The speech of the Spiritual Master on the occasion of Urs, 2020.


O' God, shower Your mercy upon Muhammad (PBUH), and the family of Muhammad (PBUH) as You have showered Your mercy upon Abraham (T'BUH) and bis family. Truly, You are praise worthy and glorious,

O' God, let your blessings come upon Muhammad (PBUH). and the family of Muhammad (PBUH) as you have blessed Abraham (PBUH) and his family. Truly, You are praise worthy and glorious.

Dear elders, friends, and children, may God grace us with His blessings, and give us the strength to follow the example of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) with the utmost sincerity. God guides those who refer to Him, repose trust in Him, and dearly love His beloved Prophet (PBUR).

In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

"Say: He is God, the One. God, the eternally Besought of all. He begetteth not nor was begotten. And there is none comparable unto Him." (Quran, 112:1-4)

These are the verses of Chapter Ikhlas from the Quran in which God bas explained His attributes, and that of all creatures. You know these verses by heart, and are aware of its translation. It entails the introduction of humankind, other creatures. and of God himself.

"Say, O the Prophet of God, that God is A had." The word A had been translated in many ways, such as, one who has no precedent, one who has no partner, self-sufficient, etc. Some call Him God, others refer to Him as Ishwar, and some have named Him Yazdaan. God is one, but the creatures are many.

Tonight, let us all, you and I, muse over the relationship between God and His creatures. Ladies and gentlemen, reiterate it ... God says that He is one. God is not two, three, four or ten in numbers. He is one, and bas no lineage!

Creatures are at the mercy of needs; however, God is independent of everything, and is unaffected in all respects.

He neither begets, nor is born.

And there is no one comparable to Him.

He is alone, and has no family or clan. He is a family Himself; He is a Master Himself. He encompasses everything, and holds all Powers. It is Him who gives life and it is Him who replaces it with another. If a man dies in one place, God transfers him and gives life to him in another place.

What I would like to know from you all - think and speak - is, which attribute of God can be adopted by creatures to strengthen their relationship with God? I want you to express your thoughts. Can anyone of the ladies answer and toll us which of the five attributes of God can be adopted by the creatures, while the remaining four cannot be taken up by them? [The ladies answered in unison, "AI-Samad.'']

When God is the Provider, the Master, the Sustainer ... and forms countless pictures out of a drop. do you not feel an urge to know Him?

"He it is who fashioneth you in the wombs as pleaseth Him. There is no God save Him, the Almighty, the Wise." (Quran, 3:6)

Those who keep no expectations from anyone but God attain His nearness, God says,

"We are nearer to him than his jugular vein." (Quran, 50:16)

Nearness to God - observing His *‘Tajalli’ is a profound subject altogether. After reaching this stage, one becomes firmly rooted in the belief that everything is from God.

Let us travel into the past to understand this. God intended to create the universe for He wanted all creatures to know that their Creator and Master is God, and that they may witness Him. God then addresses them all and says, "Yes, you are My creation".

God created provisions to protect the creatures. He has blessed us with abundant provisions.

"God giveth without stint to whom He will" (Quran: 3:37)

Provisions means supplies and subsistence. God has made the earth a lush green land, and has ordained it to serve mankind. Mankind does not pay attention to bow they are being served by the earth over hundreds and thousands of years. Tell me, can we survive if the earth we live on becomes a rocky mountain? Earth is our mother. One cannot construct a house if mother earth does not offer her soil. Similarly, not a single leaf would sprout, nor would there be availability of nourishments if the earth turned barren. As the fertility of earth depends upon water, when the system of the water cycle comes to a halt, it becomes barren.

"God is He Who created the heavens and the earth, and causeth water to descend from the sky, thereby producing fruits as food for you.” (Quran, 14:32)

If the earth becomes a dry stone, what will it yield?

[The audience replied, "Nothing."]

And if it does not min? If water ceases to exist, then?

[The audience answered, "There will be a drought."]

As you all know, water occupies three parts of the earth, leaving one part dry. When the sea tides rise and fall and the sea begins to rage, one witnesses these tides rising as high as fifty feel Will there be a downpour of rain if these tides do not transform into clouds? When the tides are formed in the sea, it invites a windstorm to lift the water upwards which breaks it into smaller particles. After reaching a certain altitude, these water particles transform into snow. Please reflect on this:

What will happen if sunlight persists and snow ceases to form?

What will transpire if water remains frozen and there is no sunlight?

The law of attraction and repulsion is established on earth. Just as the sea waves rise high, the earth also longs to meet someone. Have you ever seen a wave going downwards? It always rises upwards. As soon as the waves move upwards, the wind breaks it into tiny particles to either form a mountain of snow or piles it up over an already existing mountain, The wind may lift these particles further to form a cloud. This is why it rains heavily in the sea.

The water levels underground rise up after the rain and help us to gain access to drinking water when we dig wells. When the sunshine generates heat and melts the snow, the thirst of the earth is quenched and energy is created. This energy yields the snow, wheat, fruits and oceans.

Water covers three pans of the earth. The remainder fourth part is a dry land, which is a habitat for living beings: however, one must note that there are creatures that live in the sea too. So, what does this entire system of rain, wind and storm signify? What does the system or replenishing the earth indicate? And what does the system of the services rendered by the earth suggest to us? will there be vegetation without rain or water? Once. in search of water, we dug up the land to a depth of 400 ft in the Azeemi Graveyard, but we did not find any trace of it,

Ponder over the system of the universe and try to unravel why this world was created and for whom.

God is beyond all things, not bound by food or water, illness. health. kin, marriage, wakefulness or sleep. This entire system, that has been intact for hundreds or centuries, is the prerequisite for all creatures. The creature is bound to be either male or female, food is vital for its survival, it requires oxygen in the atmosphere, and cannot survive without sleep. God on the other hood, let alone sleep, does not even yawn. Have you ever given any thought as to why this entire system was established and for whom it was done?

We wear the best of clothes. If there was no cotton, thread, yarn. silk. velvet. jute and leather, how would we have covered ourselves? A mother is a source of nourishment to a child. What would happen if she did not become the source of food for the child? What a strange system it is that upon the child's needs being fulfilled, mothers stop lactating.

God is the first, the last, the apparent, and the unseen... What is a creature then? They are the description of the attributes of the first and the last, the apparent and the unseen. If our body is independent, then what does our hunger, thirst, sleep, wakefulness and death indicate? Why does a corpse not move despite having a nose, eyes, ears, brain, about 37 trillion cells, stomach, hands and feet? Does a corpse show any movement after death?

When aadmi (mankind) was banished from heaven, God told them, though your sins are forgiven, you cannot live in heaven now."

Dear ladies and gentlemen, despite treating a burnt band, the bum will still leave its mark. Since the law was flouted by Adam and disobedience bad occurred, God said, all of you get down. Now humiliation, poverty, and diseases will chase after you, and you will spend your life chasing after them. There will be everything, but no peace. There will be everything, but you will be in the grip of fear. There will be everything. but the life of faith will remain veiled. Despite having everything, you cannot claim ownership over anything. You come empty handed and go empty handed. History is a witness that a rich man became a beggar, and the one with nothing hosted langar*

Will we not go insane if we are sleep deprived? And if sleep overtakes us such that wakefulness cannot dominate it, an individual remains in a state of sleep. You have no control over hunger, thirst or your birth. Can you cite any example of being independent in your life? All of you have become silent, at least say something so I know that my listeners are awake. [The audience replied that they are not independent in any of their actions.]

But we all claim to be independent. It is true that in hunger, one can survive upon half a loaf of bread, bill the access to bread is possible only when wheat exists. The mechanism working in one's eye puts one in a state of wonder. Do you see with your own power? Answer in an audible tone - do you see with your own power?

[The audience replied in unison. "No."]

Do you speak with your will?

[The attendees replied, "No.”]

Can you smell with your own consent?

[The audience answered, "No,”]


*Langar-Communal meal

*Tajalli- A stage of Divine light




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