation —two aspects of life. In one aspect, life is activated being in limits, while in other aspects it demonstrates limitlessly that is beyond the binding of its constraints. Afore mentioned viewpoints gives rise to two aspects:

1.       Fiction knowledge rooted on constraints

2.       Real knowledge based on constraint-less roots

Life is a journey — on his pilgrimage a student starts accumulating knowledge since the start of journey. At occasions some students become obsessed and absorbed in the attractions of path while on the other hand some students focused on the natural signatures spread around them.

During the journey —barren land, wilderness, mountains and deserts are faced, while other aspect reflects a life —felicitous, full of colors and ecstasy.

Pilgrimage wanders during their journey, remaining absorbed in the minutiae of the pathway.

An Instructor provides the awareness to student regarding the ups and downs of journey. The very awareness reveals upon him knowledge. Whether limited or unlimited, the journey of life, knowledge is essential element to the journey.

The elder people quote an observation —a donkey appears weaker in autumn than in spring. Because when he grazes in spring and looks back he sees green meadows, it makes him worried that he ate not much, resulting him turn into bone structure reflected over his ribs. While on the contrary, during autumn when he grazes, he sees barren land behind, it feels him sense of fulfillment, good and healthy.

Various instances in life inform us about the transformation of life from infinity to the finite circle and vice versa. Despite, these evidences conventional mindset considers the finite activity of life as real, rather overwhelmed with the deceptive colorful aspect of limited life.

Neutral pattern of thought builds upon a relation where an individual is prevailed with Blessing and Graciousness. Everything under the authority of that relationship renders services according to predefined attributes and specific quantity. The predefined characteristics loose the equilibrium when a constrained mindset rebels.

The counter equilibrium turns happiness into sadness, peace to restlessness, comfort to discomfort, piety to impiety and humanity to egocentricity. Human beings fell below their dignity and despite the abundance of resources, they are overwhelmed with sadness like aforesaid donkey in green meadows.

Usually, we do not pay attention, what leads to the deluge of agony, sadness, whims and unpleasant thoughts? Conventionally, it is believed that a man can achieve what he desires! While seeking happiness, one remains unhappy, what an unpleasant consequence! Happiness is usually accompanied with shadows of doubt, uncertainty, envy and fear; and they eventually make us unhappy.

Let us have a look what is serenity? Why we remain unhappy?

1.       Two aspects of life are the boundary line, at one side mental disintegration, uncertainty, doubts and negative thoughts dominate; while other side is free from uncertainty, doubts and insecurity. This aspect is definite and consistent with Quran Kareem.

2.       Babies born in this world according to a System evolved and maintained by Allah. They are not imbued with doubts, greed, arrogance and bragging. Seven billion population can witness this very fact as babies are grown up, gradually indulged in all aforesaid attributes as doubts, attachment, egoistic and bragging, to name a few. With the passage of time, it embeds in their lives.

We came out to this planet, without awareness of past dwelling! Readers are encouraged to pay attention to this fact, a third day in a baby's life can never appear until previous two days are passed —are disappeared somewhere. Readers may unfold tiers of their mind, where those two days have gone?

The world around us is created for us; all resources are subjugated to us. Bewailing the curse of very thought that we live for the world rather otherwise. Neither resources, nor any worldly pleasure accompany our journey to other world.

We can witness, neither their money, nor a single piece of cloth is taken by any money lord or land lord. Every bit of matter is left behind and what moves on —is only them.

Allah has created this world and resources to facilitate and each is obliged to abide by human being rather than otherwise. Immobility even to lay left or right side, a baby is dependent on others to put even cloth on. In the same vein, a dead one is dependent on others to cover and burry into ground. Neither knows where he went? What happened to him?

Dear friends! World around us is full of resources. Whether Heaven or Hell, resources exist everywhere with the exception of their nature. The Creator of Universe has promised to fulfill the necessities of life. Human beings have the option to acquire resources in or contrary to his conscience. Despite his daily observation on demise of material body, individual consider this limited life wholeness.

Maulana Rumi said (Persian):

Aadmi deed ast baqi post ast

Deed aan bash'd ke deed e doost ast

That is — “human being is an observation, rest is flash and bones; and observation is actually Allah observed by Allah's Observation”


Allah Hafiz




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