MAY 2014-Earth Layers


One third of this world is dry, the rest is water. There are mountains, plants, precious stones and other things in water. Life is similar both in water and on dry land. It is the name of appearing and disappearing.

There are several layers of this earth like the layers of onion. Each layer has its own structure and name such as Iron, Coal, Copper or Uranium. Or just a screen of gasses on which life thrives. There are other minerals and several creatures which can be seen on this screen.

Geologists know it well that each grain of soil contains formula for new creations. Soil is red somewhere and somewhere it is black or yellow. It is clay somewhere and somewhere stone or marsh. What is however, clear is that earth keeps a seed in its womb which grows into a sapling. This way it provides nourishment to countless seeds. Earth, in fact, is providing basic material to convert seeds into a living manifestation, just like we create a toy by filling its dye with plastic, similarly every seed is a dye.

It is one of the characteristics of earth that when it uses a dye it could expand and shrink itself as much as it wants. It can expand the tiniest of the seed and it becomes a tree or it can divide water according to the dye to convert it into an organ.

If the flow of water stops, water stinks. Every creature is three-part water. As long as creature remains in motion, it remains close with nature. And when a person denies his nature or movement, he/she is blocked, static and stilled. There is stink in stillness. Earth and its layers, trees, plants, minerals, everything is moving. This is in their nature.

Currently, human population on earth is around seven billion. This population is over one-third of this Earth. Human settlements and cities on Earth are, in fact, valleys. At some places, these valleys are wide and at some other places, narrow. There are mountains in the North and there are valleys and open fields in the South. These valleys and fields are burdened with mountains.

"Didn't we spread Earth and nailed mountains in it" (78:6-7)

There are seas and oceans around dry land and, in these seas, and oceans are islands. These islands transform into big or small cities. There are even settlements beyond what our material eyes see.

Science has evolved in leaps and bounds. This evolution is the work of only 5 to 10 percent of total human capabilities. When we see that only 10 percent of capabilities are used, we must ask ourselves as to what about 90 percent of the remaining capacities. In billions of years, we are able to use only 10 percent of our abilities. How much time would be needed to use the rest of the 90 percent of them.

"It is He who brings down water for you and grows food out of it" (2:22)

In other words, human life depends on energy, food and water and constant movement is the quality of water. Only those people could excel in the society, who live like water and move and who don't become still, while those who are still, emit stink and this stink is prime reason of worries, restlessness and disease.

There are two aspects of movement. One of its aspects is destruction and the other is construction. Destruction is inspired by Satan. Current civilization, in facts, promotes destruction in the garb of construction since its progress and development are based on greed, love for money, self-aggrandizement and deadly thought processes. The clever and devious individuals have made plundering of the poor and helpless their prime vocation. It is a known fact that modem civilization is marked by plenitude, worship of money, nepotism, primacy of every non-durable thing over durable concepts and segregation of human beings on the basis of material resources.

But one must keep in mind that the deluge that destroyed this world in the past in the times of Hazrat Noah (PBUH) can once again wreak havoc with it. And when it will happen, pride generated by money and resources will come to ground. The means to produce resources i.e. factories, laboratories and workshops will be destroyed. Allah who created all says, "Those who collect resources (gold and silver) and do not spend in the way of Allah should wait for painful chastisement"(9:34).

May Allah enable us all to maintain a balance in life.


Allah Hafiz





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