Listen people! If thought pattern is in line with the friends of Allah-Prophets' legacy then every act is peaceful for human being and all other beings. If angle of perception is confined in a shell of self-gain and personal objectives, then use of creative abilities are not beneficial for mankind. The purpose of such mentality is to establish a monopoly and make others servile. This is why new inventions are not a boon for mankind but bane.

Prophets associate everything towards Allah or care of Allah. They are blessed with attributes of Allah and with the help of this knowledge they serve creatures of Allah. The reality behind everything is revealed to them and there is no dispersion in reality, it is free of all sorrows and fears. The awareness to reality perpetuates the peacefulness in them.
The firm believers and blessed people of Allah lead a peaceful life. Allah mentioned in the beginning of Sura Baqara:

"This non-dubious Book is a guideline for people seeking Ghaib (the realist) and believe in it" (Al-Baqara:2)

The believers of Ghaib (Realist) hold the observation into the Ghaib (the realist). These are the believers who have authority over the universe for this very observation into Ghaib (the realist).

Earth cultivates diversity according to specific rules and regulations. Soil neither gets hard while we construct house, nor gets soft to hinder our walk.

Sun and Moon render their assigned services to all beings following their schedule. Moonlit causes the sweetness in fruits and Sun ripes them up. Each element in the Universe is rendering their services and we are enjoying them independent of choice.

Yet another sovereignty of Human Being is their authority over the earth, seas, rivers, mountains, moon, sun and other heavenly bodies.

When Prophet (PBUH) migrated to Madinah, he passed by the residence of Atqa Bint Khalid (from the Banu Khaza'a triba). She was also famous as Umm-e-Maaba and used to provide foodstuff. Prophet (PBUH) saw a goat and asked about her. Umm-e-Maaba replied because of weakness she is ill and not able to follow the herd in grazing.

Prophet (PBUH) asked if she milks? Umm-e-Maaba mentioned her deficiency. Prophet (PBUH) asked for a milk pot and milked the goat. When pot was filled, Prophet (PBUH) gave first Umm-eMaaba to drink and later his companions drank it. At the end Prophet (PBUH) took it.

Hazrat Jaber bin Abdullah (Raz) slaughtered his goat and his wife prepared 'Suraid-an Arabic dish' with the mesh wheat ingredients. Hazrat Jaber (Raz) presented the Suraid bowl before Prophet (PBUH), Prophet (PBUH) asked Hazrat Jaber (Raz) to gather his collegues and send to him individually. Hazrat Jaber (Raz) sent each colleague one by one to him. Each individual enjoyed food fully. Prophet (PBUH) told everyone, not to break the bone in Suraid Bowl and eat. When every individual fulfilled, Prophet (PBUH) gathered all bones, laid his palm and recited something. Goat stood up, waving her ears. Prophet (PBUH) told Hazrat Jaber (Raz) to take his goat.

A commoner complained Hazrat Omer (Raz) about his soil, that he does every effort to make land cultivated from fertilization to seeding, but it's futile.

Hazrat Omer (Raz) told him, to let him know while he passed by the land.

The commoner pointed out the land when Hazrat Omer (Raz) was passing nearby the land. He whipped the land and told her, you are wasting the hardship of a servant of Allah, while he fulfilled all the requirements.

Later on whole land become lush green farm.

Abu Baseer has referenced Hazrat Imam Hussain (Raz) that during the first dynasty some people attempted to build a mosque at the harbour of Aden. They made every effort to lay down the infrastructure but in vain. They contacted first caliph Hazrat Abu Bakar (Raz), who referred them further to Hazrat Ali (Raz) about the continuous demolishing of the newly build infrastructure. Hazrat Ali (Raz) said, at the Kaaba direction of mosque, dig out a little bit.

You will find two graves inside, labelled"ان رضوی و اختی حبا" (I am Rizvi and my sister Hiba, we died on Monotheism) He further instructed them to bury them with a full Muslim burial protocol and pray. Later they can construct mosque. People followed the instruction and mosque was never demolished.

Everyone knows the Universe is created for human being by Allah. Each constituent of Universe including human being and his innate capabilities are uni-centric.

Let's explore the very source of these innate capabilities.

The activities of our material body-the composition of flash and bones are Soul-centric. That is they are controlled by Soul. Allah has provided a limited knowledge of Soul to Human Beings. But the limited component of infinite is also infinite. Soul is infinite in capabilities. Spiritual Scholars have categorized this knowledge and developed the formulae. They introduced these formulas to their students.

Allah has created Human as His patron-in-chief. Certainly the patron-in-chief has role in all the departments of Allah. This relation is in conjunction with a divine Knowledge called ' علم الا سما'-The Ilm-ul-Asma.

When Allah intends to create the Universe, he said, 'Be'. Followed by this all the stages of life started unveiling and life came into being.

When Allah created this Universe that is physical world (عالم نا سوت ), the detailed configuration and activities of impression followed up in temporal-spatial domains. Allah is Supreme Creator, as creation came into being, the characteristics are transferred to them.
The base of creation is twofold-one fold is visible (appears before our senses) and other is invisible (does not appear before our senses). Appearing and disappearing are laid on the invisible. When we see rose then we believe that the previous generations of roses did exist. The existence of generations holds 'Knowledge of Entity'. Despite the inability of gardener's vision, the existence of Rose and its previous and upcoming generations is inevitable and certain.

Vis-a-vis human being, animal, plants, celestial objects follows same principle. In other words, a gardener does have awareness to the various species of roses, but the compositions that differentiate the species are out of his knowledge. It means though, he knows past and future rose generations would certainly be there. But the proportions at which various species of Roses are formed are invisible to him.

It is a Knowledge that has been transpired to our grandfather and patron-in-chief Hazrat Adam (PBUH). If we learn this Divine Knowledge called' علم الا سما '-The Ilm-ul-Asma, we will successfully comply with Adam's legacy.

Allah Hafiz
APR 2016-QSM




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