Thanks to Allah, the Caretaker of universe and to the holy grace of Allah's beloved Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) for the excellent celebration of 37th Urs of Abdal-e-Haq Qalandar Baba Auliya (Rah). On January 27, 2016, Murshid-e-Karim Khawaja Shamsud­din Azeemi addressed a large gathering of the Urs. To meet the request raised by great number of attendees, readers and many other people, his speech is being published as follows:

We don't argue the ebb and flow of anyone. It begins from the mother's womb and consistently changed to become a charming figure.

Allah said: "It is Him who portrays you as He desired, in the mother's womb" (3:6)

Are we other than a portrait?

Portrait is appearing through consistent variations! Does Soul lie in a three months old baby fed by mother? However,

Hearing -Sense of Listening is evolved. Sight -Sense of Vision is evolved.

Later other senses are gradually evolved.

When my younger brother was about to be born, I tried to hear him at my mother's belly. When I heard nothing, my mother told me he doesn't talk but patter his tiny elbows. Dear readers, ask your mother, she will let you know.

The observation leads us to very fact that our movement, rotation does exist before birth. Despite the inability to see, a three months old infant recognizes his mother -the fragrance of his mother is familiar to him. Later he knows, she is his mother and gets awareness of being a separate entity than his mother. A single individual among seven billions cannot deny the fact, though mother and infant were like one unit, but exist later as a separate entity!

Baby conveys in parents' language and gets societal imprint. He follows parent's habit, while taking food, abusing people, performing pray or fasting. It concludes that a child mimics his parent in their language and their life style.

At adulthood if he moves to Makkah or Madina from Pakistan and grows older to forty years, what would be his style of living, conversing, eating and wearing? I exemplified the tenuous points to ease the understanding and focus of mind, while reducing overwhelmed materialism.

Allah is the ultimate Ruler, Supremely Sovereign and Encompassing. Allah is Omnipotent.

"Allah's attributes will never end, though all trees grown on earth become pen or sea like seven seas become their ink. Indeed Allah is Omniscient." (27:31)

Allah said: I was a hidden treasure! I tend to be recognized, I made all creation with love and affection. The will of Allah is imminent; when He intends to do so, He commands -To be - it happens. Neither pen or ink nor paper or canvas, indeed it is only Allah! The Command of Allah is merely Allah and nothing else.

"He is the beginning, He is the end; He is visible and He is invisible; He has the ultimate Hold on everything." (57:3)

The will of Allah is creative. He maintains, He portrays.

Aren't flowers, chirping birds and human beings are merely portraits? Thousands of individuals are sitting here by the blessing of Allah,

despite their similarity in shapes neither thumbs nor their other physical marks are identical. I am asking you, "Even in the population of seven billions, experiment can be made to find identical thumbs. Would there be one?"

Audience said loudly, 'none'.

"He is the One, Who is Supreme and Complete, created everything in proportionate values and regulated them." (1-3:87)

Allah created everything in well-defined quantities. Despite the similarity in beings, no individual can be found who have identical eyes, ears, nose, hands or feet.

Sperms are invisible, but evolve into a six feet human. Every individual has brain, eyes, nose, ears, teeth, lungs, heart, kidneys, spleen, intestines, hands and feet -fully functional but distinct in their formulation.

Allah desired to be known but how? When there would be a creature!

Allah commanded, "Let the program be displayed according to my will." Creatures followed the command and display happened. I feel the gravity of speech, though convolute, but if you try to grasp the crux, you will be enlightened with various new viewpoints.

So what was displayed?

Audience replied loudly, "The program from Allah's mind was displayed."

Hitherto, we are talking about the display-abilities of hearing, sight, perception and talking are yet to be invoked.

Collective program was ready! Is it you?

Who are you?

Why and When you are created? Neither hearing, nor sight is there? Not even the awareness!

When do you get awareness? Indeed, when one hears with ears, sees with eyes and gives consent with tongue.

Secondly, Allah prepared another program, e.g., creatures have to identify themselves, that they are sheep, goat, deer, lion, mountain, sky, earth, angel, man or human

Allah displayed them and asked, "Am I your Caretaker?"

This very voice enabled the hearing capability in creation with a curiosity for Voice Source?

That is the Source who acclaimed being the Caretaker and provides the choice to reject or accept!

This curiosity enabled the sight in creation and they looked towards the source and saw Allah with the capability of sight, blessed by Allah.

Belief and disbelief became two attributes. Souls gave their consent and bowed before Allah, which meant they are accepting the Supreme sovereignty of Caretaking and Creator.

Universe is formed in conformance to Allah's mind. We began with hearing, sight, perception and talk. Are we still committed to that very promise, made before we came into this world? If we are betraying then what is our stance? In such a huge crowd, close your eyes for two minutes and share your profound thoughts with adjacent individual.

The Creator taught Ilm-ul-Asma (Allah's Attributes) to Hazrat Adam (PBUH). When Hazrat Adam (PBUH) expressed the knowledge of Allah's Attributes before the angels, they acceded the lacking of such knowledge and told that they only know what Allah had taught them. Then after an incidence in Paradise, Hazrat Adam (PBUH) moved to Earth.

If we seek who are we? Indeed nothing but Adam's offspring, human being. If offspring of Adam does not inherit Adam, then what else you can call such offspring, obedient or disobedient?

Let me know whether we are obedient to Adam or disobedient?

If you make a stance not to be able to inherit or learn what Adam was taught, then how do you learn languages? You can witness, people can learn English, Chinese, Urdu, Balochi, Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashto, Kashmiri and other languages. Tell me how you are not able to learn language of Allah? Allah has blessed you with mind and memory. A mind which is already aware of Voice of Allah in the beginning of beings. I raise a question for you, "Why don't we abide by the laws of Nature?"

Allah taught Azazeel (Satan) the Knowledge and appointed him to teach angels. But imagine the outcome of his disobedience!

We shall be astray from Allah, if we follow the satanic inspiration. Either there would be brightness or darkness! Indeed our link with enlightenment will be disengaged, if darkness is opted.

Observe the blessings of Allah, He is at the Beginning, at the Conclusion, the Visible and the Invisible. He supplements our needs. If Allah makes whole soil on Earth a mountain, where would we grow wheat? How irrigation would be possible without raining! Haven't you observered, the barren land and dead people caused by drought.

Your intellect would lead to seek for the source of the One, who supplements food and to whom we sing for?

Knowing Satan being wretched, how can we get out of his influence? How to hold ourselves from indulging in what Satan did? How to abide by Allah?

اھدنا صراط المستقیم - path of righteous people. We must learn Quran to follow the right path. We learnt ten Suras for Salat (pray) without knowing their meaning. Can you become a clerk after educating in a similar fashion as learnt Suras?

May you be happy, safe and secure under the umbrella of Allah's blessings!

Quran-e-Karim mentioned:

"Hold the connection with Allah firmly and do not break up" (3:103)

Let us pray, "May Allah bless us practicing, comprehend Quranic Suras. Follow Allah according to teaching of His most beloved and last prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). Serve the humanity, seek the understanding of Deen (the code of life), abide by the principles of Allah -the Owner, the Caretaker, and the Omnipotent. Establish Salat (pray) to make life an absolute submission and submission to be a life.

May Allah take care of you.

Allah Hafiz

MAR 2016-QSM




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