Every moment in life is a test and no individual can progress to the next stage without passing through them. A child grows up to be an adult and an adult steps into old age. If an individual does not learn to adapt to the adverse situations while they pass through the various stages in life --childhood, adulthood, and old age-they continue to remain as students of first grade in the school of life. Let alone the major issues, these individuals are not able to sort out minor problems too. They become so closed-minded that they view things through the entangled web of narrow-mindedness.

People complain about being humiliated by a certain person. And if one asks what was said to them, they reply that the person referred to them as a fool. When they are asked if they consider themselves a fool, they immediately shake their head to say no. If one is not a fool, why then are they stressed when they are referred to as fools?

The fact is that one does not have the patience to listen to the views that are in conflict with their temperament.

If one's intellectual development is not nurtured as per one's age, then their ability to sort matters gets overpowered and their life remains confined to the trends that are passed down from generation to generation. They begin to weigh the pros and cons and view everything from the point of material gain. They say, "If I had money no one would have dared to be disrespectful towards me. My daughter would have been happy in her home. My son would not have to move hither tither in search of a job. Everyone in the house would have lived in agreement with each other. The children would be educated in good schools. We would have a large mansion as home and I would walk in the spacious garden that would be adjacent to it. In the evenings we would set the tables for tea. Each of our problems would have been sorted and we would all live smiling and happy. If only we had wealth!"

Passing through the oscillation between "If I had this" and "If had that", man climbs the stairs of the "Hidden and Manifest” and one day exits this world. The resources that they connected with wealth, were they not available for their expenditures even without money?

If one would have taken a morning walk in the nearby parks and spent time with their families smiling and being happy, they would never miss a garden. If one's son had only given importance to finding a job without placing the criteria of the desired standard, he would have eventually experienced prosperity through it. And so, what if one's children could not. be educated in well-known schools? If one would have educated and trained their children well to think, understand, write, and express themselves; if they would have read out books to them, and led their life as per the guidance of the last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), their children would have been more distinct than other children. Education is not limited to the flow of money nor is it limited to well-known schools. Even with limited money, one can lead a very good life and all of their troubles get hidden under a fistful of soil.

If the daughter of the poor is not in peace at her in-laws, neither is the daughter of the rich even after being given millions in dowry. It is a common complaint that one's son is not assisting in operating the business, however, the son surely worries about his share of inheritance as soon as he gets married. Even those who have properties are stressed due to financial and societal issues. These issues are of various kinds, however, they are not related to wealth; rather they are related to one's attitude.

When one reads these examples, their mind turns towards those with whom they are not in good terms. This is the very reason for failure and intellectual incompetence. As one does not introspect and look inwards, they do not develop the tolerance to realise that the individual is one, however, their status differs everywhere. A son, brother, father, husband, and son-in-law are the roles of a man. A woman, on the other hand, plays the role of a daughter, sister, mother, wife, and daughter-in - law, all at the same time. Every individual is in unity internally, and experiences multiplicity externally, When we introspect and look inwards, we can see our attitude with clarity. On the other hand, when we look outwards, the multiplicity of the roles that we play takes us further away from being retrospective.

Exams are conducted to assess one's intellect. The annual test held in the college and universities is to gauge the extent of our excellence achieved over the 364 days that were allotted to us.

In the current system of education, the duration of three hours is considered equivalent to 364 days. If the results are not as expected, then the student repeats the first grade for one more year. Until one does not present their understanding of what they learned in 364 days by answering the questionnaire in three hours ,they do not progress.

Though the nature of the test differs everywhere, the procedure is the same. Life tests our ability of endurance, and spirituality offers the strength that is needed for it. The mind of a disciple becomes stronger when it is aligned with their spiritual master, Otherwise, the disciple remains in doubt. One attains the warp and wefts of spirituality through focus, in other words, the first lesson of spirituality is concentration. Through focus one can attain the knowledge of the creation.

“This is the Book whereof there is no doubt, a guidance unto those who are pious. Who believe in the unseen, and establish worship, and spend of that We have bestowed upon them. ”(Quran,2:2-3)

Apart from the resources that one needs for the nourishment of the body, the resources of knowledge are also included in the provisions. Just as nutrition is a requirement for the nurturing of the body, the soul also wants to absorb the waves of the resources.

One of the meanings assigned to the spending of the resources provided by God is, “Acquiring the knowledge of creation, and disseminating it amongst the creatures.” This knowledge is acquired only by those whose thinking pattern is free from doubt. The knowledge of creation activates clarity and the ability to comprehend; it strengthens the person and lifts the veil of the limited thinking pattern which blocks the path of witnessing the universe. An individual thinks thit they are seeing the universe, while in reality, what one witnesses is according to how one sees things.

The spectacle of limited vision sees impermanence in every creature, while the world of faith reveals that there are no changes or pauses in "the knowledge of the proportion of things". By impermanence it does not mean that the creature has changed, it means that the same. Shape and form of a creature presents itself over and over again in different ways. When one is introduced to someone that they are seeing after a decade, though the memories open up, they have no idea where the 10 years have passed.

The law is that every creature is diminishing, growing, and that the creature that is growing is disappearing, however, an individual remains unaware of their diminish and growth. They are going through impermanence, but see the strength of their abilities. They do not have the power to see the mechanism of this impermanence. Though being 10 years old is a result of the impermanence, however, the witnessing. of the process of impermanence is-how one went through the mechanism of diminishing and growth and became 10 years old.

The process of growing and diminishing occurs involuntarily, therefore, being in the conscious state of mind, one remains unaware of the mechanism behind it.

If one has grown up to be 10 years old, then for sure the 10 years have also diminished and gone back to the stage from where they are arriving.

Through the process of nurturing, as one does not pay attention to the mechanism of growth and diminish, nor to the Hidden Manifested, hidden and manifested, space gets created between spiritual nurturing and physical growth. Hence, at the age of 10 years, 10 the understanding of the inner conscious is not equal to the external conscious.

If one would pay attention to nurturing the body, an individual would have crossed the various stages of the conscious and witnessed the system of the subconscious.

Respected readers! You have read the formula for a successful and unsuccessful life. Read the article once more and use at least five keys to open the lock.


May God protect you. 




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