Adam was asked to perform his duties as patron-in-chief, after he is taught Ilm-ul-Asma (divine knowledge).

"Adam you and your wife inhabit heaven and maintain yourself happily-anywhere, but do not get close to this tree otherwise you will be among the fiendish." (Quran, 2:35)

According to divinely Intellectual people, this verse describes the ultimate superior place to live for the divinely rewarded individual. Every echelon has a mandatory decorum to follow. There were two protocols in Allah's instruction to Adam, firstly to live and fulfil happily and secondly stay away from a particular tree.

A tree nurtures into a young shoot, growing upwards from soil, and other part downwards into the soil (called root). The seed sprouts into cotyledons followed by a plant on the upper part.

Like other being, seed goes through various stages of nurturing, as toddler, childhood to adulthood where it starts finally reproducing itself. Later on, over a certain period of time, it gets weaker and its stem and trunk deteriorate heading towards old age like other species. Finally journey ends like other beings.

It may not be unlikely, to consider Adam and Eve as a tree. Animals, plants, other cosmic bodies appear in phenomenal world and over a period of time disappear (into Ghaib) from the screen of Earth. Each being appears and disappears in its own matrix proportional to their composition. The process is continued over the screen of Earth reflecting both rejoice and remorse. The devoid is void, imprint is set on and off from Ghaib to Ghaib.

Ladies and gentlemen readers, an analogy of conveyor belt conveniently communicate the underlying mechanism. As at airport baggage collection point, baggage appears and swiftly reaches before us with the movement of conveyor belt. It may be noted, baggage itself is not moving, rather its approach to or away from us reflects the mobility of conveyor belt. Our universe is mobile continuously. It appears and disappears from our eyes in due time. The friends of Allah or one who has intimacy to Allah describe heaven is a place situated in a space, completely invisible to our materialistic eye physiology. It is Allah's convention, reality behind the phenomenal world is unchanged.

"Allah's conventions are neither changed nor hold off' (Quran, 35:43)

 Our father Adam, inhabited heaven after learning Ilm-ul-Asma.

Latter, The patron-in-chief was unthroned from independent life of heaven to the Earth.

Allah is merciful, he accepted the woes and apology of Adam and told him: "We told them to step down. Individual who shall follow the guidelines sent by Me, will be the one without remorse and dread" (Quran, 2:38)

The chain of guidance and directions was continued, as narrated about more than one lakh prophets were deployed for the purpose. The chain was concluded at the last prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). Every aspect of life, with its all nitty-gritty were specified and demonstrated by Prophet (PBUH) in Quran, such as good, evil, legal, violations, non-violation, prohibition, non-prohibition. Jinn and human being are both directed by Prophet (PBUH) to address all walks of life.

Individual men and women achieved the knowledge towards the nobility, following these directions. They are blessed with the honor of patronin-chief for Allah to perform duties.

Adam being on the whole is oblivion to their nobility. He has considered the phenomenal world a reality and overwhelmed with the similar devious and vicious activities that had been once labelled with Jinn inhabiting the Earth.

The historical film record of evil-doers jinn revealed upon the inner eye. It appears similar film is repeating on the face of Earth.

Alas! The majority of Adam being-

Like the ages of jinn, the discrimination between eating dead flesh, commencing prohibition has become trendy. There is no distinction between donkeys, dogs, vultures, and prohibition or non-prohibition. In past what bloody stage was set by jinn is repeated now a days by human being.

The offspring of Adam indulge killing innocent people savagely, irrespective of their innocence unlike insects. They kill children studying at schools, passenger travelling over busses or at the issues of racism, religion, tongue, and politics.

The pro-material crowd are oblivion to the reality that even one who ruled over 40 years, or gathered 131 tons of Gold are unthroned, humiliated and turned to dust.

You also own a head in your possession

You have to die one day, be aware of caution

You hold a container, made of some king's dust

You are burning in fire without un-submission

 Aadmi and Insan are considered synonyms to each other. In fact they are two distinct aspects of Adam and Eve. Insan is divinely enlightened, rewarded and most intimate person.

 Other aspect of Adam is yeast (fermented material)-a compound with inherent properties of rottenness.

Unlike rottenness, another aspect is Noor (illuminated)-Noor is Tajalli (extremely illuminated in nature)

Allah is Noor (illuminated) of the heavens and earths.

 After the birth of universe, when Allah said 'to be (kun)' not a single individual being was aware of the willingness or unwillingness. Allah broke the ice and address to all, 'الست بربکم'-that is, wouldn't I be your caretaker? All beings including human being heard a voice, thus enabling their listening attributes. They wonder, who is addressing them? The interest arouse into enabling vision and they observed Allah before them. Subsequently, it enabled the capability of speech and all being agreed and said, 'Yes, you are our caretaker'. This concludes the enabling capabilities to listen, see, and willingness or unwillingness.

 One can ask, when human being has listened the voice of Allah, seen the glimpse of Allah, and provided their willingness (including the awareness of presence of other being due to ku 'n); then why human being are not able to see Allah-?

Whereas Allah said, I am closer to your vitality.

In my opinion, the enabling capabilities to listen, see, and willingness or unwillingness of Allah being caretaker took place before our spiritual aspect of physical existence rather than the material one. We live in two facets or two halves of life, one is constrained by the material limits and the other is independent of time and space. Despite the immobility of physical body, during sleep, we perform all the life activities, such as taking meal, drink, feeling comfort or discomfort, even reflecting similarly as indulging sexual activities and taking shower.

We have already agreed on the Allah's caretaking, while we were watching Him. Why we are not able to invoke those attributes, which agreed to Allah's voice? It is a query, what is after the question mark-?

How that observation is possible? Whereas divined books narrate it vividly, He is closer to vitality of life, He is the One, the Beginning, The End, Visible and Invisible.

Allah said, "I am inside you, why don't you see me?" (Quran, 51:21)

 Allah Hafiz

NOV 2016-QSM





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