Shab-e-Qadr-Night of Power-QSM-APR-2024


Read out the "Message of the Day" to your elders and teachers.


Life is information. Information that commenced from “Kun", and the Source of Kun is the will of God Almighty. It is the will of God, which manifested as the universe. All that is happening, has already happened or will happen, from the beginning to the end. Is nothing but prerecorded information. While time is dominant in one pattern of reading the record, space dominates the other pattern, ln time, the information is in its absolute state, while in space, it is read in parts. These parts are called wahima, thought, perception, feeling, and manifestation.


The root word of lttila ( -اطلاعinformation) is – "ط ل ع" (Tal la Aa), Which means to rise or appear. lttila is a manifestation of light and light is a collection of various proportions. Between these proportions there is distance. Let us understand this through the following example:

At sunset, the distance that is between waves of Light, shrinks. As we do not see things without distance, we are unable to see the light and we declare that it is dark. However. At sunrise, the distance that is subdued in the light begins to overpower and the rays spread across the lengths and breadths, and one declares that the light has manifested.

'To rise' implies that space is spreading out or expanding. As infor­mation arrives from the subconscious, when the subconscious is manifested within the conscious, we term this 'information'.

Information is in a uniform state within the subconscious, however, when it enters the conscious, mankind witnesses it in parts or as different states that constantly change, and this creates an illusion in sight.

You have seen a prism; when white light enters a prism, it is divided into various colours. While we see some of these colours, most of them remain invisible. All colours are present in light, and between every two colours there is always a distance. Though the light remains unified before it collides with the prism, soon after the collision. The distance that was suppressed becomes visible, and with this, the various types of colours are manifested, and the light is hidden.

The mind is like a prism. The information (light) that arrives from the Subconscious is one. However, when the ability 10 see the light is not activated. Then as per the visual capacity of an individual, gradually, the light is subdued and manifests as colours. This goes on to an extent where the light is finally hidden and the colours begin to deepen. Mankind observes this colourful image and calls this stage 'manifestation'. In reality, this is the last stage of the descent of information and is the state that is the lowest of the low.

Let us understand this again. When information descends. It manifests first as Wahima and creates a very subtle pressure upon the mind that is not felt by mankind. Wahima is a zone of Tajalli (one of the highest stages of Divine Light) and is very close to the state where the information is a record. Aadmi [1]* (mankind) has no awareness of Tajalli, hence, the information descends further and comes down to the stage of thought, which is the zone of Noor (a stage of Divine Light). It is pertinent to note that though Aadmi senses a thought like a subtle flash for an extremely short period of time, they do not see it. They observe the thoughts in the state of images and assume that their thoughts have not manifested yet. However, as the colours of these images deepen and the features become clear, Aadmi declares that the information bas manifested. The various stages of the descent of information, are in fact, the various phases of an increase in density. It is worth pondering upon the fact that if light does not conceal itself fully. And the dense matter does not become visible within an object. one assumes that information has not manifested in its true form. In fact. Information is already manifested from the moment it emerges, out of the source.

The science of sight is based on the facts of the stage at which a person perceives the information. If the mind is based on the frequency of Wahima. The information does not descend any further, and the stage of Wahima itself becomes the manifestation for the individual. However, when an individual sees the information in its last stage, that is, where there is no visible trace of light, then their frequency will be the same as that of the dense colours. There are such people, who observe information at the stage where it is still in the form of a record.


The Lord of the universe, God Almighty has bestowed upon both mankind and jinn the ability to witness the stage at which information is in the form of a record. Or observe it in a state where it is extremely close to the subconscious. Instead of seeing it in pieces. The senses required to see information in its absolute state. Are referred to as 'Layl (night)' in the last Heavenly Scripture, the Holy Quran, and the senses that show information divided into one space after another, are called 'Nahaar (day)'. The senses of the lay/ and Nahaar are mentioned in the heavenly Scriptures. There are various stages to the senses of the Layl, out of which one is Shab-e-Qadr (Night of Power). The Lord of all worlds, God Almighty has stated,

"Lo! We revealed it on the Night of Predestination. Ah, what will convey unto thee what the Night of Power is! The Night of Power is better than a thousand months. The angels and the Spirit descend therein, by the permission of their Lord. With all decrees. (The night is) Peace until the rising of the dawn." (Quran. 97: 1-5)


Among the blessed hours in the month of Ramadan, Shab-e-Qadr is a unit of the senses of the night, whose energy is greater than one thousand days and nights. On an average. There are 30 days and 30 nights in a month, which cumulates to 30,000 days and 30.000 nights in a thousand months. When aa individual who fasts enters the senses of Shab-e-Qadr, the speed of their senses increases over 60,000 times. When the speed increases, the dimensions created by the physical senses disappear, and the stations related to the unseen world appear before their eyes.

They shake hands with the angels.

They meet Archangel Gabriel (PBUH).

And if fortune favours them, they witness the Tajalli.


God Almighty has blessed the senses of Shab-e-Qadr, until dawn. Being blessed or protected is the zone of Zamaniyat (time) and time is proximity to God. Dawn means Makaniyat, and Makaniyat is a division of space. If an individual remains in the senses of Shab-e-Qadr. They are blessed and protected, are kept away from illusion and are safe from doubt. In the senses of Shab-e-Qadr, one accepts all information that comes to them in the state that God wants. God Almighty has stated.

"Fasting is for Me and I am Myself the reward for fasting."

When one fasts while being mindful of the etiquettes or discipline of one's outward and inward actions, they activate those abilities based on which the angels bowed to Adam (PBUH).

“The way to renounce is not by starving oneself to death;

The way to renounce is to conquer the earth and heaven." (Allama Iqbal R.A)


May God protect you.

[1] * Aadmi: One who relies on physical senses to perceive things. 




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