Festivals are celebrated in every religion with their traditions and cultural values. Traditions are rituals and ethics which evolve a society. Diversity in rituals reflects the identity of one group of people or nation from another.

Traditions of a nation are mirrored in the celebration of their festive. There may be a difference in how people enjoy during festivals, but essentially it reflects happiness. Celebration of practices are an expression of their ancestor' s rituals.


It is said, the first ever festival celebrated by the mankind is the occasion of absolution of Prophet Adam (PBUH). The followers of Prophet Noah (PBUH) bowed for the Great flood of Noah ended. Later on, same day is celebrated as festival. People of Prophet Abraham (PBUH) celebrate the eve when fire became peace for him. When Prophet Abraham's (PBUH) act of slaughter was acknowledged by Allah, same day is practiced as a festive of Eid Al Adha. People of Prophet Jonah (PBUH) celebrate the event of his freedom from captivity of fish. Jews celebrate Eid Al Fasah, it is the day of freedom for Bani Israel from the tyranny of Pharaoh.

Christians celebrate the birth of Prophet Jesus (PBUH). Diwali and Holi are two largest celebrations in Hindus. At the occasion of Diwali, people decorate the streets, while Holi is celebrated with throwing colours on each other. Parsi community celebrates Nowruz. The demise of Buddha is celebrated as festival among the Buddhists because death concludes the journey of life towards eternity. Sikhs celebrate Baisakhi and Guru Nanak Jayanti as the largest festivals. Spring festival is celebrated among Chinese and considered as the largest event.


The celebration of Eid festivals begins after two years of Hijra, also called After Hijra (AH).

Hazrat Anas (RA) narrated an instance when prophet of Islam (PBUH) asked about the root cause of two festivals, celebrated by the people of Medina. The natives explained the ancestral linkages to the event. He (PBUH) told them that Allah has glorified two days for their celebration that is Eid Al Adha and Eid Al Fitr. (Sunan Abi Dawud)

Eid Al Adhaan event of celebration, when Abraham (PBUH) and his son Ishmael (PBUH) set a finest instance of sacrifice. The essence of tradition is to remind everyone to sacrifice one's own most precious thing in the name of Allah.

Eid Al Fitr- an event of celebration, when one is revealed upon the Layla Al Qadr. Allah said,

"We have sent it (the Qur'an) down in the Night of Qadr. And what may let you know what the Night of Qadr is?The Night of Qadr is much better than one thousand months. The angels and the Spirit descend in it, with the leave of your Lord, along with every command. Peace it is till the debut of dawn ." (Quran, 97:1-5)

The divinity and virtue of Eid Al Fitr is a commendable, when collective efforts are exercised for internal cleansings. A man is engaged in a punctual activity for thirty days and nights, invokes the real man or Insan. These activities are punctuality of time, decrease in food and sleep, hospitality during sehar or aftar, and thinking of Allah in coordinated actions.

The mental faculties are expedited up to seventy thousand time, when a real man or Insan is invoked out of a man. It enables observation and communication with angels, eventually embraces angel Gabriel. This is an instance of celebration as Eid, when individually and collectively peace is achieved.

Prophet (PBUH) said, "People who awake during Layla Al Qadr for the nearness to Allah, embrace angel Gabriel. It is indeed a great blessing"

Eid is derived from Oadh, it means to return or be happy. Shaikh Akbar lbn Arabi (RA) said, it is a day which returns every year with a fresh essence of happiness and rejoice.

The word Eid has appeared in Koran with reference to Jesus (PBUH) pray to Allah. When he (PBUH) desired food (نزول مائدہ) for his (PBUH) disciples.

"O Allah, our Lord, send down to us a repast from heaven which may be a happy occasion for us, for all our generations present and future, and a sign from You, and give us provisions. You are the best Giver of Provisions.. " (Quran, 5:114)

The gist of Eid in all religions is to celebrate happiness of blessing and salvation before Allah.

At the occasion of Eid, wearing nice clothes and perfume, give alms as Fitra , eating with people , pray on the graves of relatives are the acts performed by prophet (PBUH). People embrace each other open heartedly, without any malevolence towards each other- showers happiness in the atmosphere.

We should be generous to poor, destitute, needy, homeless, and widows; so that they don't feel inferior. Whether poor or rich , everyone should have sense of contentment.

Haji Imdadullah Muhajir Makki (RA) had a servant, who used to steal money and run away. The moment he got penniless, he always came back to Haji Imdadullah Muhajir Makki (RA).

Once this servant ran away and Eid festival was about to come.

Haji Imdadullah Muhajir Makki (RA) was worried about him on Eid day, and said, "Who knows, ifhe has dressed Eid clothes? How is he living?"

Hazrat Sari Saqati (RA) narrated an event over Eid, he saw his teacher Hazrat Maroof Karkhi (RA) collecting dates. He asked him, why he is collecting them?

Hazrat Maroof Karkhi (RA) pointed to a nearby child and said, "I saw him crying and asked why he is crying. Child said, I have no parents and today is Eid, everyone has dressed new clothes and I don't have any".

Insha Allah child will dress new clothes.

Hazrat Sari Saqati (RA) said, he took child to a garment shop and bought him new clothes. This act illuminated his heart, which overwhelmed him completely.


Ladies and gentlemen- when following Ramadan with unity, synergy and well determination illuminates upon us a world beyond percept.

"On the day of Eid, angels wait on the way to prayer place or Eid Gah and utter, o people of Allah go towards the Caretaker who blesses you for a greater reward. He told you to worship. You kept steadfast for Him, kept fasting and abided by the Caretaker. Indeed, you are eligible for reward."

After the Eid pray, angels proclaim, "Be informed, your Caretaker has rewarded you and you return back to your home with honor."


Dear friends, elders, youngsters and children, heartiest felicitation of Eid Mubarak!

May Allah bless me and you to serve His being- Amen.

It is requested to pray Eid along children and on way back from Eid Gah

buy them balloons on behalf of me. I accept with gratitude.

Allah Hafiz






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