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The Message of the Day became the message of yesterday, and the message of yesterday is the message of today. The past has become the present, and the present will go on to be the past. When the message is common in both then what are today and yesterday in this case? Life moves on. Scenes change every minute, but what about time*…...?

The process of creation began from the point of Kun (Be) and categorised into the day and night. The day is dominated by illusion (deception), while the night is a reflection of reality. When one does not create issues for themselves and others – stays away from doubt, envy, anger, and revenge – and contemplates creation, their minds become focused, and the secrets are revealed to them in their sleep. However, if one is empty of these practices, their world of sleep is hidden behind the veil; in other words, what an individual or a creation does through the night, is in fact an imprint of their practices throughout the day.

The Lord of all realms, God Almighty, states,

“Nay, but the record of the vile is in Sijjin - Ah! what will convey unto thee what Sijjin is! - A written record.” 

(Quran, 83:7-9)

“Nay, but the record of the righteous is in Illiyin - Ah, what will convey unto thee what Illiyin is! - A written record, attested by those who are brought near (unto their Lord).”                                                     (Quran, 83:18-21)

The reality of the universe despite being hidden, manifests itself and then disappears into the veils of the unseen realm. The hidden world is manifested, and the manifested world becomes hidden. The hidden is the unseen which we refer to as Layl (night), while the manifested is what is present, and we refer to as Nahar (day).

*Contemplate this sentence. If you do not understand it, contemplate again. New horizons will open up in your mind, if God wills.


With the blessings bestowed upon us by God Almighty, let us try to unveil the “secret” of what day and night are? All the activities that one performs  throughout the day and night, are manifested in the wakeful state and in the night that follows. Respected readers! What does the process of hidden and manifested mean?

Being manifested and hidden, and then being manifested and hidden again are like the two sides of the same page. When we open a page in the book of life, there are two sides to it. While we refer to one side as the conscious, the other side is the subconscious. The mind wonders about what the night is; however, when the veil drops, the day is manifested; and when the day disappears, darkness dominates.

The analysis of life reveals that the reversal of night and day is an image that can be compared to a film. The film has the images of both sides. These images are made up of simple and compound waves. These waves work in the creations that are made of simple and compound waves. When the waves are horizontal – that is breadthwise      – they are called simple waves; however, when the waves are both horizontal and vertical – that is both breadthwise and lengthwise      – they are called compound waves. These waves are the foundation of day and night and all other creations. The Creator of the day and night states,

“A token unto them is night. We strip it of the day, and lo! they are in darkness.” (Quran, 36:37)


The scene is one, however, there are two sides to it which we refer to as night and day. Whatever manifests on the screen of the day and night is written on both sides of the scene. While on one screen space is negated, the other screen is dominated by space. Negation of space does not imply the absence of space – space exists but is invisible.

Example: In the world of sleep, the speed of time is immeasurable. In the six hours that one sleeps, one covers distances that takes years of travel. However, when they wake up, they only remember a fraction of the experiences and scenes and what is left in their memory is not in sequence. Where did the years of travel go, and how and where did they take place? What we understand from this is that when time dominates, one does not feel the space of innumerable years going by. The six hours spent in the world of sleep, are not equal to six hours spent in the wakeful state. Other than the memory of a few instances that occurred in a world where the speed of time is limitless, where did the rest of the time go?

When the speed of time accelerates, space is negated; however, when space dominates, though time exists, it disappears from sight and displays the creation on a screen (space) at frequent intervals. While one side of space is negation, the other side is assertion. In the wakeful state, space is divided into parts, however, one does not see this format in the state of sleep.

Pay attention – there are two dimensions to space. In one dimension, each space appears to be separate from the other, in the other dimension despite the existence of space it remains invisible; and what about time...?

What you are reading now is as per the law of creation. Millions and billions of creations walk around, eat and drink, dream, and are aware of their relationship with their parents. The problem that needs solving is that when you and I or any other creature manifests and then disappears, only to appear and disappear again, what is this process of manifesting and disappearing? An infant is in a cradle, and as time passes in space, the features of the infant begin to change in such a way that a person is unable to recognise a photo of an infant as their childhood self.

As I wrote this article, I paid attention with great focus, and there was a bright spark in my mind. When I turned my focus towards the spark, I saw a dot – the dot opened and brought with it awareness,

“O mankind! Be careful of your duty to your Lord Who created you from a single soul and from it created its mate and from them, twain hath spread abroad a multitude of men and women.” (Quran, 4:1)

Question: Respected readers! Read the article with great attention. Attempts have been made to unveil the cosmic document through it. We have elaborated on many verses of the Quran. Attempt to answer the questions given in this editorial after careful deliberation.

Respected ladies and gentlemen – A hearty congratulations! “Qalandar Shaoor Monthly” has completed 100 months. Apparently, the 100 editions are all topics of yesterday, however, they are all messages of the day. Let us all pray to God Almighty that He continues to increase the lifespan of “Qalandar Shaoor Monthly”. Amen.

May God protect you.




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