All creations in the universe are in composed of a definite proportion. Whether revealed or concealed, they are implicitly linked together. All individuals are distinguished due to their proportionate architecture. The inhabitants of Earth, either hidden or visible are composed in proportion, such as layered ores of mines, rainy water or sweet, sour, salty underground water tables, volcanic lava, to name a few.

The Strait of Gibraltar connects Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea, without being merged into each other. Spain and Jebel Tariq are in the north of strait, while Morocco is situated in the South. It is stretched over 14 kilometres at a minimum depth of 300 meters. Tariq bin Ziyad, an Umayyad General landed here in 711 A.D. to conquer Spain.


Two shades of ocean water are distinct in this region-black and white. Even when ships sail between the two regions of two different shades, rip off sea waves into the air. Despite pulling waves apart into droplets, neither black-shaded wave, nor white-shaded wave merge into each other. Black water droplets infuse back to black-shaded region and white water droplets into the white-shaded region of oceans.

The Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea are entirely different in their chemistry and biological compositions. Marine scientist stated that there are large number of sweet water fountains on the northern coastal areas of Spain and Southern beaches of Jebel Tariq in Morocco. About a 45 degree orientation, these fountains flow towards each other in a comb shape to form a water dam spillway into the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, therefore they do not merge into each other.

Allah said:

" He let forth the two seas to meet together, while there is a barrier between them; they do not encroach" (Quran, 55:19-20)

'Maraj' means to let flow, 'Bahrain'-two seas, 'Yaltaqiyaan'-is a derivative of 'Iltaqa', it means to confront or merge; 'Barzakh' is a membrane, barrier, divide line, obstacle or barrier; 'La' means not, and 'Yabghiyan'-is rooted from 'Bagha', means trespassing.

Together, it means, He let two seas to flow side by side, neither of them are merged to each other. Both remain in touch with each other, but despite their closest proximity, they remain in their region and maintain individual characteristics. Their distinct properties are due to their proportionate composition.

Allah said:

"Pronounce the purity of the name of your most exalted Lord, who created (everything), then made (it) well, and who determined a measure (for everything), then guided (it), and who brought forth pasturage." (Quran, 87:1-4)

The salinity, temperature and density of both seas are different from each other.


In general, when two sources of water are poured into each other, they dissolve into each other. On the contrary, an introspection reveals that despite their dissolution, they maintain their individual characteristics. Neither black, nor white droplet solved into each other.

When salt is mixed into water, it gets completely dissolved. But same saline water is warmed up, water evaporates leaving salt behind.

The chemical characteristics of any sea or ocean are distinct. At any point where two oceans or seas or a river and oceans merge into each other, despite the apparent proximity, they remain separated due to a membrane-a barrier. There are various locations on our Earth, where such phenomenon can be witnessed. A white stripe is very prominent in the region where Atlantic and Indian Oceans merge with each other close to Cap Point in South Africa.

Allah said:

"Or the One who made the earth a place to settle and made rivers amidst it and made mountains for (making) it (firm), and made a barrier between two seas? Is there any god along with Allah? No, but most of them do not have knowledge. (Quran, 27:61)

One can well imagine, how sweet and sour water reservoirs in sea are maintaining their characteristics. Apparently, there is no tangible membrane between the two, but doesn't it indicate presence of a curtainprohibiting them to mix with each other.

What prohibits the dynamics of two seas to merge? They are flowing side-by-side over distant miles, not only at their surface, but deep down to sea bed, marine biologists cannot single out an incidence where any one of them is dissolved into the other.

Allah said:

"He is the One who joined the two seas, so as this is sweet, very sweet, and this is bitter, very bitter, and made between them a buffer and an insurmountable barrier." (Quran, 25:53)


Unlike Atlantic Ocean, the water of Mediterranean Sea is warm, sour and lighter in density. Mediterranean Sea is connected with Atlantic Ocean at Strait of Gibraltar and flows side-by-side at a depth of about 1000 meters over a distance of hundreds of kilometres maintaining its characteristics that is, temperature, sourness and density. Even huge sea waves, water tide cycles, and furious sea storms cannot trigger any breach to the invisible separation curtain.

Readers may experience a similar phenomenon, if they mix kerosene oil and water. Even they are mixed together very well, but they don't dissolve in each other. Oil is lighter in density hence this difference brings oil on the surface of water which can be observed in form of a net. Even if one tries hard to mix both, but particles of oil never break down to dissolve into water.

Women may notice during cooking even though it appears oil is mixed completely with other food ingredients, but if flame is kept low they will see oil floating on the surface.


What are the proportionate compositions? Every individual creation in universe is two-fold-inevitable for any core structure. Light is laid in the foundation of two-fold architecture, which is only visible in Noor (a finest form of light). What is Noor? اللہ نورالسموات والارض that is Allah is Noor of Earth and Heavens. Noor is omnidirectional-neither East, nor West. It has overwhelmed whole universe. Noor forms the light. Light is transformed into a shape and eventually into a material body. The features of material body mimic the features of light body.

You can experience the beam of light emerging from projector. Until light beams falls on cinema screen, they are independent of reflecting any shape. It is the proportion of composition of various objects hidden in the light beam which transform into the visible object onto the cinema screen. The composition of light for mountain reflects mountain, vehicle reflects vehicle, mobile phone reflects mobile phone, fruits reflect fruit, crops reflect crops and distinct yellowish hues of mustard reflect mustard.

Huzoor Qalandar Baba Auliya (RA) exemplify the proportionate composition in drawing a sketch on a graph paper. A graph consists of many small square boxes. A teacher tells his students in order to sketch a human or animal, they need a specific number of boxes to draw head, nose, mouth, or neck etc. They create a proportion or aspect of these components of group of boxes to sketch a picture. Hence graph, number of boxes and their proportionate combinations facilitate students in sketching. Apparently, graph (or boxes) plays the role of foundation for any kind of sketch. In a similar way, aforementioned light is the foundation in the process of creation of any object in the universe.

Creatures have five senses-a proportionate composition as depicted in figure below. These senses are integrated to form a vision.

Similarly the composition of making Gold or Water is as follows: Gold = Sense of yellow color + Hardness + Viscous + Glittery + Solidity

Water= Sense of white color+ Humid+ Viscous (mild)+ Dispersive+ Reflective+ Tasteless+ Sense of Smell+ Sound (all kinds)+ Transparent+ Light + Cold + Warm + Motion (all kind) + Flow + Evaporate + Adhesion


All beings are created in a proportionate composition. It is regulated by a system founded on Noorani waves (finer in density than light) for example, Heavens, Earth, animals, mountains, plants, or human being.

Allah said:

"Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth. The example of His light is that of a niche, in which there is a lamp; the lamp is in a glass - the glass looks like a brilliant star - it is lit by (the oil of) a blessed tree, the olive, which is neither eastern, nor western. Its oil is about to emit light even though the fire has not touched it - (it is) light upon light. Allah guides to His light whomsoever He wills; Allah describes examples for the people, and Allah knows everything well." (Quran, 24: 35)

Allah Hafiz

MAR 2017-QSM




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