JAN 2016-23 Classes Of Spiritual Sciences


Ways of communication, expression of opinion, understanding, result and action over result, dependency and control in response to the action, success or failure is discussed when one understands what life is? Why it is? And if life is an act to fulfill worldly and religious needs then what action itself is? When actions come under discussion, it becomes mandatory to ponder over the fact that is man independent over his actions...? If he is, then what is a dependent life?

Allah says in Quran:

"Nay! Surely the record of the wicked is in Sijjin.

And what will explain to thee what Sijjin is?

a Register inscribed" (83:7-9)

"Nay, verily the record of the Righteous is in Elliyyeen.

And what will explain to thee what Elliyyun is?

a Register inscribed"(83: 18-20)

What did you understand what is Elliyyeen, the pious life and Sijjeen, Asfal (the lowest) life? It is a written book. It means that every knowledge is a record. It is impossible to understand life if there is no record of it. The meaning of word life is taken as movement. When we utter the word movement, it means both aspects hidden and unhidden become visible and after that hide into the thick layers of Ghaib (the hidden world). The hidden is Ghaib and the unhidden is manifestation.

If one understands with the help of Divine light then Torah, Psalms, Bible, other scriptures, and the last Divine book Quran Kareem explain the law of ascent (Saood) and descent (Nuzool). Instructions in this regard are given with clear reasoning.

It is difficult but not impossible to figure out that on which belt millions of worlds, trillions of suns, zillions of moon and heavens are travelling? What is that path on which they are travelling towards their defined destination? Path means that way where every direction illuminates the faith. When the seeker follows the divine books and teachings of prophets, he receives guidance which is free of doubts.

Allah says in Quran:

"And those who strive in Our cause- We will certainly guide them to our Paths: For verily Allah is with those who do right."


Things come into being when there is a creator. Example of world is before us. One must struggle persistently to understand it not only by words but through actions as well.

Respected ladies and gentlemen, with the blessings of Allah and the last prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), I intend to present that knowledge that has been transferred to me with the beneficence of Huzoor Qalandar Baba Auliya (Rah). What is that knowledge ...It is "Ilm-e-Huzoori".

Readers are aware that except Allah, everything in this world has two dimensions. This fact is evident in each and every creature. For instance, hunger and thirst, children, family, necessities, food, anger, forgiveness, certainty and uncertainty, belief and disbelief, knowledge and ignorance, cold and hot, hot and cold, relief and pain, happiness and grief, sleep and wake, activation of senses in both states, seen and unseen, life and death, peace and restlessness, besides that eleven thousand and five hundred hidden and unhidden Divine attributes, restriction of time and space and the life free of its boundaries ... these are all such elements without which the word life is meaningless.

It is an observation that when we are awake, despite being bounded by time and space one can liberate himself from the limitations of time and space. It seems difficult but can be comprehended easily with the help of example.

1-       Suppose my name is Zaid. I am sitting beside my wife, adorable children, parents and my maternal grandmother. I hear a voice, sweet and soft; the moment it touches the air drum, I suddenly look for my paternal grandmother. As soon the waves cross each other, I see my grandmother standing before me. I open, close and rub my eyes but the image exists and I become lost in the past.

Dear readers, you must have also experienced it. If we consider it the outcome of thought then it's a matter of significance that we don't act unless the waves of thoughts are displayed on the screen of our mind. We go to cinema. Every home has a television; Ethical and unethical programs are being aired but their source waves are not visible. And when the waves hit the screen, the pictures hidden in the waves become visible.

Elders and friends are requested to think deeply that when Zaid, you or I take juice, are not the waves of juice that provides us information similar to that of radio, TV or mobile phones...?

A thing cannot be seen if its image is not formed inside the brain screen. Have we ever thought over the process of picture being taken from the camera? It will be easy to understand if we consider eye similar to camera lens.

Image cannot be taken by any mean if lens in camera doesn't appear and then disappear after taking the picture. If eye is analogous to camera and camera film as the human brain, it would be said that the eye of camera which was earlier closed, opens ... Shutter falls ( functioning of shutter is equivalent to the blinking of lashes), lens captures the image and transfers it on to the brain screen.

Is not the act of camera and eye similar to hide and seek ...? If yes, then how camera lens saw the grandmother who was not present physically...? And the moment eye twinkled, grandmother disappeared.

I am watching an object with open eyes, the pupil works like a camera lens, the lashes blink like a shutter and then what happened...? Then what happened...? Solve the puzzle.

2.       Also consider that our conscious is suspended. We are sleeping. No sooner we shut the eyes than the other eye which is inside us ... opens. We do everything which we do when we are awake. Our physical body is unaware and conscious is suspended. Whether the bed is soft or hard, we sleep and while sleeping we remain unaware of the surroundings.

3.       In the dream we are enjoying picnic with friends. We have fish, Kebabs, sandwiches, Biryani and various other food items on paper plates along with soft drinks. Is there any difference between the two states, sleep and awake ... if yes then what is that?

Dear readers, I explained you a fact from the teachings of my teacher, Huzoor Qalandar Baba Aulia (Rah), from three diverse aspects.

There are 23 classes taught in spiritual sciences. In spiritual sciences, knowledge is learnt in three ways. Tasawwuf terms them as:

1- Ijmaal ( Summary)

2- Tafseel (Explanation)

3- Asrar (Secrets)


If readers thoroughly read "Message of the day", these three aspects will illuminate minds. Inshallah.

Read it thrice if the secrets don't unfold and write to us whatever you understood.



Allah Hafiz




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